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AeroSpectra Inc develops pocket, hand held, and portable instruments and systems.

AeroSpectra Inc    United States
AeroSpectra Inc specializes in developing pocket, hand held, and portable instruments and systems. Their products include rc channel analyzer, airborne data acquisition and display systems, aircraft tracking systems using simultaneous data and voice communications, airborne remote and in situ sensing systems, etc. Their services include aircraft static and dynamic structural analysis, avionics systems engineering, satellite orbit determination and prediction, communication systems engineering.

Alcom Communication Services provides services for radio communications and electronics industry for more than 30 years.

Alcom Communication Services    New Zealand
Alcom Communication Services specializes in providing services for radio communications and electronics industry. Their products include radio communications equipment, radio channels, radio networks, two way radio, antennas, batteries, solar panels, antenna cables, etc.

Qualcomm Incorporated designs, manufactures, and markets digital wireless telecommunications products since 1985.

Qualcomm Incorporated   San Diego  United States
Qualcomm Incorporated specializes in manufacturing and supplying digital wireless telecommunications products. They are also a developer and supplier of CDMA-based integrated circuits and systems software for wireless voice and data communications. The company is quality certified to ISO 9001:2000 standard. The FLASH-OFDM system enables a mobile operator to deploy an all-IP, nationwide system that delivers true value to the subscriber.

Dielectric Communications is a supplier of broadcast equipment, pressurization products, and custom radio frequency components since 1942.

Dielectric Communications    
Dielectric Communications supplies for commercial, military, and industrial applications, both in the United States and around the world.

FreeWave Technologies Inc designs and manufactures wide range of radios.

FreeWave Technologies Inc   Boulder  United States
FreeWave Technologies Inc specializes in producing variety of designs frequency hopping, spread spectrum radios for military, mission critical, industrial, municipal, utility and recreation applications. Few of their models are Q-508H006E, Q-518H006E, FGBR-115WC, F-51EX008, IM-E500X008, etc.

Coastel Communications provides communication equipments for sale, lease, or rent including cellular pay phones since 1986.

Coastel Communications   Lafayette  United States
Coastel Communications specializes in providing communication equipments for sale, lease, or rent including cellular pay phones. The company provides offshore communication users specialized voice, data, and fax services as well as several other communications services over cellular frequencies.

I.S.T.S is a distributor of variety of conference communications systems since 1959.

I.S.T.S    ,,
I.S.T.S specializes in distributing variety of conference communications systems. Their products include infrared interpretation equipments, radio frequency equipments, sound proof booths, name handling systems, multi microphone discussion systems, etc.

Psion Teklogix Inc manufactures mobile computers and accessories since 2000.

Psion Teklogix Inc   Mississauga  Canada
Psion Teklogix Inc specializes in manufacturing mobile computers and accessories. Psion Teklogix Inc is a merged company of U. K based Psion Enterprise division of Psion PLC and Canadian-based Teklogix Inc. Their products include mobile computers handheld and vehicle mount, RFID, printers, etc. The company has been certified with ISO 9001:2000 standard.

InData Systems manufacture and distributes wide range of bar code and radio frequency based data collection systems.

InData Systems    ,,
InData Systems specializes in manufacturing and supplying bar code and radio frequency based data collection systems. Few of their products are bar code wands, CCD scanners, laser scanners, label and card printers, fixed mount terminals, printer labels, media, and heads, industrial scanners and controllers.

Anderson Electronics Inc designs and manufactures quartz crystals resonators for more than 50 years.

Anderson Electronics Inc    United States
Anderson Electronics Inc specializes in designing and manufacturing quartz crystals resonators to the telecommunications, frequency control, telemetry, medical, instrumentation, avionics, and communications industries. Their products include telecommunications equipment, computers and peripherals, test equipment, aircraft, missiles, speed controls, telemetry receivers and transmitters, medial and communications equipment.