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Micrometals Inc supplies iron powder cores since 1951.

Micrometals Inc    United States
Micrometals Inc specializes in supplying iron powder cores. Few of their products include iron powder cores for radio frequency applications, Q curves for iron powder cores, iron powder cores for power conversion and line filter applications, and 200C series high temperature powder cores.

KART electronics is one professional manufacturer of high complex High density, RF,HF, Microwave PCB, metal core and rigid-flex PCB on small and medium quantity.

Hong Kong Kart Electronics Limited   Shenzhen  China
KART electronics is one expert in manufacturing high complex High density, Radio frequency,High frequency, Microwave PCB, metal core and rigid-flex PCB on small and medium quantity.\r\n\r\nThe factory covers 5,000 square meters with 200 staff, 20 employees for the research and 30 for quality control. Its monthly capacity is 15,000 square meters. \r\n\r\nIt runs accordance with ISO9001, TS16949, ISO14001,ISO13485, all the boards are approved by UL, including metal core PCB.\r\n\r\nFollowing is our production capacity:\r\nBoard thickness: 0.2 to 7.0mm \r\nMax board size: 600*900mm\r\nMax copper thickness: 18oz\r\nMin layer thickness: 2 mil \r\nMin line width/gap: 2mil \r\nMin hole size: 3 mil \r\nMin solder ring: 4 mil \r\nMin soldermask bridge: 3 mil\r\nMax aspect ratio: 26:1\r\nFilled via: 0.2 to 0.8mm

Copper Electronics Inc specializes in supplying CB radios and export radios.

Copper Electronics Inc    ,,
Copper Electronics Inc supplies CB radios and export radios. Their products include galaxy radios, ranger radios and RCI radios, uniden cb radios, cobra cb radios, texas ranger radios, super star radios, connex radios, wilson antennas, etc.

Crystal Radio Systems Ltd is an online supplier of two way radios.

Crystal Radio Systems Ltd   Bromsgrove  United Kingdom
Crystal Radio Systems Ltd specializes supplying two way radios. Their products include business radios, leisure radios, ear pieces, business accessories, leisure accessories, cases, radio hire, etc.

AMradios Inc supplies various replica products, antique products, miscellaneous products, etc.

AMradios Inc    ,,
Amradios Inc specializes in distributing a wide range of replica products, antique products and miscellaneous products. Few of their products include inc radios, phones, turntables and phonographs, cd and cassette recorders, stackomatic turntables, stands, needles, console radios, etc. The company also sells through online.

Hooked on Radio is a site which provides information about Antique and Vintage radios.

Hooked on Radio    ,,
Hooked on Radio provides sales of radios, radio parts and radio related items plus a library of resources for the repair and restoration of Vintage antique radios.

Doctor Don`s provides audio sales, and services.

Doctor Don`s    United States
Doctor Don`s serves for repairing radio. They are specialized in Delco radio and compact disc stereos, Corvette radio and compact disc stereos, and BMW and Mercedes benz radios

We are a leading company specialize in supplying, and exporting of soft magnetic core. Our main business deals with amorphous alloy/Nano crystalline alloy soft magnetic and its components.   Hefei  0
Hefei Ruifeng Elecrtonic Technology Co., Ltd is a leading company specializes in supplying, and exporting of soft magnetic core. Main business dealt by the company includes amorphous alloy/Nano crystalline alloy soft magnetic and its components.\r\n\r\nMain product range of the company includes amorphous/Nanocystalline ribbon, amorphous/Nanocystalline alloy toroidal core, electric current transformer, precision current transformer core, zero sequence current transformer, EMC-electromagnetic compatibility, Fe-base amorphous cut core, distribution transformer core, high power switch transformer, and transformer.\r\n\r\nProducts offered by the company includes amorphous cut cores, amorphous C cores, amorphous ribbon, nanocrystalline ribbon, nanocrystalline wound cores, amorphous ribbon, Nanocrystalline cores, Amorphous Distribution transformer cores, Nanocrystalline components, Amorphous cores, Amorphous components, toroidal cores, current transformer cores, nanocrystalline toroidal cores, single-phase amorphous distribution transformer cores, power transformer cores, EMC common mode choke, PFC inductor cores, large power switch transformer cores, Mid-frequency transformer cores, etc.\r\n\r\nHot products offered by the company includes welding inverter core toroidal core, Fe-base solar inverter core, Fe-base Nanocrystalline toroidal core, leakage protection switch core, Fe-base amorphous alloy strip, small power switch transformer cores, Fe-base Nanocrystalline alloy, iron based amorphous filter inductor cores, EMC common-mode inductor core, etc.\r\n\r\nHefei Ruifeng Elecrtonic Company’s products are widely used in the field of power electronics, new energy, space flight and aviation, information, communication, etc.

Radio Flyer manufactures toys since 1917.

Radio Flyer   Chicago  United States
Radio Flyer specializes in manufacturing toys. Few of their products include radio flyer, little red wagons, radio flyer wagons, bikes, radio flyer bikes, trikes, radio flyer trikes, etc.

Cobra Electronics Corporation manufactures navigation and communication products.

Cobra Electronics Corporation   Chicago  United States
Cobra Electronics Corporation products are gps/mobile navigation, frs and gmrs radios, radar detectors, cb radios, handheld cb radios, marine chartplotters, marine vhf radio, marine power inverters, 10 meter radios, specials and accessories.