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Etna Products Inc. is a manufacturer of industrial rust preventatives and corrosion inhibitors within the STEELHIDE product line.

Etna Products Inc.    United States
Etna Products Inc. produces lubricants and related products like: oil based rust preventatives, soluble oil based, semi-synthetic based, synthetic based, and solvent based. The company is an ISO 9001 certified company.

CLC Lubricants Co. manufactures industrial lubricants and metalworking fluids serving a variety of industries since 1976.

CLC Lubricants Co.    Switzerland
CLC Lubricants Co. products are cutting and grinding fluids, cutting oils, quench oils, edm fluids, machine, hydraulic and gear oils, greases, wire drawing compounds, cold heading lubricants, stamping and drawing compounds, etc. The company is certified with ISO 9001.

Furnace Brokers Inc is a distributor of variety of heat treat furnaces and industrial baking ovens since 1983.

Furnace Brokers Inc   Tolland  United States
Furnace Brokers Inc specializes in distributing variety of heat treat furnaces and industrial baking ovens. Their products include bell furnaces, belt furnaces, atmosphere generators, box furnaces, burn off ovens, cabinet ovens, induction heaters, melting furnaces, pit furnaces, rotary furnaces, washers, etc.

COMO Filtration Systems manufactures stationary and portable filtration systems and there by providing solutions for the recycling and reuse of contaminated fluids since 1959.

COMO Filtration Systems   Janesville  United States
COMO Filtration Systems specializes in manufacturing stationary and portable filtration systems and there by providing solutions for the recycling and reuse of contaminated fluids. Their products include hydraulic filtration, oil recycling systems, oil or water separators, dedicated filtration, filter elements, water recycling systems, etc.

Houghton International Inc manufactures chemicals, oils, and lubricants for metalworking, automotive, and steel industries since 1865.

Houghton International Inc    United States
Houghton International Inc specializes in producing chemicals, oils, and lubricants for use in metalworking, automotive, and steel industries. Their product includes rolling fluids, lubricants, cleaners, hydraulic fluids, quenchants, coolants, conversion coatings, rust preventatives, and other industrial fluids.

we are professionl and experienced lubricant additive manufacturer from 1996 up to now. we research and manufacture both mono lubricant additives and lubricant additives

Shenyang Skychen Chemical Co.,ltd   Shenyang  China
we manufacture detergent, dispersant,oxidization&corrosion inhibitor,anti-wear extreme pressure additives, oilness additive,anti- oxidant, viscosity index improver, anti-rust additives,pour point depressant, antifoam additives,demusifying agent of lubricant additives, they are widely used for high-grade gasoline engine oil,diesel engine oil, gear oil, hydraulic oil, bearing oil, sideway oil, metal cutting oil,industry oil, antirust oil, bunker oil, quench oil,steam turbine oil, fuel oil, transformer oil,etc .And also we can manufacture the lubricant additive such as Lunrizol,etc.

Fairchild Controls Corporation designs and manufactures air turbine drives and environmental controls since 1925.

Fairchild Controls Corporation   Frederick  United States
Fairchild Controls Corporation specializes in designing and manufacturing power drive and environmental control system for worldwide military and aerospace applications. Their product models include thermal management system, Pave Tack, Tins, Pathfinder, Pendants, Phoenix, MRP, TARS, etc.

Marion Mold and Tool Inc supplies machine tools for more than 46 years.

Marion Mold and Tool Inc   Marion  United States
Marion Mold and Tool Inc specializes in supplying machine tools for more than 46 years. The company products include screws, barrles, aircraft and commercial parts, CNC mills, wire EDMs, etc.

Audubon Sales and Service specializes in the manufacture of conveyor belts since 1884.

Audubon Sales and Service    United States
Audubon Sales and Service is a manufacturer of conveyor belts for industries like food processing, heat treating, electronics, quenching, automotive, salt quenching, pretzel baking, potato chip processing . They offer products like furnace belts, baking bands, mesh belts, chain belts, lehr belts, etc., which is used to convey metal parts through copper and aluminum brazing furnaces, bronze and iron parts through sintering furnaces, textiles and chemicals and as well as for washing, annealing, quenching and polishing operations.

ONEX Corporation provides electronic manufacturing service.

ONEX Corporation    Japan
ONEX Corporation specializes in offering electronic manufacturing service. Their service includes carburizing and quenching, carbonitriding and hardening, vacuum heat treating, gas soft-nitriding, induction hardening, boronizing, shot peening, etc.