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Duralite Inc manufactures electric furnace elements, assemblies, heaters and controls since 1946.

Duralite Inc   Riverton  United States
Duralite Inc specializes in manufacturing heaters and furnace elements for industrial and commercial applications. Their products include quartz tube heaters, tubular heating elements, air heaters, heated hose, resistance alloys, etc.

Heaton Erecting Inc manufactures quartz infrared halogen heaters for commercial use.

Heaton Erecting Inc    United Kingdom
Heaton Erecting Inc specializes in manufacturing wide range of quartz infrared halogen heaters forindoor or outdoor industrial and domestic use.

DC Thermal Inc manufactures and distributes wide range of direct current cabin heaters.

DC Thermal Inc    United States
DC Thermal Inc specializes in manufacturing and supplying variety of direct current cabin heaters used in aircraft, heavy equipment, and golf carts.

Lakewood Engineering And Mfg Company is a manufacturer of products includes fans, heaters, and humidifiers for more than 50 years.

Lakewood Engineering And Mfg Company   Illinois  United States
Lakewood Engineering And Mfg Company specializes in manufacturing products include fans, heaters, and humidifiers. Their products include personal fans, oscillating fans, box fans, air circulators, fans, window fans, quartz tube, fan forced, ribbon, oil filled, etc.

IR Systems is a distributor of variety of electric infrared heaters, dryers, and oven systems since 1980.

IR Systems    ,,
IR Systems specializes in distributing variety of electric infrared heaters, dryers, and oven systems. Their products include quartz lamps, ceramic heaters, panel heaters, glass panel heaters, mini jet dryer, jet dryer, control panels, narrow web tunnel dryers, infrared conveyor ovens, control systems, etc.

We specialize in manufacturing and supplying catering spares, industrial heating elements, infrared lamps and control instruments.\r\n   Birmingham  0
\"Under Control Instruments is a manufacturer and supplier of catering spares, industrial heating elements, infrared lamps and control instruments. The product category includes cartridge heaters, catering spares, infrared lamps, and temperature control.\r\n\r\ndrum heaters, mica plate heaters, mica heaters, nozzle heaters, coil heaters, ceramic band heater, immersion heaters, ring heaters, formed shaped tubular heaters, cast heater, and high temperature plugsSome of the products produced are ceramic elements, quartz elements, tubular incoloy straight rod heating elements, strip heaters | finned strip heaters, silicone heaters, kapton film heaters,.\r\n\r\nFew products manufactured are catering lamps, lamp holder & reflector, phase angle power regulator, ruby infrared lamps, gold infrared lamps, N322 PID controllers, 681T/C controller, 66PT100 controller, thermostats, simmerstats calex infrared pyrometer, control panels, and more. The products are used in industries like plastics, packaging and catering equipment manufacturer.\r\n\r\n\"\r\n

Ambirad Limited manufactures gas fired radiant heaters and supplies warm air systems and air curtains, etc.

Ambirad Limited    United Kingdom
Ambirad Limited specializes in manufacturing a wide range of space heaters, radiant heaters, industrial space heating, heating systems, heaters, radiant heating systems, etc. Their products include AR series, nor ray vac, solar glow, quartz heater, tcore, enviro air, centurion cabinet, etc.

Bomac Electric Limited manufactures and supplies variety of heating elements and electrical accessories since 1976.

Bomac Electric Limited    United Kingdom
Bomac Electric Limited specializes in manufacturing and distributing heating elements and electrical accessories. Few of their products are thermal fuses, thermistors, thermocouples, flexible foil heaters, heater coils, heater cable, motors and blowers.

Schaefer Ventilation Equipment manufactures ventilation equipments for agricultural, commercial, industrial and horticultural markets since 1951.

Schaefer Ventilation Equipment   Sauk Rapids  United States
Schaefer Ventilation Equipment specializes in manufacturing ventilation equipments for agricultural, commercial, industrial and horticultural markets. Their products include air circulation fans, barn fans, rental industrial fans, panel fans, stainless steel fans, shutter and exhaust fans, evaporative cooling, spot coolers, swamp coolers, pedestal fans, patio heaters, portable heaters, tube heaters, garage heaters, etc.

Countertops Unlimited Inc specializes in the manufacture of custom cabinetry for commercial purpose.

Countertops Unlimited Inc    United States
Countertops Unlimited Inc is a manufacturer of custom cabinetry for commercial purpose. They offer products like corian countertops, granite countertops, silestone quartz countertops, cambria countertops, quartz, granites, sands, and pearls.