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Alifes revolutionary water purifier technology which produces quality energy water and also promotes natural energy from water for a stronger body and performance.

alifes international limited   central  Hong Kong began over 60 years ago in Japan, with the vision of when Dr. Reakia Jukla, a pioneer in the health business. Dr Jukla dreamed of offering the finest quality products at the best value.\r\nTo turn his vision into reality, he offered his manufactured products directly to the health conscious public by mail order. In the pages of the catalog, customers found both more value and variety than they had never seen before! From the convenience of home, shoppers have enjoyed huge savings by buying directly from the manufacturer. Today, even though the pages of our catalog are now electronic, remains true to its original commitment. \r\n\r\nWe provide the best for less.\r\n\r\n\r\nThanks to the trust and continued loyalty of our over 900,000 satisfied customers, is the #1 way to shop at home for water.\r\nWe have spent more than half a century on the study of Universal energy. We have more than 200 scientists in our organization, who are experts in Universal energy. is headquartered on an ASF island and manufactures over 20 premium products in our own state-of-the-art facilities such as:water purifiers\r\n\r\nwater purifier strengthening equipment \r\nessences for health \r\nspring water \r\na health maintenance machine \r\nother nutritional supplements. \r\nEvery month, we produce and export more than 3.2 million of our products to the world! Our commitment to superb, high quality products is evident in three key ingredients\r\n\r\nour manufacturing location \r\nthe way we make our products\r\nthe ingredients we use \r\n\r\nIn many ways, has set the standard for high quality universal energy manufacturing. \r\n\r\ manufactures products under very stringent GMP\\\\s (Good Manufacturing Standards) - a distinction that few water companies can claim.\r\n\r\nOur scientists and researchers have worked closely with state and federal agencies, including the FDA, NSF, BSI, FDA, EPA, SGS, CE, CRT, WQA, KDF, IS0 9000, GFS and the USP - to create many of our test procedures that assure potency, stability and purity of our products. All these certificates are recognized as quality standards, and we have patent rights in more than 50 countries. \r\n

Cell Applications Inc. is a distributor of cell culture products and services.

Cell Applications Inc.   San Diego  United States
Cell Applications Inc. functions on stem cells, human cells, animal cells, tissue RNA and cell RNA, reagents, and antibody products. The company also performs custom testing, custom RNA preparation, and large scale cell production.

ChemGenes Corporation is a biotechnology company manufactures and supplies products for DNA and RNA synthesis for more than 23 years.

ChemGenes Corporation    United States
ChemGenes Corporation is a biotechnology company specializes in manufacturing and supplying products for DNA and RNA synthesis. Their product line includes phosphoramidite chemistry reagents, nucleosides and intermediates, reagents for DNA and RNA synthesis, and triphosphates.

Ambion Inc develops and supplies RNA-based life science research and molecular biology products.

Ambion Inc   Austin  United States
Ambion Inc specializes in developing and supplying RNA-based life science research and molecular biology products. Few of their products developed for stabilizing, synthesizing, handling, isolating, storing, detecting, and measuring RNA.

ClearFlite Air Purifiers Inc supplies wide range of air purifiers through online. The company was established in 1990.

ClearFlite Air Purifiers Inc    United States
ClearFlite Air Purifiers Inc specializes in distributing variety of air purifiers. Few of their models are 201, 250E, 402, 501, 601, GC VOC, GC MultiGas, GC AM, GC Chemisorber, AirMedic, 4000 Exec, 4000 Exec UV, 4000 Vocarb, 5000 Exec, etc.

Airpure International distributes air purifiers, cleaners and filters for more than 9 years.

Airpure International    United States
Airpure International specializes in distributing air purifiers, cleaners and filters. Their products include aller air purifier model 5000 vocarb, iqair health pro plus, ionic air purifiers, blue air model 501 with smoke stop, whirlpool whispure model 510, etc.

We are a leading oil purifier manufacturer in China. Company is also engaged in developing, producing and selling purifiers for cleaning lubricating oil, transformer oil, engine oil, turbine oil, and hydraulic fluid.   Chongqing  0
Zhongneng Oil Purifier Manufacture Co., Ltd is a leading oil purifier manufacturer in China. Company specializes in developing, producing and selling purifiers for cleaning lubricating oil, transformer oil, engine oil, turbine oil, and hydraulic fluid.\r\n\r\nProducts offered by the company includes engine oil purifier, insulating oil purifier (transformer oil), lubricating oil purifier, turbine oil purifier, hydraulic oil purifier, light oil (fuel) purifier, vegetable oil purifier, heat transfer oil purifier, centrifugal oil purifier, and industrial oil tester.\r\n

Enzo Biochem develops research tools, diagnostics, and therapeutics products since 1976.

Enzo Biochem    United States
Enzo Biochem specializes in developing research tools, diagnostics, and therapeutics and also provides reference laboratory services to the medical community. They offers products and therapies for the treatment of a variety of diseases and disorders such as gene regulation, immune regulation, and gene editing.

Santa Cruz Biotechnology Inc develops antibody and siRNA products.

Santa Cruz Biotechnology Inc    United States
Santa Cruz Biotechnology Inc specializes in developing antibody and siRNA products. Their products include steroid receptor antibodies, kinase and phosphatase antibodies, growth factor and hormone antibodies, cell cycle protein antibodies, etc.

● (Contact: Kevin , Email:, , MSN: , Skype: kevinnchiang , Yahoo Messenger ID: kevinnyll ,Google Talk: , Tel: +86-23-68060729 , Fax: +86-23-86197078, Mobi

Chongqing Zhongneng Oil Purifier Manufacture Co., ltd   Chongqing  China
● (Contact: Kevin , Email:, , MSN: , Skype: kevinnchiang , Yahoo Messenger ID: kevinnyll ,Google Talk: , Tel: +86-23-68060729 , Fax: +86-23-86197078, Mobile: +86-13527390908, ICQ: 432388388)\r\n\r\n● We are a high-tech Company which is engaged in manufacturing lubrication purification equipment such as transformer oil recycling system, turbine oil filtration plant, industrial oil treatment device and engine oil regeneration system, etc.\r\n\r\n● Nowadays, the company\s sales network covers all the provinces of China and exports to more than fifty countries. Our products are very popular in domestic market and foreign market based on High quality, advanced technology and excellent service. \r\n\r\n● Our oil purification equipment series are extensively used in the fields of electric power, petroleum, natural gas, mechanical manufacture, steel, metallurgy, railway, aviation etc. which consume lubrication oil. It\s the principal products covering more than 100 kinds of products in 7 series and can meet different needs of customers. For special demands of customers, we offer particular solutions. All the products are not only able to low customers cost and security risk effectively, but also solve the problem of which the waste oil contaminates environment.\r\n\r\n●Main products:=== oil purifier, China oil purifier, oil purification machine, oil regeneration system, transformer oil purifier, turbine oil purifier, lube oil purifier, engine oil purifier, car oil purifier, motor oil recycling system, hydraulic oil recycling machine, compressor oil purifier, coolant oil purifier, vegetable oil purifier, cooking oil purifier, gasoline oil purifier, etc.\r\n\r\n●If you are interested in our oil purifier machines for recycling used oils, please don\t hesitate to conct us. \r\n\r\n● Hope we can establish an excellent long-term business relation with you.\r\n