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Aquascan International Ltd is a manufacturer of underwater electronic detection instruments since 1982.

Aquascan International Ltd    United Kingdom
Aquascan International Ltd specializes in manufacturing underwater electronic detection instruments. Their products include AX2000 proton magnetometer, MC5 proton magnetometer, AQ1B aquapulse underwater metal detector, etc.

Angstrom Inc is a manufacturer of arc spark emission spectrometers since 1962.

Angstrom Inc    United States
Angstrom Inc specializes in manufacturing arc spark emission spectrometers pulverizers, and presses for metals analysis, and upgrade systems, xrf and xrd samples. Their products include portable spectrometer, desktop spectrometer, laboratory spectrometer, refurbished spectrometers, automatic briquet press, laboratory ring pulverizer, etc.

Horiba Jobin Yvon Inc manufactures wide range of analytical instruments.

Horiba Jobin Yvon Inc    United States
Horiba Jobin Yvon Inc specializes in manufacturing various analytical instruments. Few of their products are OES spectrometers, SMA fiber spectrometers, glow discharge spectrometers, OEM monochromators, carbon and analyzers, etc.

Plug Power specializes in the design and manufacture of proton exchange membrane (PEM) fuel cell maker for a wide range of industries since 1997.

Plug Power    United States
Plug Power manufactures and develops proton exchange membrane (PEM) fuel cell maker for a wide range of industries. The company offers products like gencore systems for backup power, gendrive systems for motive power, gensys systems for off grid, and prime power applications. is a supplier of various spectrometer components and other related accessories.    Germany specializes in supplying variety of spectrometer components for UV/VIS, NIR, Raman and Fluorescence applications. Few of their products are spectrometers, probes, flow cells, sample holders, light sources, fiber optics, fiber-optic switches, multiplexers, etc. They also specializes in leasing of spectrometers and other related accessories.

Thermo Electron Corporation manufactures and distributes analytical and scientific instruments since 1956.

Thermo Electron Corporation    United States
Thermo Electron Corporation specializes in developing and supplying analytical and scientific instruments. Their product includes Nexus FT IR spectrometer, Avatar FT IR spectrometer, IR100, etc.

GEM Advanced Magnetometers designs, manufactures, and distributes magnetometers, gradiometers, and magnetic sensors since 1980.

GEM Advanced Magnetometers    ,,
GEM Advanced Magnetometers specializes in designing, manufacturing, and supplying variety of magnetometers, gradiometers, and magnetic sensors for earth science, geophysics and other applications. Their products include proton precession magnetometer, proton precession magnetometer, potassium airborne magnetometer, ultrahigh sensitivity gradiometer, scalar magnetometer, etc.

   Wedel  Germany

LND Inc is a manufacturer of nuclear radiation detectors since 1964.

LND Inc    United States
LND Inc specializes in manufacturing nuclear radiation detectors. Their products include gamma detectors, gamma sensitive chart, cylindrical end window proportional counters, neutron detectors, boron lined detectors, proton recoil detectors, fission chambers, etc.

Magson GmbH specializes in the manufacture of instruments for measuring magnetic field since 1992.

Magson GmbH    Germany
Magson GmbH is a manufacturer of instruments for measuring magnetic field. They offer products like fluxgate for observatory application, fluxgate for magnetotelluric application, fluxgate for space application, proton magnetometer, and coil systems.