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Associated Economic Consultants Ltd    Canada
Associated Economic Consultants Ltd specializes in the field of litigation support by providing repared project evaluations, feasibility studies and economic analyses for both private and public sector clients since 1982. Their services include litigation support, disability analyses, feasibility studies, project evaluations, economic impact analyses, labour market analyses, population and labour force forecasting models.

Gentek provides comprehensive engineering consultancy services for the evaluation , planning, design and project management of civil , environmental and Infrastructure projects. All stages of the development process are covered from feasibility studies ,

Gentek Consult Ltd   Ankara  Turkey
Gentek provides comprehensive engineering consultancy services for the evaluation , planning, design and project management of civil , environmental and Infrastructure projects. All stages of the development process are covered from feasibility studies , through design to implementation.\r\n\r\nThe company is organized into multidisciplined teams to co - ordinate all facets of engineering services. It can undertake all phases of a project from feasibility reports , budget costing , controlling , design drawings , specification , bill of quantities , project management , operating and maintenance instructions , record drawings to complete commissioning.\r\n\r\nACTIVITIES\r\n\r\nWater and Waste Water Treatment\r\nWaste water and Waste Disposal\r\nWater Supply\r\nIrrigation and Water resources Planning\r\nSolid Waste\r\nMechanical and Electricity\r\nRoads , Bridges and Tunnels\r\n\r\nServices\r\n\r\nMaster Planning\r\nDetailed design , including civil , structural , mechanical and electrical services\r\nTechnical and economic feasibility studies\r\nSupervision of construction and issuing of interim and final certificates,tender evaluation\r\nInvestigations and selection of sites\r\nContract documents including specifications and bill of quantities\r\nProject and construction management and procurements\r\n\r\n\r\n

We are mineral resource assessment and management company based in South Africa, since march 2010   Hilton  0
Big Red Resources launched in March 2010 is a Mineral Resource Assessment and Management company based in South Africa. The company focuses on all aspects relating to mineral resource assessment and management including, inter alia, project management, volumetric modeling and resource estimation, technical reporting, economic evaluations, budgetary planning and execution, and QAQC implementation and supervision. The company is committed to serving clients professionally and cost effectively, to the highest technical standards.

Odellion Research provides consulting service to evaluate the economic value of investments.

Odellion Research    United States
Odellion Research specializes in offering consulting service to evaluate the economic value of investments. They assist clients in identifying, evaluating, and measuring the financial benefits of investments or capital expenditures. The information is essential to continuously assess the performance of strategies, better manage company operations, and gain a sustainable competitive advantage in the marketplace. Their client includes Fortune 1000 companies and Emerging Software Businesses.

Industrial Economics Inc provides wide range of professional services for industrial environmental applications.

Industrial Economics Inc    United States
Industrial Economics Inc is a service provider, which specializes in providing professional services for industrial environmental applications including environmental policy analysis like program evaluation, strategic planning, performance measurement, risk communication, risk assessment, risk management, and environmental economics and policy analysis.

Certified Literate Community Project provides economical and social services.

Certified Literate Community Project    Canada
Certified Literate Community Project specializes in providing economical and social services. Their project is funded by the Government of Canadas Rural Partnership program.

Magnum Project Management provides project management services.

Magnum Project Management   Parksville  Canada
Magnum Project Management specializes in providing project management services. Their services include management consulting, project definition, conceptual evaluation, schedule of planning and design phase management, schedule and quality control, etc.

We are a full service transportation and rail consulting firm that has developed a strong and reliable brand name in the industry for over 26 years. We are focused on providing responsive and cost effective value to our clients and have a team of diversif

Railroad Industries Incorporated   Reno  United States
Railroad Industries Incorporated (RII) has been a premier consulting firm for over 25 years. We have successfully helped clients to plan more streamlined operations and build revenue, to solve issues and develop partnerships, and to create lasting transportation programs. Our hands on focus with transportation, with most personnel having individual experience in the transportation industry, coupled with our professional project management practices provides for a client-centered process and smooth projects. Our innovative Out of the Box ideas help to solve problems and create win-win solutions for new systems that truly maximize transportation systems and new infrastructure technologies.\r\n\r\nOur services are broad enough to encompass all aspects of rail, while our expertise in our personnel are specialized enough to get down to real details. This combination allows a truly comprehensive outlook on every project.\r\n\r\nRII’s project coverage includes every state in the United States, as well as international projects across the globe. RII’s diversity and specialization in rail equip it to go wherever needed and adapt to the needs of the project as necessary. Transportation is a global concern, and RII steps up to the plate with flexibility and commitment to each project. RII is large enough to produce quality complex projects, and yet small enough to give each project individual attention and dedication from key staff.\r\n\r\nRII has developed a core staff of individuals with diverse background and expertise. Between our full time staff and roster of 20-30 specialized associate personnel, RII is able to cover all aspects of transportation planning and program management. From the hands on operations and implementation expertise of actually operating these lines, to the detailed project management and oversight experience in making sure deadlines, budgets and contingencies are planned for and continuously improved upon, RII ensure the best quality and professionalism for its clients.

Project Finance is an online magazine for project, infrastructure finance news and analysis for interested readers.

Project Finance    United Kingdom
Project Finance is an online magazine for infrastructure finance news and analysis for interested readers. The magazine contains articles evaluating financing instruments to deals roundups. The industries covered include telecoms, power, oil, gas, rail, roads, bridges, tunnels, water, ports, airports, stadia, property and tourism development, petrochemicals, mining, private and public partnerships (PPP), PFI and utilities.

RPS Group Plc provides consultation services for the development of natural resources, land, and property.

RPS Group Plc    United Kingdom
RPS Group Plc specializes in providing consultation services for the development of natural resources, land, property, management of the environment, health, and safety of people. Their services include planning and development, environmental, management, energy, climate change, etc.