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Actel Corporation provides innovative programmable logic solutions.

Actel Corporation   Mountain View  United States
Actel Corporation specializes in providing quality innovative programmable logic solutions. Their products and services includes field programmable gate arrays based on antifuse and flash technologies, high performance intellectual property cores, software development tools and design services, application specific integrated circuit, etc. The company is quality certified to pure certification, STACK international certificate, and ISO 9001: 2000 certificate.

eASIC Corporation develops a technology that allows electronic designers to shorten turnaround time using conventional design flow and standard manufacturing process since 1999.

eASIC Corporation    United States
eASIC Corporation provides re-configurability and ease-of-design required for cost-effective System-on-Chip and rapid product derivatives. eASIC Corporation products include Nextreme structured ASIC, FlexASIC structured ASIC, eASICore embedded IP core and literature.

Atmel Corporation is a manufacturer and distributor of semiconductors since 1984.

Atmel Corporation    United States
Atmel Corporation specializes in manufacturing and distributing semiconductors including advanced logic, nonvolatile memory, mixed signal and RF integrated circuits. Their products include microcontrollers and DSP, dataflash, AT91CAP microcontrollers, field programmable gate array, broadband data conversion, Bluetooth, wireless LAN, automotive control, CAN networking, broadcast radio, CCD image sensors, etc.

Altera Corporation manufactures programmable logic devices with software tools.

Altera Corporation   San Jose  United States
Altera Corporation specializes in manufacturing programmable logic devices with software tools. Few of their products include stratix III, cyclone FPGAs, Nios II embedded processors, daughter cards, DSP IP, interfaces and peripherals IP, partner development kits, altera development kits, etc.

QuickLogic Corporation develops programmable devices.

QuickLogic Corporation    United States
QuickLogic Corporation specializes in developing programmable devices. Few of their products include ArcticLink, PolarPro, Eclipse II, Eclipse Plus, QuickRam, Pasic 3, etc.

EETools Corporation is a Embedded system product consulting and distributing company for the Microprocessor development tools Industry since 1992.

EETools Corporation    United States
EETools Corporation products include development programmers with single socket, production programmers with multiple sockets featuring concurrent programmers, emulators, erasers and adapters.

Logical Systems Corporation manufactures adapters for customer needs.

Logical Systems Corporation    United States
Logical Systems Corporation specializes in designing and manufacturing adapters. Their products include emulator adapter, prototyping adapter, programming adapter, SMT adapter, etc.

EqualLogic Inc develops storage area network products for the storage industry.

EqualLogic Inc    United States
EqualLogic Inc specializes in producing enterprise class midrange storage area network products for the storage industry. The company product includes controllers, fan trays, and power supplies.

We specialize in industrial electronic repairs and replacement parts.   Hamilton  0
Duke Industrial Electronic Repair is a global leader in industrial electronic repairs and replacement parts. Name the make, model and manufacturer of your industrial equipment or component and repair it. The company do Other Things such as Industrial Automation, Programming and SCADA System Setup & Maintenance .\r\n\r\nThe company Industrial Equipment Repairs includes AC/DC Drives, Servo Motors, Motor Controls, Motion Controls, Distributed Control Systems, PLC & IO, SCADA Systems, HMI/Operator Interface Devices, Field Devices, Process Controls, Valve Controls, Actuators and Safety Devices.

Chipworks Inc specializes in providing intellectual property and technical competitive analysis services for semiconductor and microelectronic systems since 1992.

Chipworks Inc    Canada
Chipworks Inc is a service provider, which offers intellectual property and technical competitive analysis services for semiconductor and microelectronic systems. Their services include licensing services, portfolio development services, etc.