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Davidson of Dundee manufactures citrus food products since 1967.

Davidson of Dundee    United States
Davidson of Dundee specializes in manufacturing various citrus food products. Their products include citrus candies, citrus trays, citrus fruit baskets, coconut patties, citrus marmalades, citrus jellies, butters, etc. The company also facilitates online purchasing.

Country Pure Foods specializes in manufacturing and supplying fruit juices for various industries like military, healthcare organizations, schools, etc.

Country Pure Foods    ,,
Country Pure Foods manufactures and supplies variety of citrus and non citrus juices for restaurants, day care centers, camps, schools, and military. The company products include orange juice, grape juice, pineapple juice, ice tea, etc. The company also offers products like portion cups, eco cartons, pure pack cartons, Kpak cartons, and re-sealable cartons of Ardmore Farms and Natural Country brands.

House of Rose LLC is a distributor of variety of perfumes, colognes, and teen scents.

House of Rose LLC   Madison  United States
House of Rose LLC specializes in distributing variety of perfumes, colognes and teen scents. Their products include pink grapefruit perfume, carnation perfume, honeysuckle perfume, jasmine perfume, lavender perfume, magnolia perfume, pink grapefruit cologne, violet perfume, grapefruit perfume, etc.

NutriBiotic supplies wide range of body care products.

NutriBiotic    United States
NutriBiotic specializes in supplying body care products. Few of their products are dental gel, deodorant, ear drops, first aid skin spray, foot powder, nasal spray, non-soap skin cleanser, shower gel, sunless tanning mist, GSE liquid, GSE tablets, GSE capsules, fruitsnax energy bars, metarest, prozone, rice protein, spectrum nutritional shake, ascorbic acid, etc.

EcoColors Inc. manufactures and provides hair products.

EcoColors Inc.    United States
EcoColors Inc. products ingredients include lecithin, vitamin E, vitamin C, nettles, rosemary, flower essence, grapefruit seed extract, etc.

Shaanxi Huike Botanical Development Co., Ltd. is a hi-tech enterprise and has specialized in the R&D, production and marketing in natural botanical field for many years. We now have a first-class R&D team and advanced measuring instruments and devices as

Shaanxi Huike Botanical Development Co.,Ltd.   xi\an  China
 Shaanxi Huike Botanical Development Co., Ltd., founded in Oct. 1998, is a technological export-oriented private enterprise with the Rights of Self-Managed Import and Export, specializing in active ingredients modernized and industrialization research, development, production, and sales of natural medical botany. The company mainly produces and sells high-purity monomers with botanical functional ingredients and standard extractives, such as grapefruit series products (naringin, naringenin, and naringin dihydrochalcone), fruit of immature citron series products (hesperetin, nobiletin, and tangeretin), sophocarpine series products (genistein and kaempferol), and other active monomer (diosmetin, apigenin, ursolic acid, and shikimic acid).   \r\n  Over 12 years of sustainable development, the company has set up good brand and enterprise identities in botanical extractive production field, accumulated rich industry international trading experience and customer resources, and established solid customer foundation and complete marketing service networks. It has built good steady cooperative relationships with over 100 natural medicine, food, health care products and cosmetic manufacturers and medical raw material merchandisers of over 10 countries including America, Japan, Korea, Germany, Britain, Australia, and Canada as well as Hong Kong, Macao, and Taiwan, and thus it owns steady customer groups, smooth product sale channels, steady markets, and broad market prospects. Presently, with fixed assets of over RMB 20 million, the company has won “Shaanxi Provincial High and New Technological Enterprise Identification Certificate” for many years and “Shaanxi Provincial High and New Technological Enterprise” by Shaanxi Provincial Science & Technology Agency, manufacturing high and new technological products such as apigenin, naringin, genistein, ursolic acid, luteolin, shikimic acid, kaempferol, and sesamin, with strong competitiveness.   \r\n  The company consists of Market Department, R&D Department, Production Department, etc. With strong technical force, its R&D Center has a technical team specializing in research and development, boasts many advanced detection, experiment and test equipment such as high-performance liquid chromatography, gas chromatography, magnetic drive autoclave etc.. The company has established a good technical backstopping relationship with plenty of national research institutions. Its manufacturing shop is equipped with several plant extraction production lines and such advanced production equipment as dynamic counter-current extraction, column separation technology, membrane separation technology, efficient counter-current extraction, microwave drying technology, spray drying hormones, and has formed an annual production capacity of 600-ton plant extracts, thus ensuring complete product specifications and stable quality.  \r\n  The company has perfect quality assurance system, implements strict quality control standards, and has passed the certification of ISO9001 Quality Management System. The Quality Management Department is outfitted with many sets of High Performance Liquid Chromatography(HPLC), Ultraviolet Spectrophotometric(UV), Spectropolarimeter, Gas Chromatography(GC), Melting point apparatus and other advanced testing and experimental equipment, and makes detailed division of labor for technology research, quality assurance and quality control, so that it can conduct effective and comprehensive quality control in the production process, and make the comprehensive detection analysis of final products, thus ensuring product quality.\r\n  Excellent quality, reasonable price, prompt supply capacity, and quality service make Huike meet your needs and become your ideal partner.

Destinations across diverse cultures, and form a vital ingredient in a\r\nbroad spectrum of food, pastry and confectionery. This seamless integration\r\nof Palm Oil derives from its unique composition of liquid and semi-solid\r\nfractions, a Blends among fracti

Knoe Thig Vegetable Oils Sdn. Bhd.   Kuching  Malaysia
Destinations across diverse cultures, and form a vital ingredient in a\r\nbroad spectrum of food, pastry and confectionery. This seamless integration\r\nof Palm Oil derives from its unique composition of liquid and semi-solid\r\nfractions, a Blends among fractions, the modification of physical\r\nproperties of these fractions through interesterification and blends\r\nbetween fractions of Palm Oil and Palm Kernel Oil generate a dazzling array\r\nof oils and fats each with distinctive oil and fat profiles.\r\n\r\nOur buyers can choose from an extensive range of with customized crystal\r\nstructures, solid fats, meltdown, etc. and from these obtain attributes and\r\nperformance they desire in their food, pastry and confectionery\r\nformulations. All this is done without the intrusion of injurious\r\nsubstances or processes.\r\n\r\nWe have long association with Vegetable & Edible Oils, and are, for our\r\ncustomers a one stop center for premium grade oil products. Our portfolio\r\nof exports include RBD, Degummed, Crude and Refined Oil, Palm Olein\r\n(cooking oil), Refined Palm Oil, RBD Palm Oil, Palm Stearin, Crude Palm\r\nOil, Palm Acid Oil, Palm Fatty Acid Distillate, Palm Kernel Oil, Refined,\r\nBleached & Deodorised (RBD) / Neutralised, Bleached & Deodorised (NBD) Palm\r\nStearin, Neutralised & Bleached Palm Stearin, Refined, Bleached &\r\nDeodorised (RBD) Palm Olein, Crude Palm Stearin, Neutralised Palm Stearin,\r\nCrude Palm Olein, Neutralised Palm Olein, Refined, Bleached & Deodorised\r\n(RBD) Palm Oil, Neutralised & Bleached Palm Oil, Neutralised Palm Oil,\r\nPeanut Oil, Avocado Oil, Babassu Oil, Biodiesel, Cashew Oil, Castor Oil,\r\nCoconut Oil, Corn Oil, Cottonseed Oil, Groundnut Oil, Grape Seed Oil,\r\nGrapefruit Oil, Jatropha Oil, Jojoba Oil, Oleic Acid, Olive Oil, Olive Oil\r\n- Extra Virgin, Olive Oil – Pomace, Olive Oil – Refined, Olive Oil –\r\nVirgin, Peanut Oil, Rapeseed oil / Canola oil, Rice Bran Oil, Safflower\r\nOil, Sesame Oil, Soya Bean Oil, Sunflower Oil, Wallnut Oil, Waste Cooking\r\nOil, Vegetable Oil, Vegetable Oil – Used, Virgin Olive Oil - Lampante\r\nVegetable Ghee, Shortening, Margarine, Cocoa Butter Substitute (CBS), Ice\r\ncream, Dough, Creaming, Coating and other Specialty Fats.\r\n\r\nAll products are available in consumer and industrial packing and are\r\nmanufactured to parameters designed to surpass international food quality\r\nand packaging standards.\r\n\r\nAt Knoe Thig Vegetable Oils Sdn Bhd., we nurture and sustain strong\r\npersonal bonds with our buyers who come from diverse cultures and regions\r\nand range from importers and distributors of food products to manufacturers\r\nof confectionery, pastry and processed foods.\r\n\r\nWe are completely accessible to our buyers and freely share our broad based\r\nexpertise in shipping, international finance, export practices and\r\nprocedures, products formulations, food standard, process technologies and\r\nother related areas. This comprehensive approach and sincere support\r\nfortifies our buyers, enabling them to build and maintain leadership in\r\ntheir respective markets.\r\n\r\nWe track new technologies and continuously incorporate them into our\r\nproducts. Further, we update importers of our intermediate products and\r\nassist early incorporation of technologies into their food formulations and\r\nmanufacturing processes.\r\n\r\nOur corporate strategies are totally customer oriented. We cherish the bond\r\nwe have with our buyers and will continue our uncompromising commitment in\r\nproviding them total excellent and in being a completely sincere partner in\r\nbusiness. specializes in producing premium and gourmet flavorings for beverage and culinary applications since 1912.    United States produces premium and gourmet flavorings for beverage and culinary applications. Their products include gourmet sauces, ruby red grapefruit, maple spice, flavored tea concentrates, O`free sugar free, etc.

Juice Equipment Co Inc is a distributor of variety of Golden Gem Growers citrus products.

Juice Equipment Co Inc   Livermore  United States
Juice Equipment Co Inc specializes in distributing variety of Golden Gem Growers citrus products. Their products include lemonade, grapefruit, grape, fruit punch, apple, cranberry, pineapple, tea, guava, mango, prune, raspberry, etc.

Ocean Spray Cranberries Inc produces canned and bottled juice drinks since 1981.

Ocean Spray Cranberries Inc    United States
Ocean Spray Cranberries Inc specializes in manufacturing canned and bottled juice drinks. The company product includes diet drinks, juice, sweetened dried cranberries, craisins, sauces, etc. They also provide recipes of appetizer, desserts, snacks, sauces, etc.