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Fas Spa Fire Fighting Systems is a manufacturer, and supplier of fire fighting and security systems and components for heavy risk industries and facilities, since 1967.

Fas Spa Fire Fighting Systems    Italy
Fas Spa Fire Fighting Systems manufactures products like: monitor nozzles, foam chambers-foam pourer, monitor branchpipes, portable branchpipes, high expansion foam generators, towers, trailers, extinguishing gas systems, and fire fighting package machine for tannery machine. The company follows the Italian and international norms (UNI -NFPA - UL/FM - ASME) at all stages of production. The company is a UNI EN ISO 9001 certified company.

Nexus Media Ltd supplies office products.

Nexus Media Ltd    United Kingdom
Nexus Media Ltd specializes in distributing office products. Few of their products are commercial shredder, computer printable items, dry-erase boards, papers, packaging papers, fax machines, etc.

International Finishing Corp offers vibratory finishing, tumbling, and waste water treatment service.

International Finishing Corp    United States
International Finishing Corp is a service provider, which specializes in providing vibratory finishing, tumbling, and waste water treatment service.

Maxi Blast Inc is a producer of plastic media and equipments in the United States since 1981.

Maxi Blast Inc    United States
Maxi Blast Inc specializes in the manufacture of plastic media and equipments in the United States. Their product includes granulated thermoset media, engineered thermoplastic media, equipment, abrasives, agricultural media, spare parts, and paint stripping supplies.

Elan Technology produces pre forms for hermetic seals and spacers using technical glasses, ceramics and glass ceramic composites for more than 60 years.

Elan Technology    United States
Elan Technology specializes in producing pre forms for hermetic seals and spacers using technical glasses, ceramics and glass ceramic composites. Their products include ceramic pre forms, ceramic powders, glass pre forms, glass powders, etc., the company is quality certified to IS9002 or QS 9000.

Ace Services LLC provide surface preparation and cleaning services with dry ice for industry.

Ace Services LLC    United States
Ace Services LLC specializes in providing surface preparation and cleaning services with dry ice for industry. Dry ice blasting is an industrial cleaning process that uses particles of solid carbon dioxide as cleaning media. This process provides features include replaces environmentally harmful chemicals, reduces clean up time, non abrasive, reduces down time, non corrosive, etc.

Dri Systems supplies point of sale softwares and sytems.

Dri Systems    United States
Dri Systems, a division of Del Rio, Inc specializes in supplying point of sale softwares and sytems. Their products include bundled systems, card printers, cash drawers, check readers, credit card software, data collectors, inventory management, label media, mag stripe readers, mag stripe writers, PDAs and pocket PCs, P. O. S software, pole displays, receipt printers, signature capture, touch screens, wireless LANs.

Codonics Inc manufactures multi media imagers.

Codonics Inc   Middleburg Heights  United States
Codonics Inc specializes in manufacturing multi media imagers for medical, microscopy, forensics, CAD and aerospace markets. The product includes thedual mode NP 1660 dry film, grayscale paper and color dye diffusion printer with set of image enhancement technologies. The NP 1660 prints on blue based film, colorpaper and transparency, and inexpensive direct thermal grayscale paper.

Airsan Corporation has been in business of designing and manufacturing permanent air filters for industrial and HVAC use for more than 50 years.

Airsan Corporation   Milwaukee  United States
Airsan Corporation is involved in manufacturing permanent metal air filters, dry type air filters, filter and media retainers, cylindrical air filters, grease filters, and acoustical products like accoustiturn, and compact silencer. Airsan Corporation manufactures viscose impingement, and dry type air filters.

Eiken Chemical Co Ltd is a manufacturer and distributor of clinical diagnostics and equipments since 1939.

Eiken Chemical Co Ltd   Tokyo  Japan
Eiken Chemical Co Ltd specializes in manufacturing and distributing clinical diagnostics and equipments. Their offer poa media, kb disk, dry chemistry reagents, clinical chemistry reagents, immunological and serological reagents, automated clinical analyzer, etc.