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Electronic Product Design Inc. specializes in the design and manufacture of electronic measuring instruments.

Electronic Product Design Inc.    United States
Electronic Product Design Inc. manufactures products like: power meter, wattmeter, kilo watt meter, energy meters measuring watts, energy star/blue angel wattmeters and power meters, and single phase and 3 phase wattmeters.

Electro Industries specializes in power meters, power measurement, energy meters and power analyzer technology since 1973.

Electro Industries    United States
Electro Industries provide with revenue energy metering, power monitoring, power meter and transducer, energy monitoring / submetering, portable power analyzers, control power transformer and power brick power supply.

Instrument Meter Specialties Inc distributes meters and instruments since 1945.

Instrument Meter Specialties Inc   Glendale  United States
Instrument Meter Specialties Inc specializes in distributing meters and instruments since 1945. The company supplies include railroad testers, test equipments, temperature controllers, digital panel metes, analog panel meters, cable fault finders, panel meter guides, etc.

Gayatri Control is a manufacturer of control panels and digital control panel meters since 1995.

Gayatri Control   Ahmedabad  India
Gayatri Control specializes in producing variety of control panels and digital control panel meters. Few of their products are PID with auto tune temperature controller, digital temperature controller, weighing and batching system, flexible counter, tachometer with temperature indicator, SCR power regulator, panel meter, electrical control panels, encoder, sensors, auto burners, etc. The company is quality certified to ISO 9001:2000.

Powerlogic manufactures and supplies electrical power monitoring and control systems.

Powerlogic    United States
Powerlogic specializes in manfacturing electric power monitoring and control systems. Few of their products include circuit monitors and power meters, ION energy power meters, softwares, communication devices, submetering, web-enabled power equipment, etc.

Khs Instruments specialize in the design and production of hardware and corresponding software since 1993.

Khs Instruments    Germany
Khs Instruments specialize in the design and production of hardware and corresponding software. They offer products like data acquisition products, ccd linescan cameras, ccd linescan controller, laser diode driver, laser power monitor, energy power monitor, software, driver, etc.

Algodue Elettronica designs, manufactures and distributes power monitoring meters and transducers.

Algodue Elettronica    Italy
Algodue Elettronica specializes in designing, manufacturing and distributing power monitoring meters and transducers. Their products include power meters, analysers and energy meters, data logger, software, custom products, rogowski coils and electronic integrators, communication and IO boards, accessories.

Adept Fluidyne are manufacturer and supplier of pen potentiometer strip chart recorder, flow meters, power line meter, full bore electromagnetic flow meter, insertion electromagnetic flow meter, body water meter, forging water flow meters Ultrasonic Flowm

Adept Fluidyne   Pune  India
We are providing services related to Hardware, Embedded Firmware and PC Software development in diverse verticals. We offer one stop solution, from concept to prototype designs of all your embedded system design including design, testing, verification & documentation.

We specialize in manufacturing of flow meters, with over 25 years experience in design and application of various flow technologies.   Wauwatosa  0
SmartMeasurement is a leading manufacturer of flow meters, with over 25 years’ experience in design and application of various flow technologies. Unlike most manufacturers, who specialize in only one or two flow measurement technologies, SmartMeasurement provides an unbiased user-friendly procuring mechanism for you to analyze, select and match the \"best-fit\" flow meter from the multiple array of flow technologies in order to meet your specific application requirements.\r\n\r\nThe company product Flow Meters include Differential Pressure, Coriolis Flow Meters, Magnetic Flow Meters, Ultrasonic Flow Meters, Energy Flow Meters, Mass Flow Meters, Open Channel Flow Meters, Positive Displacement, Thermal Flow Meters, Turbine Flow Meters, Variable Area Flow Meters and Vortex Flow Meters. Industrial Measurement Applications include Building Automation, Chemical, Food & Beverage, Power & Utilities, Marine, Metals & Mining, Oil & Gas, Pharmaceutical, Pulp & Paper and Water & Wastewater.\r\n\r\nSmartMeasurement customers has access to 24/7 assistance from one of the global regional offices or one of the 100s of authorized agents located world-wide. The process of procuring and using industrial flow meters is a highly technical endeavor which requires engineering knowledge of the various flow measurement technologies, commercial experience in providing the most economical choice for a given application, and local personnel to navigate through this chaotic market. Whether your application is for a gas flow meter, where a thermal flow meter, vortex flow meter or differential pressure flow meter technology may be suitable or a liquid flow meter where choices would include ultrasonic flow meters, magnetic flow meters, variable area flow meters, positive displacement flow meters or turbine flow meters, the SmartMeasurementTM team can help you navigate to an optimum solution for your specific application.

American Midwest Power manufactures standard and custom electrical distribution equipment products since 1975.

American Midwest Power    United States
American Midwest Power specializes in manufacturing and distributing standard and custom electrical distribution equipment products. Their products include bussed multi tap cabinets, busway, combo metering andsingle main, combo metering and multiple main, commercial multi tenant metering, current transformer cabinets, disconnects, enclosures, etc.