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A and M Generators manufactures and supplies of products and solutions for power generation. The company was established in 1982.

A and M Generators   Kidwelly  United Kingdom
A and M Generators specializes in manufacturing various generators and power equipments. . The company also maintains and repairs engines, fuel systems, exhaust systems, alternators, control panels and automatic mains failure equipment.

Mechron Power Systems supplies electrical power systems and controls since 1949.

Mechron Power Systems    Canada
Mechron Power Systems specializes in supplying electrical power systems and controls. Mechron Power Systems is a division of Toromont Industries Ltd. Few of their products include power systems, integrated powers, generator sets, and controls. The company has been certified with ISO 9001 standard.

Engine Generator supplies engine generator and switch gears.

Engine Generator    United States
Engine Generator specializes in distributing engine generator and switch gears. The company also provides repair service. The company product includes diesel generators, engines, generator controls, switchgear, transformers, circuit breakers, and other power apparatus. Their service includes repair, upgrade, life extension, and maintenance services.

Electric Power Equipment Co. performs engineering, design, metal fabrication, assembly/wiring, systems integration, testing and start-up, for products used in industrial, commercial, military and aerospace markets since 1962.

Electric Power Equipment Co.    United States
Electric Power Equipment Co. offer software configuration and application programming for most industrial grade control and power equipment. The company is an ISO 9001:2000 registered manufacturer. The company manufactures products like: switchgear, test stands, controls and scada, generator controls, variable speed drive solutions, power distribution, mobile power solutions, and other specialty and OEM products.

FG Wilson specializes in the manufacture of power generation products since 1966.

FG Wilson    United Kingdom
FG Wilson is a manufacturer of power generation products. They offer products like generator set enclosures, bi fuel generator sets, gas generator sets, high voltage generator sets, special controls systems, etc.

Controls Incorporated designs and manufactures microprocessor based and digital control products.

Controls Incorporated    United States
Controls Incorporated specializes in designing and manufacturing microprocessor based and digital control products. The company products include industrial engine controls, power generators, industrial products, and private label design and products

Electric Power Inc sells and provides services for power systems since 1990.

Electric Power Inc    United States
Electric Power Inc specializes in providing services for power systems. Their services include power plant commissioning, transformer services, circuit breaker and switchgear rebuild, electrical testing, power systems studies, switchboard design, repair and maintenance. They sells products include generator controls, custom switchgear, relay panels, motor controls, data acquisition and control systems, shielded enclosures.

Coastal Service supplies and provides repair service for industrial pump systems, generators, motor controllers and switchgear since 1982.

Coastal Service    United States
Coastal Service specializes in supplying and providing repair service for industrial pump systems, generators, motor controllers and switchgear. The product includes back up and prime power generators, portable generators, small generator repair service and sales, domestic boost pumps, fire pumps, circulation pumps, automatic transfer switches, load bank testing, electrical fire pump controllers, diesel fire pump controllers, fuel tanks and fuel polishing, chilled water and circulation pumps, etc.

Hitec Power Protection is a manufacturer of variety of uninterruptible power supply systems for more than 50 years.

Hitec Power Protection    Netherlands
Hitec Power Protection specializes in manufacturing variety of uninterruptible power supply systems. Their services include maintenance, remote monitoring, training, helpdesk, financial services, rental mobile UPS, engineering, installation services, rental ups containers, etc.

ComAp specializes in the manufacture of servicing equipment for power generating electronics since 1991.

ComAp    Czech Republic
ComAp is a manufacturer of servicing equipment for power generating electronics. They offer products like bi fuel conversions, switchgear solutions, gen set controllers by line, engine controllers, generator controllers, pc tools, electronic potentiometers.