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Electrical Power Engineering (Scotland) Limited manufactures hydro generators, high speed turbine generators, standby emergency generators, cogeneration systems, distribution panels, motor control centers and automatic synchronizing panels since 1992.

Electrical Power Engineering (Scotland) Limited    United Kingdom
Electrical Power Engineering (Scotland) Limited has completed projects like: commissioning of 33kV substation with SF6 circuit breakers, HV power factor correction installation, 33kV switchboard installation and commissioning, 11kV compressor installation and commissioning, troubleshooting of power system instability between gas turbines, and design, supply, installation and commissioning of new AVRs and power management system, etc. The company provides services to power plants, offshore, and marine.

Facab Lynen is a manufacturer of electric cables and wires since 1886.

Facab Lynen    ,,
Facab Lynen manufactures products like: suspension materials, core identification materials, cable drums, energy and safety cables like: self supporting power cables, polyurethane cables, rubber sheathed cables, halogen free cables, telecom and data cables like: cables for industrial electronics, EIB installation cables, computer cables, telecommunication cables, self supporting power cables, tension and crush resistant cords, mining communication and signal cables, fiber optical cables, and compound products like: cable compounds based on rubber, PVC, color master batches for rubber, and for PVC.

Nexans manufactures cables and cabling systems.

Nexans    France
Nexans specializes in producing cables and cabling systems. The company product includes power network cabling, telecom network cabling, indoor cabling, industrial cabling, cable maker supply, heating cable systems, etc. Their product finds application in aerospace and military, airport, automation, and automotive sectors.

Kabelwerk Eupen AG specializes in designing and manufacturing cable.

Kabelwerk Eupen AG    Belgium
Kabelwerk Eupen AG designs and manufactures cable. Their products include medium voltage power cables, low voltage power and control cables, instrumentation cables, fibre optic cables, halogen free fire safety cables, signaling cables, rubber cables, safety cable, coaxial cable and accessories, etc. The company is quality certified to ISO 9001.

Hes Kablo is a manufacturer and supplier of various telecommunication cables, power cables, enameled copper wires, and copper rods for more than 30 years.

Hes Kablo    Turkey
Hes Kablo specializes in manufacturing and distributing wide range of telecommunication cables, power cables, enameled copper wires, and copper rods. Few of their products are copper telephone cables, fiber optic cables, lan and data cables, installation cables, low voltage cables, medium voltage cables, high voltage cables, and special cables. The company is quality certified to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.

Control Cable is a manufacturer of custom cables.

Control Cable    United States
Control Cable specializes in manufacturing custom cables. Their products include standard and custom cable assemblies, bulk cable, data cabinets and enclosures, cable management and premises wiring products, copper and fiber optic networking solutions, power protection, connectors and adapters, installation accessories, etc.

ShowMeCables supplies voice, video, and data transfer products.

ShowMeCables   Chesterfield  United States
ShowMeCables specializes in supplying voice, video, and data transfer products. Few of their products include audio and video products, connectors and adapters, digital camera cables, fiber optics, handset cords, mounting hardware, satellite and CATV products, surge protectors, power cords and UPS systems, switch boxes, etc.

Ibid County Electric Inc specializes in providing electrical services since 1969.

Ibid County Electric Inc    United States
Ibid County Electric Inc is a service provider, which offers electrical services for industrial and commercial applications.

eBusinessCables Inc distributes wide range of cabling products since 1998.

eBusinessCables Inc   Easley  United States
eBusinessCables Inc specializes in supplying various cabling products for commercial purpose. Few of their products are USB printer cables, video cables and Ethernet cables.

We are a manufacturer specialize in cables and connectors production. We offer CCTV cable, HDMI cable, AV cable, AUTO cable, USB cable, fiber-optic cable, data cable, DIN cable, display port cable, DVI cable, FFC cable, etc.   Shenzhen  0
China Hongke cables and connectors Co., ltd is a manufacturer specializes in cables and connectors production, since 2003.\r\n\r\nCompany offers main products like CCTV cable, HDMI cable, AV cable, AUTO cable, USB cable, fiber-optic cable, data cable, DIN cable, display port cable, DVI cable, FFC cable, etc.\r\n\r\nProducts offered by the company includes CCTV cable, BNC cable, HDMI cable, AV cable, AUTO cable, USB cable, fiber-optic cable, DATA cable, DIN cable, Display Port cable, DVI cable, FFC cable, 34P IDC cable, RCA cable, CAT5E cable, LVDS cable, DATA cable, SCSI cable, Z, 1394 cable, VGA cable, wire harness cable, multimedia cable, connector, adapter, communication cables, computer cables, control cables, power cables, etc.\r\n\r\nIn additional company also offers products such as IDC cable 528, DIN cable 528, SCSI cable data cable 528, DVI cable 528, Wire harness cables, connectors, LVDS cable LCD cable 528, HDMI 1.4 cable computer, CCTV cable 528, BNC cable 26 pin , etc.\r\n\r\nCompany works closely with the world\s leading cable chips providers and supplies highest quality products for customer with the good price, and quality.\r\n\r\nChina Hongke cables and connectors Co., ltd has been quality certified to ISO 9001:2000 standards.\r\n