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Superior Cables Ltd produces copper, fiber optic cables, etc. The company was established in 1934.

Superior Cables Ltd    Israel
Superior Cables Ltd specializes in manufacturing copper, aluminum and fiber optic cables for telecommunication, power and electronic sectors. Few of their products include flexible and special cables, fiber optic cables, data cables, telecommunication cables, etc.

Cords Cable Industries Ltd designs and manufactures cables and household wires since 1987.

Cords Cable Industries Ltd    India
Cords Cable Industries Ltd specializes in designing and manufacturing cables and household wires. Their products include LT control cables, LT power cables, instrumentation cables, thermocouple extension cables, compensating cables, coaxial cables, telephone cables, panel wires, household wires, networking cables and customised cables, etc., The company is quality certified to ISO 9001:2000.

Cable Connections manufactures custom cable assemblies and wire harnesses for a wide variety of markets.

Cable Connections    United States
Cable Connections specializes in manufacturing custom cable assemblies and wire harnesses for a wide variety of markets. Their products include analog and digital cable assemblies, audio and video cable assemblies, molded cable assemblies, power distribution cabling, ferrite bead cable assemblies, contract kitting and testing, coaxial cable assemblies, coil cord assemblies, firewire cables, network and communication cables, etc.

Eland Cables is a leading international supplier of electrical cables, industrial cables, special cables, electronic cables and cable accessories.

Eland Cables   London  
Eland Cables product portfolio caters for a wide range of markets from Telecoms and Defence to Power Generation and Panel Building. Eland Cables also offers special cables made to order.

Nexans manufactures cables and cabling systems.

Nexans    France
Nexans specializes in producing cables and cabling systems. The company product includes power network cabling, telecom network cabling, indoor cabling, industrial cabling, cable maker supply, heating cable systems, etc. Their product finds application in aerospace and military, airport, automation, and automotive sectors.

We specialize in manufacturing and producing all kinds of wire and cable.   TAIPEI  0
ST CABLE CORPORATION is a leading company in producing all kinds of wire and cable, the technology is state of the art, quality is in the highest level, designs are capable to meet customers’ needs worldwide. Factory has been certified by many domestic and worldwide organizations.\r\n\r\nThe company Product includes Elevator cable, Crane festoon cable, Pendant cable, Hoistway cable, SWA&STA cable, Rubber cable, Welding cable, Compound cable, Power cable, Solar cable, Submersible cable, Special cable, Control cable, Signal cable, Shield cable, LSZH CABLE, Heat and fire resistant cable, Robotic cable, Coaxial cable, Armoured Cable and Fire Resistant Cable.\r\n\r\nST CABLE CORPORATION reputations and continuous technological developments are well-recognized by more than one hundred countries worldwide.

Facab Lynen is a manufacturer of electric cables and wires since 1886.

Facab Lynen    ,,
Facab Lynen manufactures products like: suspension materials, core identification materials, cable drums, energy and safety cables like: self supporting power cables, polyurethane cables, rubber sheathed cables, halogen free cables, telecom and data cables like: cables for industrial electronics, EIB installation cables, computer cables, telecommunication cables, self supporting power cables, tension and crush resistant cords, mining communication and signal cables, fiber optical cables, and compound products like: cable compounds based on rubber, PVC, color master batches for rubber, and for PVC.

Cableco Technologies designs and manufactures low voltage drop power cabling systems.

Cableco Technologies   San Jose  United States
Cableco Technologies specializes in designing and manufacturing low voltage drop power cabling systems. Their products include powerrail, studlok, fusionlug, parallel power cable, powerpath, nutlok, powerflex, power swivelnut, powerflex 1000

Cable Manufacturing Technologies manufactures molded cable assemblies and wiring harnesses.

Cable Manufacturing Technologies   Concord  United States
Cable Manufacturing Technologies specializes in manufacturing molded cable assemblies and wiring harnesses. Few of their products are HDMI cables, super shielded VGA cables, snagless boots cables, serial ATA power adapter, firewire 400 cable, etc.

ShowMeCables supplies voice, video, and data transfer products.

ShowMeCables   Chesterfield  United States
ShowMeCables specializes in supplying voice, video, and data transfer products. Few of their products include audio and video products, connectors and adapters, digital camera cables, fiber optics, handset cords, mounting hardware, satellite and CATV products, surge protectors, power cords and UPS systems, switch boxes, etc.