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Grapette International Inc manufactures and distributes soda products worldwide since 1939.

Grapette International Inc    United States
Grapette International Inc provides products for soda drinks. They are specialized for beverage flavor concentrates, bag in box syrup program, powdered food, drink mixes, functional foods, nutriceuticals.

Jel Sert specializes in producing desserts and refreshment food products.

Jel Sert   West Chicago  United States
Jel Sert was established in 1926. Jel Sert specializes in producing desserts and refreshment food products. Their products include flavor aid, royal, pop ice, otter pops, flavor ice, wyler`s, wyler`s light, Italian ices, pooch pops, froote ice, birthday striped cake, sugar free raspberry sorbet, cheese cake, etc.

Gillis Enterprises sells wide range of health and wellness products.

Gillis Enterprises    ,,
Gillis Enterprises specializes in distributing variety of health and wellness products. Their products include meal replacement bar, meal replacement shake, low fat drink mix, antioxidant complex, power nutrition sports drink, protein powder, etc.

Drink is an online home for drink recipes.

Drink    United States
Drink offers 1500 drink recipes, have organized them by category. The company offers drink recipes for cocktails and mixed drinks with photographs, mixing suggestions, and tips on tending bar. The company`s drink library provides details about: classic drinks, daiquiris, eggnogs, flaming drinks, gin drinks, highballs, hot drinks, layered drinks, martinis, rum drinks, and sours, etc.

Eurotungstene manufactures varius metal powders since 1949.

Eurotungstene    ,,
Eurotungstene specializes in manufacturing binders and metal powders for diamond tool applications. Their products also include tungsten carbide powders, cobalt powders, etc. The company is quality certified to ISO 9001 :2000.

Herbalife International of America Inc distributes weight loss, nutrition and skin care products since 1982.

Herbalife International of America Inc    United States
Herbalife International of America Inc specializes in distributing weight loss, nutrition and skin care products. Their products include nutritional shake mix, multivitamin complex, cell activator, nourifusion skin essentials, relax now, sleep now, etc.

AIE Pharmaceuticals manufactures and packages dietary supplements, functional foods, vitamins, minerals, and herbal products.

AIE Pharmaceuticals    United States
AIE Pharmaceuticals specializes in the production of capsules, tablets and powder drink mixes. The company also offers bottle packaging to the food and nutrition industries and supplies raw material ingredients to the herbal, nutritional, food and pharmaceutical industries.

Lifco Group of Companies is an agent specializing in household appliances since 1975.

Lifco Group of Companies   Sharjah  United Arab Emirates
Lifco Group of Companies is an agent in household appliances. They offer products like rice, canned food, sardines, tuna, fruits and vegetables, juices, coffee creamer, grape vine leaves, malta, biscuits, pasta, corned beef, olive oil, non alcoholic malt drink, portion cheese, cheese products, feta cheese, pastry products, olive soap powder and bars, pasta, cake mixes, and jelly products.

Arc Metals Corporation is a service provider, which offers pre mix powder metal facility to the powdered metal industry since 1987.

Arc Metals Corporation   Ridgway  United States
Arc Metals Corporation specializes in providing pre mix powder metal facility to the powdered metal industry. The company is owned by the Hoeganaes Corporation. Their products include remill, combination iron, speciality iron, magnetic inspection powders, ingredients, etc.

Littleford Day Inc is a distributor of mixers, dryers, and reactors.

Littleford Day Inc    Mexico
Littleford Day Inc specializes in distributing mixers, dryers, and reactors. Their products are used in chemical, plastic, healthcare, pharmaceutical, food, detergent, animal feed, environmental, biotechnical, bakery, powder coating, pet food, foundry, powder metal, iron ore, glass, construction, ceramic, adhesive, rubber, etc.