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CORE Molding Technologies manufactures fiber reinforced plastic molded products and sheet molding compound since 1997.

CORE Molding Technologies    United States
CORE Molding Technologies specializes in manufacturing fiber reinforced plastic molded products and sheet molding compound. Their products include fiberglass reinforced, molded products and SMC material with polyester and vinylester for varied markets, including medium and heavy duty trucks, automobiles, personal watercraft and other commercial products.

Eastman Chemical Company produces and supplies more than 400 chemicals, fibers and plastics since 1920.

Eastman Chemical Company   Kingsport  United States
Eastman Chemical Company products include acetate yarn, acids and anhydrides, cellulose esters, copolyesters, miscellaneous chemicals, nitriles, plasticizers, polyethylene, etc.

GMI Composites Inc manufactures molded structural composite products since 1923.

GMI Composites Inc   Muskegon  United States
GMI Composites Inc specializes in producing molded structural composite products. The company product includes manhole covers, composite springs, electrical insulator, etc.

Advanced Molding Systems Inc produces fiberclass reinforced polyester components.

Advanced Molding Systems Inc    United States
Advanced Molding Systems Inc specializes in manufacturing fiberclass reinforced polyester components. Their product includes agricultural equipment, building panels, rollers, sheaves, propellers, cooling tower equipment, etc.

Epoxa manufactures epoxy resin and polyester products.

Epoxa    United States
Epoxa specializes in producing epoxy resin and polyester products. The company product includes adhesives, coatings, epoxy putty, epoxy compounds for electric and electronic products, epoxy resin, etc.

Industrial Dielectrics Inc specializes in developing engineered thermo plastic products like industrial laminates, molding compounds, and fabricated parts.

Industrial Dielectrics Inc    United States
Industrial Dielectrics Inc develops engineered thermo plastic products like industrial laminates, molding compounds, and fabricated parts. Their products include bulk molding compounds, sheet molding compunds, custom fabricated products, FRP laminates, industrial laminates, and tech specs. The company has been quality certified to ISO 14001:2004.

Custom Plastic Extrusions Inc specializes in extruding rigid thermoplastic compounds since 1966.

Custom Plastic Extrusions Inc    United States
Custom Plastic Extrusions Inc extrudes rigid thermoplastic compounds. Their compounds include ABS, PVC, styrene, acetate, butyrate, noryl, polyester, polycarbonate, polysulfone, polypropylene, hi and low density poly custom plastic handles, etc.

Abatron Inc provides research, development, and custom formulation of epoxy and polyester compounds since 1959.

Abatron Inc    United States
Abatron Inc specializes in providing research, development, and custom formulation of epoxy and polyester compounds for industrial, electronic, marine, and architectural applications. Their products include adhesive, gypsum, woodepox, wood cast, high grade casting and adhesive compounds, vr epoxy series, protective coatings, etc. The company is quality certified to ISO 9001: 2000 standards.

Chemionics Corporation manufactures custom formulated and compounded plastisols, natural latex, and synthetic latex compounds for the past 50 years.

Chemionics Corporation    United States
Chemionics Corporation offers a complete line of custom compounded plastisol formulations for the soft plastic fishing lure industry, used in dip molding, injection molding, and hand pouring. The company develops and performs processing as well as troubleshooting and engineering works. The company is an ISO 9001:2000 registered company.

Hadlock Plastics Corporation designs and supplies custom-molded reinforced plastic parts since 1968.

Hadlock Plastics Corporation   Geneva  United States
Hadlock Plastics Corporation supplies reinforced plastic parts to the transportation, medical, data processing, communication, off-highway, agricultural, corrosion, film processing, aircraft, chemical processing, refrigeration, mass transit, laboratory and defense industries.