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Cabot Microelectronics is the supplier of polishing compounds and polishing pads used in the manufacture of advanced semiconductors and rigid disks critical components, etc.

Cabot Microelectronics    United States
Cabot Microelectronics specializes in supplying polishing ompounds and polishing pads used in the manufacture of advanced semiconductors and rigid disks critical components, etc. Their products include slurries and polishing pads, used in planarizing, or level and smoothing, many of the multiple layers built on silicon wafers for producing IC devices. They provide services to semiconductor market and disk component market.

Koenemann Sausage Company is a distributor specializing in producing sausages for over 60 years.

Koenemann Sausage Company    United States
Koenemann Sausage Company is a distributor specializing in producing sausages. They have a wide range of products like gourmet gift package, sampler pak, natural casing frankfurter, natural casing frankfurter, cooked thueringer sausage, knackwurst, polish sausage, etc.

Jantz Supply is a distributor of knifemaking supplies for industrial applications.

Jantz Supply   Davis  United States
Jantz Supply specializes in distributing number of knifemaking supplies. Few of their products are point mandrels, chucks, acid brushes, forging hammer, large head carbide cutters, rounding hammer, wire brushes, etc., The company also facilitates online purchasing.

Steeda Autosports Inc specializes in the design and manufacture of Ford performance vehicles for the automobile industry since 1988.

Steeda Autosports Inc   Pompano Beach  United States
Steeda Autosports Inc designs and manufactures Ford performance vehicles for the automobile industry. They also supply products like fluids, oils polishes, gauges, fittings, tools, brake components, brake pads and rotors, clutches, flywheels, shifters, cams, heads and accessories, pulleys and belt drive, etc. The company is quality certified to ISO 9001 2000.

Acigraf Srl specializes in designing and manufacturing equipments for rotogravure cylinder production since 1963.

Acigraf Srl.    Italy
Acigraf Srl specializes in designs and manufactures equipments for rotogravure cylinder production. Their products include machines for plating such as copper, chrome and nickel, machines for for washing and dechroming cylinders, s type polishing machines with abrasive paper or stone polishing heads, aciplex milling and polishing machines, acicompact and aciline autotype etching machines, etc.

Head West specializes in manufacturing decorative mirror products for over 29 years.

Head West   Compton  United States
Head West products include framed mirrors, mirrored clocks, v-grooving and beveling, frameless mirrors, backlit mirrors, dartboard cabinets, pool table lamps, surfboards, etc. , for a variety of industries.

Foster Tool and Machine is a distributor of variety of shop tools, metal forming tools, abrasive blasting, and other tools for industry.

Foster Tool and Machine   Granite Falls  United States
Foster Tool and Machine specializes in distributing variety of shop tools, metal forming tools, abrasive blasting, and other tools for industry. Their tools include high intensity medium wave cure lamp, electronic compressors drain, airbrush cleaning kit, racing dollies, auto dolly, cyclo dual head polisher, air hose magnetic clip, ratchet buddy set, etc.

All Chem Supply is a supplier of janitorial supplies and equipments for industrial and commercial purposes.

All Chem Supply    United States
All Chem Supply specializes in distributing wide range of janitorial supplies and equipments for industrial and commercial purposes. Their products include floor stripper, fluorescent lamps, automatic scrubbers, cups, paper napkins, sweepers, cleaners, polishes, porcelain cleaner, vacuum cleaners, etc.

We specialize in manufacture of precision lapping and polishing materials.   Zhengzhou  0
Henan Union Abrasives Corp. since its setup in 2003, consistently focuses on research and development of precision lapping and polishing materials and its high-end products. The company won unanimous praises from domestic & foreign customers for our excellent products, stable quality, professional team and good service. It is a High & Neo-Tech Enterprise titled by Henan Provincial Government.\r\nWe has professional production lines of advanced detonation nano diamond, automatic grading diamond powder, purification coating, synthesis in high temperature and high pressure etc. We set up super-precision lapping & polishing application lab and research center for the engineering and technology of nano diamond powders. We own more than 10 patents, participate in revising diamond powder industry standard and are taking the lead in laying down the industry standard of nano diamond. Our products include 3 categories: super-fine abrasives such as diamond at micron, submicron and nano grades, alumina, cerium oxide etc., super-precise soft abrasives and liquid abrasives. They are mainly used in the fields: mechanical processing, cutting tools, components, crystal, hard disk, magnetic head, LCD, Fiber optic components, etc. We put precision surface treatment field as a strategic development goal, and endeavor to provide a full range of high-end grinding consumables and whole product solutions to our customers.\r\n

Importer/Exporter of japanese assembly tools, pneumatic tools,abrasive consumables, pneumatic balancers, quick release couplers,sockets, torque wrenches with ratchet head, impact wrenches, electric screw driver, air hoists, spring balancers, load balancer

Industrial Resources   G.B.Nagar  India
INDUSTRIAL RESOURCES represent some of the most advanced and engineering manufacturing companies globally in India. INDUSTRIAL RESOURCES has been spearheading the movement of the introduction of heavy-duty machinery, portable tools and equipments into India. Meeting the diverse needs of various industries by equipping them with the finest machinery. All the equipment is unique by its design, innovative, ergonomically designed, and enhances productivity.\r\n\r\nIndustrial Resources specializes in OEM’s and ancillaries’ Supplier of professional air tools, hoses, quick-change couplers, abrasive consumables of best brands from Japan and US viz. Nitto, Fuji, UHT, Chiyoda and few more, for die maintenance (High Precision Pencil Grinders, Buffing Tools and Fettling Tools), assembly, paint shop (Sanders, Polishers) and tool room. \r\n\r\nProducts & Services: MINIMO JAPAN; Abrasive Consumables, rotary wire brushes, Die Stones, Abrasive mounted, Polishing Disc, Abrasive Rubber Reinforcement Mounted (3mm, 6mm), Lapping tools, abrasive flap wheels, polishing compound, polishing buffs etc.\r\n MINIMO having complete range of diamond, abrasive, rubberized, HSS, Carbide tools and covers complete solutions for grinding, polishing, drilling, lapping specially for the applications Die and Mold.\r\nMINIMO also having Power Pack Hand Piece, Motor, Head, Clamp Head & having High Precision Power Tool System.\r\nNITTO KOHKI JAPAN –Pneumatic Tools (High Quality angle grinder, Die Grinders, High Speed Pencil Grinders, Belton, Sanders, Air Drill, Air Saw & Filer etc.) \r\nQuick Change Couplers (For Air, water, coolant, hydraulic, gas, vacuum etc).\r\nMachine Tools: Magnetic Base Drill Machines, Beveller Puncher etc, \r\nYOKOHAMA JAPAN: Hoses & Couplers\r\nUHT/ USHIO – Micro Precession Grinder and Polishers\r\nFuji Air Tools- Professional Air Grinders, Screw and Bolt tightening system\r\nSHINANO Japan: Impact Wrenches, Drivers, Ratchet Wrenches, Sanders, and Polishers etc.\r\nFSK JAPAN: Grinding wheels, Abrasive mounted etc.\r\nTOYOX: High Performance hoses for air, water, vacuum paint etc.\r\nCHIYODA JAPAN: Finest Tube & Fittings, Air Blow Gun etc.\r\nENDOAND CHK JAPAN: Spring Balancers, Hose Reel etc. \r\nKULLEN&MEZ: Rotary Wire Brushes \r\nSpecial Range of Air Polisher 3 inch Dia. for 3M Buffing System, abrasive and compound for Paint Shop.\r\nClean Room Products for semi conductor industry as well as clean room/dust free zones. We also deal in Measuring tools, Equipments and Gauges.\r\n\r\nOur Clients: Our main clients are in automotive, electronic, refrigeration, oil & power for their assistance to their assembly, workshop, paint shop, and many other applications. \r\n\r\nOur Team: We have a technically strong, sincere and dedicated team of our sales and service engineers in the field of Mechanical, Electronics and Instrumentation.\r\n\r\n