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Glen Carbide Inc specializes in manufacturing carbide wear parts and tools.

Glen Carbide Inc   Carnegie  United States
Glen Carbide Inc manufactures carbide wear parts and tools. Their products include round hole dies, shape dies, mandrels and floating plugs, side and end blocks, rolls, carbide rolls, turkshead, wire flattening, descaler, forming, rough cored wire dies, specialty grinding, diamond compound, etc.

hpi-racing is a manufacturer of radio control car, trucks, and monster trucks.

hpi-racing    ,,
hpi-racing provides with option parts, engines and parts, bodyshells, wheels, tyres, radio gear and general accessories including antenna pipe set, multi cool, piston stopper, gloe plug wrench, flywheel puller, etc.

Craftech Industries Inc. manufactures standard and custom fasteners and other components since 1967.

Craftech Industries Inc.   Hudson  United States
Craftech Industries Inc. specializes in manufacturing standard and custom fasteners. Few of their products are plastic screws, bolts, washers, nuts, spacers, standoffs, rivets, screw insulators, clips, clamps, plugs, threaded rod, snap fasteners, and pipe fittings. Craftech Industries Inc. also offers compounded materials and plastic alloys.

Chemque Inc. is a manufacturer of specialty high performance polymer based products directed to a variety of industries including construction, automotive, and telecommunications for the past three decades.

Chemque Inc.    United States
Chemque Inc. is a manufacturer of silicone and polyurethane adhesives, sealants, and specialty products, servicing the industrial, automotive and construction markets. Chemque serves the telecommunication and electrical markets by their products like: re- enterable encapsulants, sealants, and plugging compounds. Chemque is an ISO 9001 2000 certified company.

Water Tite Products specializes in manufacturing pipe plugs, bypass plugs, air test plugs and accessories used for testing, plugging and bypassing plumbing and sewer lines.

Water Tite Products    ,,
Water Tite Products manufactures pipe plugs, bypass plugs, air test plugs and accessories used for testing, plugging and bypassing plumbing and sewer lines. Their products include test plugs, bypass plugs in single and multi size, front air test, back air test plugs, pumps and inflation hoses, air test hoses and accessories, specialty items like cleaning ball, steam plugs, short liner carriers, deflection gauges, etc.

We specialize in manufacture of Cementing products.   Faridabad  0
Oilmec products are designed, assembled, tested and inspected by its facility which is equipped with modern machines and testing equipment including heat treatment, state of art press shop, machine shop, paint shop and are manufactured with Rigid Quality Control. Oilmec philosophy is to provide best possible solution to any centralizing problem. As adequate planning and engineering is critical for the success of any cementing job. Good Centralization is necessary to obtain good mud removal which is only achievable by correct selection of the Centralizers and their installation pattern.\r\nThe Products are cementing float equipments, cementing plugs, standard casing bow spring centralizer, rigid bow centralizers, cement baskets,\r\n solid rigid centralizer, stop collars, and oilmec lok & thread compound\r\n\r\nIn addition to API testing Oilmec also perform the following test considering extreme conditions which these product may encounter. Tensile Stress test on these Centralizers is done to ensure that even a severely damaged Centralizer will remain intact rather than damage the completion process and the Compression test are conducted to ensure that even badly distorted centralizer bows will not fracture and leave metal fragments in the well.\r\n

AEI Compounds develops and manufactures specialised cross linkable and thermoplastic polymer compounds.

AEI Compounds    United Kingdom
AEI Compounds specializes in developing and manufacturing specialised cross linkable and thermoplastic polymer compounds. Their products include general cables, fire retardant halogen free, automotive, heat shrinkable, injection moulding, pipe, reaction modified products.

Menzolit Ltd UK produces and supplies sheet moulding compounds.

Menzolit Ltd UK    United Kingdom
Menzolit Ltd UK specializes in manufacturing and distributing sheet moulding compounds. Their product includes sheet moulding compound and bulk moulding compounds.

Mechanical Research and Design Inc manufactures pipe plugs and seals since 1975.

Mechanical Research and Design Inc    United States
Mechanical Research and Design Inc specializes in manufacturing pipe plugs and seals. Few of their products include pipe test plugs, mechanical plugs, reactor nozzle plugs, specialty plugs, pipe joint testers, annular seals, inflatable seals, and bulkheads.

Can Ross Environmental Services Ltd provides industry with economical products that contain and clean up oil and chemical spills since 1985.

Can Ross Environmental Services Ltd   Oakville  Canada
Can Ross Environmental Services Ltd specializes in providing industry with economical products that contain and clean up oil and chemical spills. Their products include absorbent recovery system, spill buster products, liquitrol products, spill busters in a box, spill kits, speciality products, eagle products, envirodrain, etc.