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Cadence develops electronic design automation software and hardware for use in all aspects of semiconductor design since 1988.

Cadence    United States
Cadence specializes in developing electronic design automation software and hardware for use in all aspects of semiconductor design. Their software, hardware, methodologies, and services are used to design and verify advanced semiconductors, printed circuit boards and systems used in consumer electronics, networking and telecommunications equipment, and computer systems. The company product includes Cadence Kits for application-specific design, Incisive functional verification platform, Encounter digital IC design platform, Virtuoso custom design platform, Allegro system interconnect design platform, etc.

Platform Computing Inc develop softwares since 1992.

Platform Computing Inc    Canada
Platform Computing Inc specialize in developing softwares. Their products include platform enterprise grid orchestrator, platform LSF, platform LSF HPC, platform VM orchestrator, platform open cluster stack, etc.

Loren Data Corp provides EDI network communications services via an advanced messaging platform and API for professional B2B service providers, enterprise B2B integration shops, B2B Commerce Clouds, SAAS, and software OEMs.

Loren Data Corp ECGridOS   Indian Rocks Beach  United States
Loren Data Corp ECGrid® is a messaging architecture for EDI message routing, interconnection normalization, and the management of large, complex, communities of trading partners. ECGrid connects to VANs, Retail Purchasing Hubs, Federal Procurement, and X.400 EDI systems.\r\n\r\nECGrid is a pure EDI communications platform for professional providers of EDI services, expertise, and all in the vanguard of the \embedded communications ethos\.\r\n\r\nECGridOS is the B2B industry’s only Web Services API for EDI network operations and communications management. ECGridOS is used by consultants, integrators, and vertical B2B specialists. Built for the Professional Service Providers, B2B SAAS and Multi-Tenant / On-Demand trading systems. \r\n\r\nECGrid and ECGridOS serve some of the largest supply chain companies, and our clients are a who’s who of leaders in eCommerce.

PLX Technology supplies I/O interconnect devices and PCI Express products since 1994.

PLX Technology    United States
PLX Technology specializes in supplying I/O interconnect silicon, including bridge chips for standards such as PCI, HyperTransport, and USB. Their products are PCI express switches, bridges, USB controllers, PCI/PCI-X bridges, I/O accelerators.

Automated Applications Inc is a manufacturers and distributor of automation and test systems since 1988.

Automated Applications Inc    United States
Automated Applications Inc specializes in distributing automation and test systems for interconnect, electronic and other high volume manufacturing applications. They offer products such as connectors, cable, marking systems, cosmetic assembly, etc.

IDS Scheer AG develops software products for business process management since 1984.

IDS Scheer AG    Germany
IDS Scheer AG specializes in developing software products for business process management. Their software product includes ARIS strategy platform, ARIS design platform, ARIS implementation platform, ARIS controlling platform, etc. They also offer consultancy, global managed and training service.

DCSi provides various anti virus and anti spyware products for DOS and IBM PC since 1984.

DCSi    United States
DCSi is a terminal emulator for IBM PC and DOS. Their products include anti virus products, anti spyware products, Terminal Emulation program software for windows, E-term Enterprise software, PowerTerm Interconnect software for fast access and antispam solutions.

Moose Software develops and provides games for the Windows CE platform.

Moose Software    ,,
Moose Software specializes in developing and offering games for the Windows CE platform. Their product includes lineup, four coners, mazit, poker sol, solitaire game pack, etc.

Hamumu Software is a developer of action and arcade style games for the windows platform.

Hamumu Software   Anza  United States
Hamumu Software specializes in developing action and arcade style games for the windows platform. Few of their software products are loonyland, kid mystic, pumpkin pop, etc.

Hamrick Software develops vuescan scanning software products that supports Windows, Mac OS, and Linux platform since 1991.

Hamrick Software   Phoenix  United States
Hamrick Software specializes in developing vuescan scanning software products for use in Windows, Mac OS, and Linux platform. The software offers options for scanning faded slides and prints, batch scanning, IT8 color calibration and other scanning features.