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Glynwed Pipe Systems Ltd manufactures and supplies plastic piping products.

Glynwed Pipe Systems Ltd    United Kingdom
Glynwed Pipe Systems Ltd specializes in developing and distributing plastic piping products. The company product includes polyethylene pipe, durafuse, push fast fittings, slimflange, calder, etc.

CBC Machine Company distributes CBC brand compression couplings for deck and bulkhead installations.

CBC Machine Company    United States
CBC Machine Company specializes in distributing CBC brand compression couplings for deck and bulkhead installations. The compression couplings are used to protect insulation between bulkheads, pipe joining systems, watertight deck and bulkhead penetration. They design marine coupling for copper water tubing or plastic tubing.

Morris Coupling Company manufactures and supplies components for pneumatic conveying systems since 1941.

Morris Coupling Company    United States
Morris Coupling Company specializes in manufacturing and distributing various components for pneumatic conveying systems. Their products include compression couplings, side band couplings, quickon II couplers, gripper couplers, clamp sleeves, solid sleeves, tubing and pipe straights, PVC flexible hose, polyurethane flexible hose, beam clamps, pipe and tube clamps.

Clamp All Products Corporation designs and produces coupling for hubless cast iron pipe for use in plumbing industry.

Clamp All Products Corporation    United States
Clamp All Products Corporation specializes in manufacturing coupling for hubless cast iron pipe to fulfill a need in the plumbing industry for a heavy duty coupling to join storm and sanitary DWV piping systems. Their product includes Hi Torq 80 and Hi Torq 125.

Guardian Industries manufactures power transmission products for more than 60 years.

Guardian Industries    United States
Guardian industries specialize in manufacturing power transmission products for more than 60 years. The company products include shaft couplings, motion control couplings, engine flywheel couplings, pipe couplings, and PTO shafting.

Linnemann GmbH is a manufacturer of stainless steel fittings and pipe connections.

Linnemann GmbH    Germany
Linnemann GmbH specializes in producing stainless steel fittings and pipe connections. Their product includes KF small flange pipe connection, clamp pipe connection, FLY clamp pipe connection, screwed pipe connection, welding neck flanges, tube couplings and fittings, etc.

Moorhead Company Inc designs, supplies, and installs aluminum and stainless steel accessories since 1981.

Moorhead Company Inc    United States
Moorhead Company Inc specializes in designing, manufacturing, and distributing various aluminum and stainless steel accessories. Their products include compression couplings, replacement gaskets, aluminum elbows, mitered vacuum tees, drop line tees, common line diverter, gripper couplings, sight glasses, pipe tube bends, PVC flexible hose, metal flexible hose, channel clamps, etc.

M.B.Exports Pvt Ltd manufactures de-watering coupling systems, pipe clamps, and pipe welding equipments since 1971.

M.B.Exports Pvt Ltd    India
M.B.Exports Pvt Ltd manufactures de-watering coupling systems, pipe clamps, and pipe welding equipments. Few of their products include de-watering coupling systems, lifting equipments, material handling garage tools, pipe equipments, silencer muffler and teen containers, and SPM hydraulic and priumatic. The company has been certified with ISO 9001:2000 standard.

We specialize in manufacturing, exporting, and supplying all type of brass products.\r\n   Jamnagar  0
Galaxy Metal India is a manufacturer, exporter, and supplier of all type of brass products\r\n\r\nThe company produces electric fitting accessories, sanitary fitting accessories, fastener fitting accessories, building hardware fitting accessories, precision component fitting accessories, conduct pipes fitting accessories, earthling accessories, & all type of brass product.\r\n\r\nThe products are ranged as brass inserts for upvc fittings, brass valve, brass union, other brass C.P fittings, brass sanitary fittings, brass pump parts, brass pipe fittings parts, CNC components, and brass threaded fittings.\r\n\r\nThe brass inserts for upvc fittings includes brass UPVC male inserts/adaptors fittings, UPVC/PVC inserts for brass fittigs/UPVC adaptors brass fitings, and brass UPVC male inserts fittigs/brass UPVC male adaptors fitings.\r\n\r\nThe brass valve includes brass valve/brass valve fittings, designer valves, concealed grohe type valve, brass-concealed-valve, fancy valves fittings, wheel type valves, wheel type and fancy valves, wheel type and fancy valves type fittings, brass ball valve parts/ball valve assembly, and brass stop valve.\r\n\r\nThe brass union includes products like Brass Female Union (Rib Type), Male Threaded Brass Union, Male Brass Union, Brass Union, Corzan Composite Female Union, Corzan Composite Male Union, Brass Union Fittings, Brass Hex Union Fittings, PPR Brass Union, Female Threaded Brass Union, and Brass Male Female Union.\r\n\r\nThe other brass C.P fittings includes brass C.P.elbow, reducing-brass hex bushes, brass tee, brass round adaptors, extension reducer, C.P hex nipple, C.P.socket, C.P.nut, and C.P.plug.\r\n\r\nThe brass sanitary fittings products are barrel nipple, brass bush, brass plug, brass cap, brass socket, hexagonal nipple, brass tank connector, brasss check nut, brass hose nipple, brass tank connector, and west coupling.\r\n\r\nThe brass pump parts manufactured are spray pump parts, brass pump parts, customized brass pump parts, brass jet pump set, pump plugs, brass impeller / forge impeller, pump parts, brass water air cocks, brass ntm triple action nozzles, brass submersible pump components, agriculture spare parts brass fittings, brass check seal body, brass pump quick coupler, brass pump head, brass nut nipple socket set, and brass pump spacer.\r\n\r\nThe brass pipe fittings parts produced are 45° degree elbow, 90° degree elbow, cross fitting, street brass elbow, tee fitting, close coupling, half close coupling, hexagonal coupling nut, barrel nipple, extension nipple / extension piece, hexagonal nipple, reducing nipple, and socket weld nipple.\r\n\r\nThe CNC components includes CNC brass components, CNC turned components, CNC turned components, CNC turned parts, CNC machining precision part, brass CNC components, precision machined parts, and precision CNC machining parts.\r\n\r\nThe brass threaded fittings includes products like reducing hexagon brass nipple, female adaptor for lead pipe, brass blanking cap, brass reducing hexagon nipple male, brass reducing hexagon union female male, reducing brass socket female, brass threaded reducer, clamp saddle, brass manifold male female, and brass meter coupling.\r\n\r\nThese products are exported to Countries like Europe, North America, Australia, Asian Countries, Gulf Countries Etc.\r\n

Jupiter Industrial Works Thane specializes in the manufacture of industrial products like pipe clips since 1963.

Jupiter Industrial Works Thane   Mumbai  India
Jupiter Industrial Works Thane specializes in the manufacture of industrial products like pipe clips. They offer products like worm drive, clamps, t bolt clamps, v band coupling, clamps, pipe clips. They have been ISO 9001 quality certified.