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APC International Ltd is a manufacture and supplier of piezoelectric ceramics and piezoelectric products.

APC International Ltd    United States
APC International Ltd specializes in manufacturing and supplying piezoelectric ceramics and piezoelectric products for industries include aerospace, automotive, consumer, engineering and design, industrial, manufacturing, medical products, military, and others. Their products include bending actuators, disc benders, flow control products, level control products, nebulizers, ultrasonic cleaning components, single crystal elements, buzzers, ignitors, ndt components, ultrasonic air transducers, ultrasonic welding components, alumina parts, etc.

Alvord Systems is designers and manufactures of customized equipment since 1969.

Alvord Systems    United States
Alvord Systems specializes in designing and manufacturing customized equipment for more than 30 years. Their products include semi automatic x ray diffraction goniometer, dual operator digital x ray diffraction goniometer, goniometer amplifier stand alone units, tokyo rope hws 330 wire saw, saw wire, slurry saw blade packs, semiconductor, etc.

Fil Control is a manufacturer of equipment for the yarn textile industry, including design, development and industrialization.

Fil Control    France
Fil Control offers products like: yarn sensors, yarn cutters and control devices. The company serves the machine builder groups and yarn processors interested in machine conversion.

Robmar`s Crystal Chandelier Parts supplies lighting fixture parts since 1956.

Robmar`s Crystal Chandelier Parts.   Apple Valley  United States
Robmar`s Crystal Chandelier Parts distributes lighting fixture parts, and electrical parts. Their other services includes crystals, sockets, candles, lamps, and tools.

Filtronetics Inc manufactures wide range of frequency products since 1970.

Filtronetics Inc    United States
Filtronetics Inc specializes in manufacturing variety of frequency products for commercial, industrial, and military applications. Their products include coils, toroidal inductions, solenoids, bifilar wound solenoids, trifilar solenoids and transformers.

Bourns Inc manufactures and distributes wide range of electrical and electronic products for electronics industry.

Bourns Inc    United States
Bourns Inc specializes in producing and distributing various electrical and electronic products for electronics industry. Their products include potentiometers, power protection devices, sensors, resistors, switches, encoders, panel controls, dials, and chip resistor arrays, low voltage NPN transistors, low voltage PNP transistors, rectifier diodes, chokes, filters, inductors, etc. The company is quality certified to ISO9001:2000 and ISO/TS16949:2002.

Hoerbiger is a manufacturer and distributor of pressure valves, compressor control systems and damper plates since 1894.

Hoerbiger    Switzerland
Hoerbiger specializes in manufacturing and distributing pressure valves, compressor control systems and damper plates. They offer products such as compressor valves, control systems for reciprocating compressors, monitoring systems, sealing systems for reciprocating compressors, reed valves, etc. They also offer services like component service, compressor service, compressor monitoring, air end service for screw compressors, etc.

M H Electronics manufactures crystals and crystal devices since 1977.

M H Electronics    United States
M H Electronics specializes in manufacturing crystals and crystal devices. Few of their products include quartz crystals, radio crystals, pager crystals, amateur crystals, piezoelectric crystals, electronic components crystals, crystal insulators, crystal holders, and crystal ground wires.

J and K Electric Supply and Co distribute and services electrical and lighting works for over 25 years.

J and K Electric Supply and Co    United States
J and K Electric Supply and Co provides products like large selection of interior and exterior lighting fixtures, professional customized lighting design service, ceiling fan distributor, landscape lighting systems, lamps and lamp shades and electrical supplies.

We specialize in design and manufacturing of a comprehensive range of frequency-related components and custom build components to the electronics manufacturing industries.

Euroquartz Limited is an independent, UK-based, manufacturer and supplier of quartz crystals, oscillators, filters and frequency-related products to the electronics manufacturing industry world-wide.\r\n\r\nProducts offered by the company includes Quartz Crystals, Oscillators, TCXO, OCXO, VCXO, filters, surface mounted crystals, CX miniature crystals, ZTT resonators, timing modules, and quick turnaround products like HC49 standard crystal package, UM-1 compact size metal can crystal, EQXO-2000GW SMD version of standard 8 pin DIL, and SMD programmable oscillators.\r\n\r\nCompany’s products find application in the sectors like defense, medical, aerospace, telecoms, and electrical engineering.\r\n\r\nEuroquartz Limited Company has been certified to ISO9001 quality system.\r\n