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DOP Solutions Ltd. provides solutions for filter testing needs.

DOP Solutions Ltd.    United Kingdom
DOP Solutions Ltd. provides instrumentation for clean room validation including aerosol photometers, generators, and particle counters. Their products are stainless steel digital readout probe, fishtail scanning probe, and aerosol photometer.

HF scientific Inc manufactures water monitoring instrumentations for more than 30 years.

HF scientific Inc    United States
HF scientific Inc specializes in manufacturing water monitoring instrumentations. HF scientific Inc is a division of Watts Water Technologies Inc. Few of their products include color measurement products, test kits, continuous monitoring, laboratory and portable field turbidimeters, and chlorine testing.

Anthos Labtec Instruments Gmbh manufactures various photometers, luminometers, washer products since 1987.

Anthos Labtec Instruments Gmbh    United Kingdom
Anthos Labtec Instruments Gmbh designs and manufactures a range of absorbance and luminescence microplate readers, washers and associated software. Their products include 2010 and 2020 absorbance readers, zenyth 340 and 200 absorbance readers, lucy luminescence readers, fluido washers, ADAP software, various photometers, luminometers, washer, etc.

Labtech International Ltd manufactures electronic precision measurement systems.

Labtech International Ltd   Ringmer  United Kingdom
Labtech International Ltd specializes in manufacturing wide range of electronic precision measurement systems. Their products include spectrophotometers, fluoro meters, microplates, barcoded plastics, image analysis, etc.

DFM Engineering Inc manufactures automated research grade telescopes and astronomical instrumentation since 1978.

DFM Engineering Inc   Longmont  United States
DFM Engineering Inc specializes in manufacturing automated research grade telescopes and astronomical instrumentation. The company products are filter wheel, spectrograph, photometer, XY guider, slide mirror, standard cassegrain telescopes, custom telescopes, telescope control systems, telescope optics, telescope mounts, etc.

Instrument Systems GmbH develops and manufactures optical measuring instruments for research and industrial applications since 1986.

Instrument Systems GmbH    Germany
Instrument Systems GmbH specializes in developing and manufacturing optical measuring instruments for research and industrial applications. Their products include spectrometers, polarization analysis, LED test systems, display test systems, UV B radiometry, imaging photometer, and colorimeter, etc.

Hoffman Engineering Corporation is a manufacturer and distributor of aircraft panel and instruments since 1955.

Hoffman Engineering Corporation    United States
Hoffman Engineering Corporation specializes in manufacturing and distributing aircraft panel and instruments. Their products include detectors, colorimeters, integrating spheres, laboratory standards, night vision equipment, photometers and radiometers, contrast systems, etc.

Hidex Oy designs and manufactures technology products since 1993.

Hidex Oy    Finland
Hidex Oy specializes in designing and manufacturing technology products. Their products include fluorometers, photometers, liquid scintillation counting, gamma counting, etc.

Artel is a manufacturer and distributor of analytical instruments and systems since 1982.

Artel    United States
Artel specializes in manufacturing and distributing analytical instruments and systems. They offer manual pipettes, liquid handlers, automated pipette calibration and management software, OEM photometers, etc.

Techne Inc manufactures, distributes, and services laboratory instruments.

Techne Inc   Burlington  United States
Techne Inc specializes in manufacturing, distributing, and servicing laboratory instruments. Their products include dry block temperature calibrators, thermal cyclers, water baths, dri-blocks, fluidized baths, hybridization ovens, spectrophotometers, flame photometers, electrochemistry meters and probes, temperature sensors and thermometers.