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Devar Inc manufactures instruments for monitoring, control and data acquisition since 1961.

Devar Inc    United States
Devar Inc specializes in manufacturing instrumentation products. Their products include calibrators, controllers, data loggers, indicators, isolators, level and pressure transmitters, panel meters, pump controllers, signal converters, telemetry, temperature transmitters, totalizers, etc.

EMCO Flow Systems manufactures flow metering and control instrumentation for more than 35 years.

EMCO Flow Systems    United States
EMCO Flow Systems specializes in manufacturing flow metering and control instrumentation. The company product includes vortex PhD, v bar, hydro flow, turbo bar, flow processor, pressure transmitter, temperature transmitter, etc.

Industrial Technical Services specializes in providing instrumentation products and services solutions since 1982.

Industrial Technical Services    Canada
Industrial Technical Services provides instrumentation products and services. Their services include engineering and procurement, systems integration, turn key projects, commissioning, start up, certified calibration and repairs, installation, electrical services and custom control panels, SCADA systems and PLC programming to pharmaceutical, food processing, chemical, plastics, metals and other industries. The company is quality certified to ISO 17025 and ISO 9001:2001.

Endress+Hauser Italia Spa supplies process automation products.

Endress+Hauser Italia Spa   Cernusco  Italy
Endress+Hauser Italia Spa specialize in distributing process automation products. The company product includes sensors, transducers, transmitters, probes, channel flowmeters, videographic and paper recorders for level, pressure, temperature measurement and analysis of ph, conductivity, turbidity, etc. They also offer maintenance, calibration, and training services.

Durkin Incorporated provides with instrumentation, Control, and industrial plant floor data collection since 1958.

Durkin Incorporated    United States
Durkin Incorporated products include flow meters, magnetic, vortex, swirl, wedge, mass and rotameters like controllers- recorders-analog, video: transmitters- pressure, temperature, flow, level ph, orp, conductivity: water analyzers-silica, sodium, dissolved oxygen, ammonia, flouride, nitrate, phosphate, etc. Durkin Incorporated provide services like calibration, repairs, etc.

Broadley James Corporation specializes in the manufacture of measurement products for the science and industry.

Broadley James Corporation   Irvine  United States
Broadley James Corporation is a manufacturer of measurement products for the science and industry. They offer products like ph sensors, do sensors, redox, transmitters, accessories, bionet bioreactors, bionet controllers, lablan solutions, etc.

Endress + Hauser supply a wide range of liquid and solid level measurement and limit detection sensors for food and beverage industry.

Endress + Hauser    United Kingdom
Endress + Hauser specialize in the supply of a wide range of liquid and solid level measurement and limit detection sensors for food and beverage industry. They offer products like flow meters, level switches, pressure transmitters, ph, process automation, etc.

Merlin Systems Inc designs and manufactures radio transmitters and telemetry tracking equipments.

Merlin Systems Inc    United States
Merlin Systems Inc specializes in designing and manufacturing radio transmitters and telemetry tracking equipments for wildlife research and falcon tracks. Few of their products include radio transmitters, collar transmitters, dart transmitters, falconry products, telemetry tracking equipments, and anti theft products.

CCA Electronics LLC manufactures AM, FM, and shortwave transmitters for more than 30 years.

CCA Electronics LLC    United States
CCA Electronics LLC specialize in manufacturing and supplying AM, FM, and shortwave transmitters parts or rebuild and repair parts. Their product includes plate blockers, tubes, tube sockets, meters, schematics, manuals, transmitters, tech support, power resistors, exciters, capacitors, blowers, feed line components, power transformers etc.

PhRMA specializes in manufacturing pharmaceutical medicines.

PhRMA    United States
PhRMA manufactures pharmaceutical medicines by pharmaceutical research and biotechnology companies.