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Koch Supply and Trading provides petroleum products for chemical and industrial applications.

Koch Supply and Trading    United Kingdom
Koch Supply and Trading specializes in providing petroleum products. Their products include crude oil, benzene, toluene, mixed xylenes, paraxylenes, diesel, jet, residual fuels, etc. The company is a subsidiary of Koch Industries Inc.

Gehring-Montgomery Inc distributes chemicals for companies, and manufactures food, and personal care products.

Gehring-Montgomery Inc    United States
Gehring-Montgomery Inc manufacturer, and supplies chemicals, automotives, coatings, and adhesive industries. They are specialized for products such as compounders, detergents, water treatment, technical phosphates, preservatives, nutritional additives, sweeteners, whiteners, and defoamers

Alexis Oil Company established in 1981 is a petroleum distributor for Southern California.

Alexis Oil Company    United States
Alexis Oil Company is a petroleum distributor meeting the needs of the Southern California fleet operators, contractors, agriculture, and numerous other commercial and industrial petroleum product users. Alexis Oil Company provides transmission, and gear lubricants, automotive lubricants, greases, heavy duty lubricants, cleaners and degreasers, soaps, and protectants, etc. Alexis Oil Company provides Bulk and on-site fuel delivery. Alexis Oil Company serves petrochemical, power generation, construction, pulp and paper, automotive, mining markets, and many more.

Flint Chemical Ltd supplies various chemical and pharmaceutical ingredients.

Flint Chemical Ltd   Xiamen Fujian  China
Flint Chemical Ltd specializes in supplying wide range of chemical and pharmaceutical ingredients for the pharmaceutical industry. Few of their products include purine derivatives, pyridine derivatives, piperazine derivatives, piperidine derivatives, quinoline derivatives, etc.

ENVIRO Tech International Inc. manufactures EnSolv family of patented degreasing and cleaning solvents based on n-Propyl Bromide since 1995.

ENVIRO Tech International Inc.    United States
ENVIRO Tech International Inc. manufactures EnSolv solvents and derivatives and serves the aerospace, metal working, metal finishing, oxygen service, electronics, non-destructive inspection, medical devices, optics and asphalt extraction industries.

Allchem Laboratories specializes in manufacturing specialty intermediaries and fine chemicals.

Allchem Laboratories    India
Allchem Laboratories manufactures chemicals like heterocyclic amines, nitriles, aryl/aliphatic amine, aryl/aliphatic amine, carbonyl compounds, miscellaneous products like alcohols, halides, nitro compound, sulphur compounds, phenols. Allchem Laboratories specializes in offering custom synthesis and contract research in gram to tones quantity.

FX-9 Canada Inc manufactures and distributes FX 9 multipurpose cleaner degreaser for over 25 years.

FX-9 Canada Inc   Kingston  Canada
FX-9 Canada Inc specializes in manufacturing and distributing FX 9 multipurpose cleaner degreaser. FX 9 cleaner degreaser, is a water based, biodegradable, phosphatefree, degreaser used in degreasing engines, concrete floors, cleaning airplanes, buses, railroad coaches, cleaning transports, oil trailers, etc. They serve wide variety of industries which includes military, aircraft and marine manufacturers, power plants, metal fabrication companies, petroleum industry and offshore oil rigs, agricultural manufacturers, pulp and paper mills, food industry, etc.

DeWitt Inc. provides its customer with petroleum product sales and service for over 50 years.

DeWitt Inc.    United States
DeWitt Inc. provides customers with commercial fueling network, bulk fuels and networks. DeWitt Inc. supplies to Chevron and Shell lubricants. The company also provides products like fuel and oil additives, military spec oils, refrigerants, coolants, and oil analysis programs.

Derivative Trading Systems Ltd develops and distributes analytical software tools since 1992.

Derivative Trading Systems Ltd    United Kingdom
Derivative Trading Systems Ltd specializes in developing and supplying analytical software tools for financial applications. Their products include Horizon Premium and Horizon Lite.

Harbour Petroleum Corporation of Brevard Inc is a distributor of variety of gasoline and fuels since 1984.

Harbour Petroleum Corporation of Brevard Inc   Melbourne  United States
Harbour Petroleum Corporation of Brevard Inc specializes in distributing variety of gasoline and fuels. Their products include Regular, Mid Grade, Premium, Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel, Biodiesel, Off Road Diesel, E 85, etc.