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Nichia Corporation manufactures and supplies LEDs and laser diodes since 1956.

Nichia Corporation    United States
Nichia Corporation specializes in producing and distributing LEDs and laser diodes. The company product includes phosphors for CRT, lamp, PDP and x-ray screen, light emitting diodes, laser diodes, optical semiconductor devices, chemicals evaporation materials, battery materials, magnetic materials, etc.

Shenzhen Sunsom automatic equipment Co.,Ltd .\r\nis a high-tech enterprise specialized in R&D,manufacturing and sales of LCD automatic equipment.we stick to the the enterprise spirit of \" efficiency and practicality\"

Shenzhen Sunsom automatic equipment Co.,Ltd .    shenzhen  China
Constant Heat Bonding Machine,Pulse Heat Bonding Machine ,ACF Taking Machine,automation bubble-removing Machine,Polarizer Delaminator,HSC Bonding Machine ,large size TFT Bonding Machine ,PDP Bonding Machine,COG Alignment Machine,COG Bonding Machine,COG Previous Testor,COG Final Testor,ITO Tester,Opencell Testor and etc.These machines are widely applied to flat panel TFT/LCD .PDA,PDA;soldering of FPC and FFC to PCB ;polarizer removing,polarizer laminating,ACF laminating,polarizer claving process as well as various flat panel displays bonding and connecting process.\r\n

We are a professional glass manufacturer in china. We develop, export, and markets high performance glass used for video products and electric appliances worldwide.   Shenzhen  0
J&L Topper Glass Co., Ltd is a professional glass manufacturer in china. Company specializes in developing, exporting, and marketing high performance glass used for video products and electric appliances worldwide.\r\n\r\nProduct line of the company includes optical glass, display glass, glasses for electron, and electric appliances, decoration glass, and photovoltaic glasses.\r\n\r\nJ&L Topper Glass Company manufactures products like anti-reflective glass, AR+ITO coating glass for touch panel, PDP Filter Glass, magic mirror glass, TCO/AZO thin film solar glass, anti-reflective glass, anti-glare glass, privacy glass (angle visible glass), magic mirror glass, safety protective screen glass, Tempered Glass Base, scale glass, TV stands glass, Dining tables glass, Tea tables glass, and AR solar glass.\r\n\r\nJ&L Topper Glass Co., Ltd has been quality certified to ISO9001;2000 standard and QC080000 IECQ HSPM of Norwegian certificate.\r\n