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Marvin Fleschman   Woodland Hills  United States
Marvin Fleschman is a property Management Consultant and Advocate who advises and represents apartment owners, management companies and investors. He provides advises on marketing vacancies, tenant screening, late rent, illegal units, expense reduction, etc.

Krystons Hardware Ltd supplies hardware and paint products for 50 years.

Krystons Hardware Ltd    United States
Krystons Hardware Ltd specializes in providing hardware and paint products. Their products includes adapters, fish tape, circuit tester, outlets, halogen bulbs, plastic boxes, range cords, dimmers, switch plates, krylon, gold leaf, exterior satin latex, etc.

Leadinspector supplies lead testing kit.

Leadinspector    United States
Leadinspector specializes in supplying wide range of lead testing kits. The company also facilitates online ordering.

Luckerath BVBA manufactures and distributes wide range of industrial furnaces since 1972.

Luckerath BVBA    Belgium
Luckerath BVBA specializes in manufacturing and supplying variety of for the winding, plastics and paint industry. Their products include pyro furnaces, burn off furnaces, drying furnaces, impregnation tanks, and neutrale zone tester.

Acl Incorporated is a manufacturer of static control and office cleaning products.

Acl Incorporated    United States
Acl Incorporated specializes in manufacturing static control and office cleaning products. Their products are quality certified to ISO 9001:2000 standards. Their products include mat and table top cleaner, heavy duty staticide, clean room staticide, static wipes and towelettes, precision electrostatic locator, surface resistivity meter, combo tester kit, etc.

Industrial Automation Inc manufactures and distributes wide range of mechanical and electrical equipments since 1972.

Industrial Automation Inc    United States
Industrial Automation Inc specializes in manufacturing and distributing mechanical and electrical equipments for aircraft applications. Their products include engine cradles, APU cradles, electrical testers, etc. The company also offers machining, fabrication, electrical certified welding, heat treating, painting, plating, assembly, inspection, proof loading, etc.

Banair specializes in designing and manufacturing test and measurement equipments for more than 20 years.

Banair    United Kingdom
Banair designs and manufactures test and measurement equipments. Their products include cable and harness testers, membrane switch tester, tachometers, turbine logging system, barograph, resonance tester, customised testers, etc.

Dr. Eschke Elektronik GmbH develops, manufactures and supplies electronic testing systems since 1990.

Dr. Eschke Elektronik GmbH    Germany
Dr. Eschke Elektronik GmbH products include semiconductor and components tester, high speed combinational tester, board tester, chip card tester, ATM tester, functional tester, digital analog tester, etc.

We focus on the laboratory testing instruments R&D and production and laboratory IT services. We specialize in providing control solutions in packaging, food, pharmaceutical, medical, daily chemistry, printing, and other industries.   Jinan City  0
Labthink Instruments Co.,Ltd focuses on the laboratory testing instruments R&D and production and laboratory IT services. \r\n\r\nMain product category of the company includes oxygen transmission rate tester, gas transmission rate tester, water vapor transmission rate tester, tensile tester, peel strength tester, elongation and shear tester, box compression tester, torque tester, heat seal tester, coefficient of friction tester, friction/ peel tester, hot tack tester, film thickness tester, tearing tester, falling dart impact tester, pendulum impact tester, film shrinkage tester, seal & leakage tester, headspace gas analyzer, flex durability tester, adhesive tester, color viewer, fastness tester, fogging tester, air permeability tester, gas chromatography, etc.\r\n\r\nCompany specializes in providing professional quality control solutions for customers in packaging, food, pharmaceutical, medical, daily chemistry, printing, adhesive, automotive, petro chemistry, bioscience, construction, new energy and other industries.\r\n\r\nTesting Instruments for industrial products includes academia, universities and testing institute, printing, daily chemicals, adhesives, medical devices, household paper, automotive non-metal, photovoltaic, batteries, accessories, environment, energy, textile, leather, building materials, electronics, etc.\r\n\r\nCompany’s instruments are now operated in more than 5000 laboratories of authoritative institutions and renowned enterprises. Trade references of the company are 3M, Unilever, Amway, Colagate, Nestle etc.\r\n\r\nLabthink Instruments Company has been certified to CE, ISO, and ASTM standards.

BAMR Pty Ltd specializes in supplying, repairing, servicing and calibrating instruments for coatings, corrosion and allied industries since 1946.

BAMR Pty Ltd    South Africa
BAMR Pty Ltd supplies, repairs, services and calibrates instruments for coatings, corrosion and allied industries. Their products include adhesion, climaic conditon testing, coating physical test equipment, distance meters, inspectors accessories, measuring instruments, viscosity cups and meters, etc.