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Lincoln Contracting and Equipment Co Inc is a contractor specializes in coal preparation plants since 1974.

Lincoln Contracting and Equipment Co Inc   Boswell  United States
Lincoln Contracting and Equipment Co Inc specializes in constructing coal preparation plants on contract. The company also fabricates structural steel, platework, bins, duct work, and piping, barge loading, bulk material handling equipment, etc.

H.Theiner Painting and Decorating Ltd provides a painting service throughout Ontario since 1967.

H.Theiner Painting and Decorating Ltd   Etobicoke  Canada
H.Theiner Painting and Decorating Ltd specializes in providing a painting service throughout Ontario. Their services include all areas of commercial, industrial and residential painting in office areas, warehouse spaces, retail stores, health care facilities, religious buildings, educational institutions, casinos and financial institutions. They provide machinery painting, plant colour coating, spray painting, difficult access painting, interior painting, exterior painting, staining applications, deck cleaning and restorations, etc.

Dust Painting Inc provides paintings and coatings for industrial and mechanical projects since 1977.

Dust Painting Inc    Canada
Dust Painting Inc is a service provider, which offers paintings and coatings for industrial and mechanical projects like Poundmaker Ethanol Plant, Meadow Lake Pulp Mill, Cargill Crushing Plant, etc.

Manolis Painting Company provides residential and commercial painting and decorating services since 1966.

Manolis Painting Company   Timonium  United States
Manolis Painting Company is a service provider, which specializes in providing provides residential and commercial painting and decorating services for apartment buildings, hospitals, schools, banks, factories, pulp and chemical premises, waste water treatment plants, steel tanks, dams, power plants, electrical towers, hotels, marine work and government and institutional buildings.

Lefiell Company Inc specializes in the manufacture of monorail and meat industry equipment since 1910.

Lefiell Company Inc   Reno  United States
Lefiell Company Inc is a manufacturer of monorail and meat industry equipment. They offer products like coolers, beef fabs, overhead conveyors, product conveyors, general packing plant equipment, kill floors, hog cuts, sausage and ground beef operations. They also offer services like project management, plant layout, plant design, purchasing, millwright installation, mechanical installation, general consulting for the food industry, etc.

Gunatit Builders supplies hot dip galvanizing plant for more than 40 years

Gunatit Builders   Vadodara  India
Gunatit Builders specializes in supplying hot dip galvanizing plant for more than 40 years. The company products include unglazed acids, clay bricks, refractory materials castables, insulating bricks, air setting mortars, thermal blankets, electrical insulators etc. Their services include designing of plant layout, furnace design, refractory materials for furnace, acid resistant bricks etc.

Advanced Industrial Services Inc manufactures tooling and installation equipment since 1984.

Advanced Industrial Services Inc    United States
Advanced Industrial Services Inc specializes in manufacturing tooling and installation equipment. They provide services include rigging, mill wrighting, process piping, electrical, maintenance services, welding, warehousing, plant layout, machine design, fabrication, etc.

Center Point Drafting provides drafting services.

Center Point Drafting    United States
Center Point Drafting specializes in providing drafting services. Few of their services include mechanical draftings, prototype design drawings, assembly drawings, 2D and 3D modelings and renderings, CAD models, die drawings, plant layouts, etc.

Innovative Solutions Inc provides project management and engineering services since 1992.

Innovative Solutions Inc    United States
Innovative Solutions Inc specializes in providing project management and engineering services for industrial and commercial purposes. They offer services like program and project management, plant analysis and layout, HVAC, piping and plumbing, electrical, energy analysis, etc.

LaserLine Mfg Inc is a designer and manufacturer of long range lasers for tunneling, mining, marine, and agricultural layout for more than 36 years.

LaserLine Mfg Inc    United States
LaserLine Mfg Inc specializes in designing and manufacturing highway paint striping guidance lasers for controlling vehicle alignment and wing plow. . Their products include wall mount, vertical trivet, 110v and 220v power converter, t 2000 laser, lr 2020d laser, t 2000 0 laser, plumb plane laser, line and grade diverter, universal tunnel mount, tunnel target system, t 2000 p paint stripe laser, sonic tracer, pavers system, ge laser, gr1000 1450 series aluminum rod, b 1 universal bracket, gl3000 p and pm highway paint striping lasers, gl3000 c series wing plow guidance lasers, etc.