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Hevel Vacuum Bv manufactures and distributes vacuum pouches and films for more than 25 years.

Hevel Vacuum Bv    Netherlands
Hevel Vacuum Bv specializes in manufacturing and distributing vacuum pouches and films. Few of their products include vacuum packaging machines, vacuum bags, and films.

Bel O Vac specializes in designing and producing plastic thermo forming systems like machinery and plastic parts for more than 25 year.

Bel O Vac   Boca Raton  United States
Bel O Vac designs and produces plastic thermo forming systems like machinery and plastic parts for all industries. They offer solution to vacuum forming needs. Their products include roll fed vacuum former, sheet fed vacuum former, tooling, plastic products, etc.

Audion Elektro specializes in the manufacture of packaging machines since 1947.

Audion Elektro    Netherlands
Audion Elektro specializes in the manufacture of packaging machines. They offer products like manual sealers, flow wrappers, form fill seal, vacuum packaging, shrink packaging, medical packaging, food packaging, tray sealers, band sealers, packaging material.

OLM Enterprises distributes variety of new and used reconditioned semiconductor equipment, vacuum and fluid dispensing pumps and mass flow controllers.

OLM Enterprises    United States
OLM Enterprises specializes in distributing variety of new and used reconditioned semiconductor equipment, vacuum and fluid dispensing pumps and mass flow controllers. They also provide online purchasing facilities. Their products include leak detectors, veeco profiler system, implanters, sputterers, steppers, furnaces, film measurement, vacuum packaging equipment, inspection, transfer systems, precision fluid pumps, etc.

Piab AB manufactures vacuum pumps and their products since 1951.

Piab AB    China
Piab AB specializes in manufacturing vacuum pumps, and their products. Their products are suction cups, vacuum pumps, vacuum grippers, vacuum conveyors, piab vacuum and blow system, ejector pumps, etc. Piabs vacuum technology is used in carton erectors and carton formers, form fill seal machines, labeling machines, stacking machines and for vacuum packaging of various products. Their customers are found in a huge number of industries such as the packaging, automotive, food and pharmaceutical industries.

We specialize in providing manufacturer of vacuum sealer bags, rolls, canisters and vacuum sealers.   Xiamen  0
China YS Vacuum Sealer Manufacturer Company provides the best solution for food preservation with a full range of flexible packaging products, including vacuum sealer bags, rolls, canisters, as well as vacuum sealers. YS has been manufacturing a series of vacuum sealers with outstanding quality for the food industry. the durable and cost effective equipment meets the most exacting standards for packaging of meats, poultry, cheese, seafood and other food products. With more than ten years\ development, YS Vacuum Sealer has become a leading manufacturer in vacuum sealer industry. The company also have a professional research and development department. Under the effort of the research team, we have launched a series vacuum sealers with the highest quality.\r\nThe company is located in Xiamen, China. With the remarkable technology, the products is very famous in China and even abroad, have expanded the market in Asia, America, Europe, Australia, etc. We have been working closely with Walmart, SAM Club, Target, Aldi, Tchibo. And we also cooperate with some famous brands like Kalorik, Steba, Severin, Gastroback, Rotel, etc. The products are Vacuum Sealer, Vacuum Sealer Roll & Bag, and Sous Vide Cooker

East Packaging Company specializes in manufacturing complete source for transparent packaging and vacuum forming since 1977.

East Packaging Company   South El Monte  United States
East Packaging Company products include lids and boxes, rounds and ovals, custom forming, vacuum forming, folding boxes, super specialties, etc.

J M Packaging Ltd is a distributor of various printed packaging products since 1992.

J M Packaging Ltd    United Kingdom
J M Packaging Ltd specializes in supplying wide range of printed packaging products for industrial and commercial applications. Few of their products are printed pouches, lithographic printed cartons and sleeves, unprinted vacuum pouches, specialist base boards, and vacuum formed trays.

Good Package Machinery Co manufactures packaging machineries since 1999.

Good Package Machinery Co   Gyeongbuk  Korea, Republic of
Good Package Machinery Co specializes in producing packaging machineries. The company product includes hand wrapper, impulse sealer, hot printer, vacuum packing machines, and other machines.

Chick Packaging Group manufactures and supplying packaging products.

Chick Packaging Group    United States
Chick Packaging Group specializes in manufacturing and supplying packaging products and solutions. The company also provides packaging solutions. Their company service includes vacuum packing, flat racking, clean room packing, hazardous packing, etc.