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BMT Messtechnik GmbH is a manufacturer of ozone analyser and accessories for ozone measurements since 1979.

BMT Messtechnik GmbH    United States
BMT Messtechnik GmbH specializes in manufacturing ozone analyser and accessories for ozone measurements. Their products include ozone analyser BMT 964, ozone analyser BMT 964 C, ozone analyser BMT 930, ozone generator BMT 802 N, ozone generator BMT 803, sample gas filter SGF50, sample gas dehumidifier DH3, sample system SS1, pressure regulator PRR, etc.

Applied Ozone Systems is a distributor of corona discharge and ultra violet ozone generators machine for air food water purification treatment since 1993.

Applied Ozone Systems    United States
Applied Ozone Systems specializes in distributing corona discharge and ultra violet ozone generators machine for air food water purification treatment. Their products include ozone generator, water ozonator, purifier colon, cleansing, etc.

BiOzone Corporation Manufacturs ozone generators.

BiOzone Corp   Englewood  United States
The BiOzone Coproration is designs and installs custom ozone generators and ozonation process trains for industrial and medical applications.

In USA Inc is a manufacturer and distributor of ozone monitoring and control instruments.

In USA Inc    United States
In USA Inc specializes in manufacturing and distributing ozone monitoring and control instruments. Their products include high concentration ozone analyzers, off gas ozone analyzers, ozone controller systems, ozone generators, ozone delivery systems, ozone destruct systems, ozone test chamber, etc.

Longevity Resources Inc specialize in the manufacture of ozone generators and steam sauna cabinets.

Longevity Resources Inc    United States
Longevity Resources Inc is a manufacturer of ozone generators and steam sauna cabinets. They offer products like longevity ext90 ozone generator, longevity ext120 ozone generator, the oxycooler, the hyperthermic chamber, pyramid oxygen concentrator, toaster oxygen concentrator, etc.

DEL Ozone is a manufacturer of commercial, residential pool and Spa, and food safety and sanitation since 1975.

DEL Ozone    
DEL Ozone product names and lines include: Delzone triopure salt chlorine and ozone combination system, eclipse Ozone generators, genesis ozone generators, and CDS-16 series of ozone corona discharge ozonators. The company is a supplier of Ozone to the OEM Spa manufacturers, industrial, commercial and food safety and sanitation industries.

Absolute Ozone, Manufactures Most Technologicaly Advance Ozone Generators for Commersial and Industrial Applications

Absolute Ozone   Edmonton  Canada
Absolute Systems Inc. has a significant experience in R&D, industrial mechanical and electronic design, motion and process control systems fabrication, robotics, high tech, high precision systems fabrication and assembly.\r\n Since 1989 developed and produced whole range of high efficiency ozone generators under trade name Absolute Ozone\r\nThe Absolute Ozone® M-Series flat plate ozone generator were developed in 2004 on the bases of proprietary Microfluidic platform technology offering unsurpassed performance, the most compact size and remarkable reliability.\r\n The M-Series Ozone Generators have been successfully working all over the world in the countries like Canada, USA, Mexico, Brazil, Columbia, Chile, Argentina, Australia, Thailand, Japan, China, Saudi Arabia, Columbia, Holland, Denmark, England, Israel, Finland, Italy, Hawaii and many others.\r\n

We are a leading manufacturer of electrical generators for use in air and water treatment. Three subsidiaries of our company are Tianchang TRUMP electronics factory, Shanghai TRUMP, and Guangzhou TRUMP.   Shanghai  0
Tianchang TRUMP Electronics Factory specializes in the manufacture of electrical generators for air and water treatment. Product list of the company includes negative ion generators, plasma ion generators, ozone generators, ozone finished product, air purifier, water purifier, and venturi series.\r\n\r\nCompany’s products are applied to various industries like refrigerator business, vacuum cleaner business, computer and monitor business, heater and hand dryer business, car automobile and transportation, air-condition, fanner, air purifier business, hairdressing business, lighting bulb, LED light business, washing machine business, etc.\r\n\r\nTianchang TRUMP Electronics Factory has been quality certified to IS09001 standard.\r\n

Custom Applied Technology Corp designs and manufactures ozone generators and water treatment equipment for more than 50 years.

Custom Applied Technology Corp    United States
Custom Applied Technology Corp specializes in designing and manufacturing ozone generators and water treatment equipment for vehicle washes, cooling towers, equipment washes and other industrial applications.

ClearWater Tech LLC manufactures ozone generators since 1986.

ClearWater Tech LLC    United States
ClearWater Tech LLC specializes in manufacturing ozone generators for water and air purification. Few of their products include microzone, UV series, pro series, skid mount, wall mount, cabinets, air waves, etc.