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Electrica    Italy
Electrica products include overload protectors, start relays, combined units and snap action switches. The company is a division of AMF inc. , Electrica is certified with ISO 9001:2000 standard. They specialise in serving compressor motor manufacturers.

Bhartia Industries Limited manufactures variety of low voltage electrical and electronic controls since 1977.

Bhartia Industries Limited    India
Bhartia Industries Limited specializes in manufcatuirng wide range of low voltage electrical and electronic controls. Few of their products are heavy duty limit switch, mini limit switches, motor protection circuit breaker, NHD contactor, power contactor 2 pole, push buttons and indicating lights 22. 5 and LED, solid state relays, etc. The company is quality certified to ISO 9001:2000.

Kraus and Naimer is a manufacturer of electrical power devices since 1907.

Kraus and Naimer    Canada
Kraus and Naimer specializes in manufacturing and supplying various electrical power devices. Their products include special purpose contactors and thermal overload relays, motor starters door clutches, auxiliary contacts, padlocks, shaft extensions, etc.

Materiales De Refasamiento Maresa S.A is a supplier of electrical materials and industrial equipments since 1981.

Materiales De Refasamiento Maresa S.A   Caracas  Venezuela
Materiales De Refasamiento Maresa S.A specializes in distributing wide range of electrical materials and industrial control products. Few of their products are overload relays, time locking relays, motor protection devices, pressure switch, time switches, intensity meters, stuffing and connection boxes, marking rings, low voltage dry condensers, etc.

C3controls specializes in designsand manufactures industrial control products since 1976

C3controls    ,,
C3controls specializes in designing and manufacturing industrial control products. Their products include disconnect switches, IEC contactors, overload relays and motor protection circuit breakers, 30mm industrial and hazardous duty pilot devices, 22mm IEC pilot devices and NEMA pilot devices, cam switches, 16mm and 13mm pilot lights, proximity sensors, etc.

Gigavac designs, manufactures, and sells sealed high voltage relays.

Gigavac   Santa Barbara  United States
Gigavac specializes in manufacturing and supplying sealed high voltage relays. The company product includes vacuum relays, gas filled relays, high voltage reed relays, custom high voltage relays, direct high voltage relay replacements, etc.

Finder Relays Inc manufactures and distributes relays and timer products since 1954.

Finder Relays Inc   Maurienne  France
Finder Relays Inc specializes in manufacturing and supplying various relays and timer products for commercial and industrial applications. Their products include, timers and monitoring relays, sockets and modules, PCB relays, industrial relays, relays interface modules, etc.

ELESTA relays GmbH manufactures PCB relays with force guided contacts.

ELESTA relays GmbH    Switzerland
ELESTA relays GmbH specializes in manufacturing PCB relays with force guided contacts. The company product includes PCB relays, sockets, and accessories.

Markenrich Corporation   Duarte  United States
Markenrich Corporation specializes in distributing relay test equipment. Their products include RT250A, mllt life/misstester, RTC25, application note, etc.

Fgri is a distributor of electromechanical safety relays with force guided contact sets.

FGRI    United States
Fgri supplies relays having international approvals from UL, CUL, CSAS, and TUV. The company is operated as a sister corporation of Fiber Instrument Sales Inc. The company is a distributor for the German relay companies Hengstler and Kaco for all of North America. The company is an ISO 9001:2000 accredited business enterprise.