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Medline UK Ltd distributes laboratory equipments, disposables and supplies.

Medline UK Ltd    United Kingdom
Medline UK Ltd specializes in distributing laboratory equipments, disposables and supplies. Few of their products include orbital shakers, reciprocal shakers, incubators, low temperature incubators, shaking incubators, heating mantles, labware, microscopes, cold light sources, refractometers, binocular microscopes, compound microscopes, stereo microscopes, water baths, laboratory water baths, etc.

HMG is a manufacturer and exporter of variety of laboratory equipments and clean room equipments since 1986.

HMG   Mumbai  India
HMG specializes in manufacturing and exporting variety of laboratory equipments and clean room equipments. Their products include laboratory ovens, vacuum ovens, BOD incubator, low temperature bath, orbital shaker incubator, fume chamber, stability chamber, laminar flow bench, etc.

Clean Air Techniek bv manufactures biological safety cabinets and clean benches since 1971.

Clean Air Techniek bv    Netherlands
Clean Air Techniek bv specializes in manufacturing biological safety cabinets and clean benches. The company products include laminar flow cabinets, incubator, laboratory freezers, orbital shakers, refrigerators, etc.

Metrix Instrument Co supplies vibration monitoring machines.

Metrix Instrument Co   Houston  United States
Metrix Instrument Co specializes in supplying vibration monitoring machines. Few of their products include probes, cables, drivers, sensors, transmitters, datawatch series, vibration meters, signal conditioners, etc.

Shaker Workshops manufactures furniture and accessories since 1970.

Shaker Workshops   Ashburnham  United States
Shaker Workshops specializes in manufacturing furniture and accessories. Few of their products include Shaker furniture, Shaker oval boxes, Shaker chair tape, baskets and brooms, clocks, cornhusk dolls, jewelry, kitchenware, lamps and lighting, metal ware, Noahs ark and animals, pottery and glass, prints and graphics, shaker pegs and knobs, textiles, wild wooden animals, woodenware, etc.

Orbit Irrigation Products Inc manufactures and supplies irrigation and watering products for more than 40 years.

Orbit Irrigation Products Inc    United States
Orbit Irrigation Products Inc specializes in producing and distributing irrigation and watering products. Their product includes sprinkler system, drip watering, hose faucet watering, mist cooling, etc. The company is quality certified to ISO 9001 standard.

Orbital Sciences Corporation is a developer and manufacturer of space and rocket systems since 1982.

Orbital Sciences Corporation    United States
Orbital Sciences Corporation specializes in manufacturing space and rocket systems. The company product includes satellite and space systems, space launch vehicles, missile defense system, advanced space system, transportation management system, etc. They also provide other space related engineering services. The company is quality certified to ISO/AS 9100 standard.

Orbital Food Machinery supplies food machineries.

Orbital Food Machinery    United Kingdom
Orbital Food Machinery specializes in supplying food machineries. Few of their products includemixers, grinders, slicers, dicers, vacuum fillers, metal detectors, breaders, bandsaws, graders, thermoformers, depositors, etc.

M RAD Corporation specializes in the manufacture of mechanical vibration shakers for commercial purpose.

M RAD Corporation    United States
M RAD Corporation is a manufacturer of mechanical vibration shakers for commercial purpose. They offer products like mechanical shakers, shock testing equipment, electrodynamic shaker peripheral equipment, instrumentation, vibration isolation, package test equipment.

Rocketplane Kistler develops K1 reusable aerospace vehicle for commercial, civil, and military payloads since 1904.

Rocketplane Kistler    United States
Rocketplane Kistler specializes in manufacturing K1 reusable aerospace vehicles. Their product is used for applications like low earth orbit, medium earth orbit, geosynchronous earth orbit, cargo resupply, recovery flights, etc.