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Telecom Engineering Inc manufactures and supplies networking products since 1998.

Telecom Engineering Inc   Burlington  Canada
Telecom Engineering Inc specializes in manufacturing and supplying networking products. Their products include WDM Lite (TM) products as well as Cisco and MRV communications product. They provide engineering, management, installation, construction, testing, provisioning, monitoring and support services.

Infinera Corporation manufactures optical transmission equipments.

Infinera Corporation   Sunnyvale  United States
Infinera Corporation specializes in developing optical transmission equipments. The company product includes DTN, optical line amplifier, IQ network operating system, management suite software, etc. Their type of customers are cable operators, incumbent carriers, independent carriers, internet content, research and education, government networks, wholesale carriers, etc.

Geotech Communications Inc provide services for engineering and telecommunications industries since 1992.

Geotech Communications Inc    Canada
Geotech Communications Inc specializes for serving engineering, and telecommunication departments. They are specialized for engineering, system design, consulting and project management for optical fiber, CATV, MMDS, telephony, PCS, wireless, and microwave systems.

Alpha Systems Inc manufactures communication systems which can be used in the telecommunication industry since 1972.

Alpha Systems Inc    Japan
Alpha Systems Inc creates telecommunication network systems and also develops software for communication systems. They offer products like optical transmission devices, telephone switches, base transceiver stations, radio network controllers, cell phones, and network management systems.

We specialize in providing quality fiber optic cleaner, fiber connectivity, fiber optic inspector , switches, high speed cables.   Shenzhen City (深圳市)  0
Fiber Zip Technology are dedicated to providing fiber optic cleaning, fiber optic inspection, fiber optic tools, fiber optic connectivity and network switching products for network checking, installation, maintenance and test. Series products are offered to laboratory, manufacturing, data networks, telecom service, FTTx, industry and even aerospace and military related network installer, contractor, telecom operator and data service provider.\r\nThe Main products are Fiber Optic Cleaning and Inspection\r\n, Fiber Tools\r\n, Fiber Optic Termination and Installation Tools Kits\r\n, Fiber Connectivity Product\r\n, Media Converter\r\n, and \r\nIndustrial Grade Media Converter\r\n.\r\n\r\nInspection and cleaning tools are essential to build and maintain quality fiber network. Variety fiber optic cleaner and inspection products are accommodated for different fiber connector cleaning and inspection requirement at economical cost.\r\n Fiber optic inspection series products at 200X or 400X are configured with different functions including USB connector to connect computer or other displayer, data and voice record, analyzing software, editing, even with WIFI probe to connect the phones.\r\n The range of fiber optic connectivity, fiber optic management, fiber splicing, fiber tool kits and materials are provided to meet the various fiber installations, termination clean, cables splice and network maintenance requirements.\r\n\r\nFiberzip’s fiber media converters have standard ones for 10/100M, 10/100/1000M, 10G media converter from copper to fiber, multimode to multimode , multimode fiber to single mode fiber, POE media converter, MINI Media Converter at economical cost and industry-grade fiber media converters which caters to the vibrating and shocking environment with reliable and stable conversion in the field such as industrial automation, rail, military, gas, mining and outdoor.

CMS Software Ltd provides software product and maintenance services since 1984.

CMS Software Ltd    United Kingdom
CMS Software Ltd specializes in providing software product and maintenance services. Few of their products include adest electronic document management, textstor enterprise report management, messaging products, security products, unix integration and other hardware and software products.

Calix manufactures and supplies telecommunication and network products.

Calix    United States
Calix specializes in producing and distributing telecommunication and network products. The company also makes web-based network management software that handles provisioning, testing, and troubleshooting. Their products increase the capacity of fiber-optic and copper lines to deliver telecommunications services, such as internet protocol, television and voice service, and DSL internet service.

C-COR Inc develops products and services to build and maintain multi service communications networks for more than 50 years.

C-COR Inc    United States
C-COR Inc specializes in developing products and services to build and maintain multi service communications networks. Their products, solutions and services includes back office, automated subscriber support, next generation IP technology, network capacity, security management, content management, and delivery. The company is quality certified to ISO standard.

OvisLink Technologies Corp is a manufacturer of networking products since 1992.

OvisLink Technologies Corp    United States
OvisLink Technologies Corp specializes in manufacturing of networking products. The companys product includes VOIP, management switches, gigabit, GPRS, wireless, outdoor wireless, powerline, storage media, ADSL modems, CF cards, homepna, fiber optics, switches/hubs, adapters/NIC, routers, racks/cabinets, print servers, etc.

MLM software PRO provides MLM management softwares.

MLM software PRO    United States
MLM software PRO specializes in providing MLM management softwares for network marketing business. Few of their products include MLM management software and turnkey MLM applications.