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Reflexite Lighting Optics is a manufacturer of microstructured optical solutions.

Reflexite Lighting Optics    United States
Reflexite Lighting Optics specializes in manufacturing microstructured optical solutions. Their products include LED systems, signal lights, microprism luminaires, microstructured optics, instrumentation optics, reflective products, etc.

Fiberoptics Technology Incorporated produces wide range of fiber optic lighting and fiber optic illumination products since 1977.

Fiberoptics Technology Incorporated    United States
Fiberoptics Technology Incorporated specializes in manufacturing fiber optic lighting and fiber optic illumination products for industrial, medical, commercial and machine vision applications. Their products include photo electric control cables, medical light guides, headlamps, light guides, goosenecks, backlights, fiberscopes, ring lights, tapers, optical rod, raw fiber, light probe kit, star ceilings, etc.

Fiber Optic Products Inc distributes wide range of fiber optic components.

Fiber Optic Products Inc   Clearlake Oaks  United States
Fiber Optic Products Inc specializes in supplying variety of fiber optic components, which designs lighting effects for architectural projects, landscape, pools, signs, home, etc.

Industrial Fiber Optics Inc produces and distributes a wide variety of fiber optic devices.

Industrial Fiber Optics Inc    United States
Industrial Fiber Optics Inc specializes in manufacturing and supplying a wide variety of fiber optic devices. Their product includes SERCOS patchcords, plastic optical fiber coupler, photo detectors, fiber optic connectors, etc.

Advanced Fiber Optics S.L designs, manufactures, and distributes lighting products and tools.

Advanced Fiber Optics S.L    Spain
Advanced Fiber Optics S.L specializes in designing, manufacturing, and supplying lighting products and tools with fiber optics and LED. Few of their products are bare fibers, clad fibers, light guides, starry sky illuminator, budget halogen illuminator, modular halogen illuminator, waterproof light fittings, fiber end trims, dry fusion system, etc.

Light Insight is a service provider, which offers services regarding optical technologies.

Light Insight    United Kingdom
Light Insight specializes in providing service regarding optical technologies. The company is the member of the Athene consortium of optical consultants. Their services include night vision systems, YAG lasers, fibre optics, light emitting diodes, using LEDs fluorescent light measurement, holography, etc.

Magic Lite Ltd manufactures and distributes commercial architectural lighting products.

Magic Lite Ltd   Oakville  Canada
Magic Lite Ltd specializes in manufacturing and distributing commercial architectural lighting products. Their products include fiber optic systems, low voltage systems, track lighting systems, decorative linear lighting, down lighting systems, architectural and decorative, xenon lighting.

Searchlight Electric Ltd is a distributor of variety of lighting products for various industries since 1945.

Searchlight Electric Ltd   Manchester  United Kingdom
Searchlight Electric Ltd specializes in distributing variety of lighting products for various industries. The company is quality certified to ISO 9001. Their products include crystal lights, fittings, pendants, wall lights, flush fittings, spotlights, floor lights, table lights, outdoor lights, etc.

SPIE is an international membership society, serving scientists and engineers in industry, academia, and government, as well as companies producing leading-edge products since 1959.

SPIE   Bellingham  United States
SPIE is an international membership society, serving scientists and engineers in industry, academia, and government, as well as companies producing leading-edge products. SPIE is an international society advancing an interdisciplinary approach advancing scientific research and engineering applications of optical, photonic, imaging, and optoelectronic technologies through its meetings, education programs, and publications.

Fiber is a manufacturer of data communications products, for the past 30 years.

Fiber    ,,
Fiber is a manufacturer and supplier of fiber optic cables, copper cables, cable assemblies, and other communication equipments. The company meets the needs of storage area networks (SAN) and network area storage (NAS).