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AREVA NP designs and constructs nuclear power plants and research reactors since 1958.

AREVA NP    Germany
AREVA NP specializes in designing and constructing nuclear power plants and research reactors. They also offer engineering, instrumentation and control, modernization, maintenance and repair services.

GE Energy manufactures and supplies power systems.

GE Energy    United States
GE Energy specializes in manufacturing and supplying power systems. Their products include boiler management products, bus ducts, capacitors, centrifugal pumps, ceramic matrix composites, optimization and diagnostic software, plant performance software, radiation measurement, reactors and steam condensers, reducing and metering systems, sensors and transducers, etc. They offer nuclear performance services, operations and maintenance services, optimization and control services, pipeline inspection and integrity services, plant design and optimization reactor services, refurbishment services, etc.

Accurate Machine Products Corp is a manufacturer of precision machine components, assemblies and machinery products since 1946.

Accurate Machine Products Corp    United States
Accurate Machine Products Corp specializes in fabricating and manufacturing precision machine components, assemblies and machinery products for textile fiber, chemical, nuclear defense, automotive industries. Their products include polyester and nylon, spinning machines components and assemblies, chemical process equipment, reactor components, process tanks, material handling equipment, shielding, laboratory gear, glove boxes, brake drums and rotors, etc.

MicroStep-MIS develops, manufactures, and supplies variety of monitoring and information systems for various industries.

MicroStep-MIS    Slovakia (Slovak Republic
MicroStep-MIS specializes in developing, manufacturing, and supplying variety of monitoring and information systems for various industries. The company is quality certified to ISO 9001:2000. Their products include automatic weather stations, manned weather stations, sensors, displays, radiation monitoring, process control systems, etc.

Airedale Springs Ltd. has been manufacturing springs in large or small quantities for all purposes and industries, in all material types, since 1945.

Airedale Springs Ltd.    United Kingdom
Airedale Springs Ltd. is a traditional family business, which utilize the latest technology in the production of quality springs. Airedale Springs Ltd. products list includes clip and pressing springs, clock springs, compression springs, extension springs, garter springs, paint hooks, rings and circlips, hose spring, tabulators, wire forms, wire erosion, etc. Airedale Springs Ltd. springs are found in hundreds of different applications, ranging from small, delicate components to nuclear reactors. Airedale Springs Ltd meets the need for small batch and one-off orders, as well as orders for larger quantities. Few of their clients are Bentley Motor Cars, Armitage Shanks, Nestle, Daimler, Pace, Royal Mail, etc.

Gideon Analytical Laboratories Inc specializes in failure and construction analysis of electronic devices for more than 70 years.

Gideon Analytical Laboratories Inc   Highland  United States
Gideon Analytical Laboratories Inc is a service provider, which specializes in failure and construction analysis of electronic devices used in computer products, mainframe, automotive, trains, aerospace, amplifiers, radios, nuclear reactors, etc.

MAN DWE GmbH specializes in the manufacture of ships and related equipments since 1924.

MAN DWE GmbH   Deggendorf  Germany
MAN DWE GmbH is a manufacturer of ships and related equipments. They offer products like multitube reactor systems, multitube reactor, pilot reactor, etc.

Atlantic Nuclear distributes variety of instuments and nuclear accessories.

Atlantic Nuclear    ,,
Atlantic Nuclear specializes in supplying wide range of instuments and nuclear accessories. Few of their products are ion chambers, probes, holders, , portal monitors, emergency kits, low volume air sampler, filter paper, etc.

International Transformers specializes in manufacturing variety of electrical and electronic equipments.

International Transformers    ,,
International Transformers manufactures drive, power generation, radar communications, reactors, multiphase transformers, etc. The company is quality certified to ISO 9001.

Pressure Products Industries Inc specializes in designing, manufacturing and installing speciality fluid handling equipmensts since 1954.

Pressure Products Industries Inc    United States
Pressure Products Industries Inc manufactures engineered equipment for gases and liquids under pressure for the chemical, petrochemical, fuel cell, hydrogen refueling, industrial gas, pharmaceutical, and related industries. Their products include diaphragm compressors, hydrogen compressors, hydrogen fuel cell refueling compressors, laboratory agitated reactors, magnetic mixers, supercritical fluid systems, custom reactors, pressure vessels, and other process equipments.