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KEIR Manufacturing Inc produces ceramic products.

KEIR Manufacturing Inc   Brevard  United States
KEIR Manufacturing Inc specializes in manufacturing ceramic products. Their product includes airwipes, abrasives, guides, eyelets, bushings, welding sleeves, sand blasting nozzles, brick core tips, etc.

welding parts and cnc cutting machine including welding & cutting series products.

Capitally Machine Technology Co., Limited   Jinan  China
Capitally Machine is professional of welding spare parts and cnc cutting machines, including welding tips, tip adaptor, ceramic nozzles, swan neck, gas diffuser, insulators, flame cnc cutting machine, plasma cutting machine, gantry cutting machine, portable cutting machine.

Lonn Manufacturing Co Inc is a manufacturer of air guns, water nozzles, cleaning guns, fog guns and sanitizing units since 1940.

Lonn Manufacturing Co Inc    United States
Lonn Manufacturing Co Inc specializes in manufacturing air guns, water nozzles, cleaning guns, fog guns and sanitizing units. Their products include extension tips, water savers, heavy duty water savers, fine spray, cleaning and siphon guns, super spray, saniters, etc.

Hypro manufactures spray pumps since 1947.

Hypro    United States
Hypro specializes in manufacturing spray pumps for agricultural, firefighting, pressure cleaning, marine, and industrial equipment industries. Their products include roller, centrifugal, diaphragm, turbine, piston, plunger, gear and impeller pumps, spray tips, nozzles, and accessories.

Component Mfg and Design manufactures non return valves since 1978.

Component Mfg and Design    United States
Component Mfg and Design specializes in manufacturing non return valves since 1978. The company products include three piece ring valves, ball check valves, nozzles, barrel end caps, mold clamps, etc

Fairbank Equipment Inc supplies quality propane and fertilizer equipment for over 50 years

Fairbank Equipment Inc   Wichita  United States
Fairbank Equipment Inc supplies quality propane and fertilizer equipment for over 50 years. Their other products include sprayer equipment, controllers, guidance system, spray tips, tanks and cylinders, hoses, guages, pumps, nozzle accessories, fittings safety products, etc.

We specialize in providing manufacturer of Tungsten carbide products.   zhuzhou  0
Arris Tungsten Carbide(ATC), was founded on 8th, Sep,2008. The company is a professional provider of tungsten carbide products, such as ball/seat, agricultural brazed tips, drawing die, heading die, nozzle, etc. For over two decades, ATC has served many different kinds of industries in many different countries, accumulating great reputation from customers all over the world.\r\nThe company focus to continue helping our customers as best as we can. Like all our customers, we make things, the company need to make them well, and have dealt with the challenges of doing so. We are dedicated to take on challenges you may be facing and build tungsten carbide&other metalwork products that fit your industry needs.\r\nThe products are Brazed tips, Strip/bar, Drawing die, Heading die, Nozzles, Plate, Sealing ring, Buttons, Wire guide, Disc cutter and OEM.

Mayura Steels Pvt Ltd manufactures excavator tips and adapters, tooth points, and castings since 1983.

Mayura Steels Pvt Ltd    India
Mayura Steels Pvt Ltd specializes in manufacturing excavator tips and adapters, tooth points, alloy castings, and steel castings. The company products include excavator tips and adapters, tooth points, heat resisting trays and fixtures, valve castings, etc. The company has been accredited with ISO TS16949:2002 standard.

MacDonald Carbide Company is a manufacturer of tungsten carbide products since 1967.

MacDonald Carbide Company    United States
MacDonald Carbide Company specializes in manufacturing tungsten carbide products. Their products include grade powder manufacturing, pressing, preforming, sintering, centerless grinding, surface treatment to enhance brazing and welding, etc.

Fonderie Saguenay Ltd is a manufacturer of gray iron castings and ductile iron castings for more than 20 years.

Fonderie Saguenay Ltd    Canada
Fonderie Saguenay Ltd specializes in manufacturing gray iron castings and ductile iron castings. Their products include forging die, gear blank, dross pan, aluminum stirrer, pillow block, ingot mold, siphon body, furnace loading siphon, siphon elbow, siphon tip, coal nozzle, skim mould, drain pan, etc.