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We specialize in signal solutions and provider of signal repeaters, signal jammers and accesories.   shenzhen  0
Shenzhen Sacon Telecom Co., Ltd was established in 2011 are in the forefront of wireless revolution and ministry of information technology, with solid track of successful development and deployment of advanced radio communication technologies. Delicated in providing innovation and cost effective solutions to rf signal solutions experienced by different technologies around the world. The company develops reliable indoor and outdoor coverage and optimization repeater solutions for offices, restaurants, hotels, commercial centers, countryside, residential areas, tourist resorts, and stadiums on various gsm850, gsm900, gsm1800, cdma850, cdma1900 networks as well as wcdma and td-scdma systems.\r\n \r\n\r\nThe Product Categories are Portable Signal Jammer, Desktop Signal Jammer, High Power Jammer, Vehicle Bomb Jammer, Mobile signal shielding bags, GSM900 Wide Band Repeater, EGSM Wide Band Repeater, CDMA800/GSM850 Wide Band Repeater, DCS1800 Wide Band Repeater, PCS1900 Wide Band Repeater, WCDMA2100 Wide Band Repeater, 4G LTE Wide Band Repeater, AWS Wide Band Repeater, Dual Wide Band Repeater, Triple Wide Band Repeater, Quad Wide Band Repeater, and Mobile Repeater Accessories.\r\n\r\nThe products include but not limited to mobile phone jammer, wireless rf, signal detectors and jammer satellite gps, walky talky tetra jammer, mobile phone signal isolators, cellular jammers, cellular phone jammers, and cell phone blockers. The company offers an economical and signal source for indoor and outdoor coverage solutions for all frequencies. The company owns professional r&d centers, a high-tech manufacoty which engagaed in manufacturing and researching wireless communication. The company cooperate with many universities, colleges, research units and get involved in goverment activities.

Calzavara provides products and services for the development of radio networks for more than 35 years.

Calzavara    Italy
Calzavara specializes in providing products and services for the development of radio networks. Their services include design, network deployment, operations and maintenance, consultancy and training.

Powerwave Technologies Inc designs and manufactures end to end wireless solutions for the wireless communications network market since 1985.

Powerwave Technologies Inc    United States
Powerwave Technologies Inc manufactures and designs end to end wireless solutions for use in cellular, PCS and 3G networks. They offer products like antennas, boosters, combiners, filters, repeaters, multi-carrier RF power amplifiers and tower-mounted amplifiers and advanced coverage solutions.

Contemporary Control Systems Inc designs and manufactures industrial networking products like industrial ethernet, controller area network include devicenet and arcnet.

Contemporary Control Systems Inc    United Kingdom
Contemporary Control Systems Inc specializes in designing and manufacturing industrial networking products like industrial ethernet, controller area network include devicenet and arcnet. Their products include repeating hubs, switching hubs, media converters and interface modules.

New North Networks Ltd provides cable television, internet, and cellular phone products.

New North Networks Ltd    Canada
New North Networks Ltd specializes in providing cable television, internet, and cellular phone products. Their products include icom radios, 2 way radios VHF and UHF, bush radios, iridium sattelite phones, pager rentals, radio telephones, RCC repeater, etc. The company also provides communication services.

Tait Electronics specializes in designing and manufacturing mobile radio products and solutions for more than 40 years.

Tait Electronics   Christchurch  New Zealand
Tait Electronics designs and manufactures radio products and solutions for public safety, government, utilities, transport, and national security. Their products are mobile radio series, P25 mobile radios, MPT 1327 trunked networks, portable radio series, P25 portable radio series, P25 networks, base station and repeater series, conventional systems, etc.

Action Communications Inc provides communication solutions since 1983.

Action Communications Inc    United States
Action Communications Inc specializes in providing communication solutions. Their products include portable radios, mobile data solutions, fixed radios, repeaters, motorcycle radios, dispatch controls, paging, mobile mesh networks, etc.

Powerwave Technologies Inc supplies wireless products since 1985.

Powerwave Technologies Inc    United States
Powerwave Technologies Inc specializes in supplying wireless products. Few of their products include antenna systems, base station systems, coverage systems, remote electrical tilt, clean site solutions, tower mounted amplifiers, filters, power amplifier products, RF conditioning products, repeaters, and network element management software.

We are a leading manufacturer of analog and digital clock products. Our company is located in Huntingdon Valley, Pennsylvania.    0
Sapling Company, Inc specializes in manufacturing analog, digital, and wireless clock products in Huntingdon Valley, Pennsylvania. The wireless clock system is comprised of a master clock and analog or digital wireless slave clocks.\r\n\r\nProduct list of the company includes wireless analog clocks, IP analog clocks, wired analog clocks, independent clocks, wireless digital clocks, wired digital clocks, master clocks, SMA 2000 series, SMA 3000 series, control box, transformer, surface mount ring, universal mounting bracket, wireless repeater, network repeater, converter box, etc.\r\n\r\nCompany serves various sectors like education, healthcare, corporate, government, and transportation services.\r\n

Cxtec specializes in offering networking, cable and voice technology products.

Cxtec    United States
Cxtec sells copper bus and tag mainframe cables to fiber optic cables used in data and communications applications, along with a variety of network cables for LAN and WAN networking applications. Cxtec stocks and sells different brands such as Cisco Systems, Nortel, 3Com, and HP. Cxtec customer base includes Hershey Foods Corporation; Becton, Dickinson and Company, Cooper Industries, McKenzie Financial, Inc, and ITT Industries.