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Finder Relays Inc manufactures and distributes relays and timer products since 1954.

Finder Relays Inc   Maurienne  France
Finder Relays Inc specializes in manufacturing and supplying various relays and timer products for commercial and industrial applications. Their products include, timers and monitoring relays, sockets and modules, PCB relays, industrial relays, relays interface modules, etc.

Crydom is a manufacturer of variety of solid state relays and other related products.

Crydom   San Diego  United States
Crydom specializes in manufacturing variety of solid state relays and other related products. Their products include auxiliary modules, I/O modules. solid state relays DIN rail mount, solid state relays panel mount, and solid state relays PCB mount.

Broyce Control Ltd designs and manufactures industrial process control equipment for over 40 years.

Broyce Control Ltd    United Kingdom
Broyce Control Ltd specializes in designing and manufacturing industrial process control equipment. Their products include timers, control relays, three phase relays, relays, sockets, level control relays, earth leakage relays, protection devices, interface modules, hours run meters.

Dionics Inc. was found for manufacturing dielectric isolation for over 30 years.

Dionics Inc.   Westbury  United States
Dionics Inc. supplies the industry with semiconductor devices. The company uses dielectric isolation construction to manufacture radiation hard ICs for the minuteman ICBM.

Pickering Interfaces supplies signal switches for commercial and military applications.

Pickering Interfaces    United States
Pickering Interfaces specializes in providing signal switches for commercial and military applications. Their products are PXI instruments, PXI switch modules, PXI utility modules, PXI chassis, PCI products, IEEE-488 products, VXI products, optical products, cables and connectors, relays, modules, pi-basic module. Pickering Interfaces has been quality certified to ISO 9001:2000 standard.

Leach International manufactures relays, contactors, pressure switches, and aerospace and aircraft switches.

Leach Internationa   Buena Park  United States
Leach International specializes in manufacturing wide range of aerospace and aircraft switches for aerospace and aircraft industry. Their products include switches, keypads, panels and custom modules, solid state power controllers, sockets, relays, etc.

Electroswitch manufactures rotary and miniature switches, solenoids, and encoders since 1946.

Electroswitch    United States
Electroswitch specializes in manufacturing rotary and miniature switches, solenoids, and encoders. The company product includes instrument and control switches, control switch relays, latching switch relays, control indicator module, etc.

Universal Switching Corporation manufactures and markets programmable switching products since 1992.

Universal Switching Corporation    United States
Universal Switching Corporation specializes in producing and distributing programmable switching products in the US and abroad. Their product includes turn key switching systems, analog and serial digital video routers, VXIbus switching products, IF backup switching system, etc. The company is quality certified to ISO 9001:2000 standard.

Tyco Electronics manufactures and supplies wide range of passive components.

Tyco Electronics    United States
Tyco Electronics specializes in manufacturing and supplying various passive components. Few of their products are manufacturer circuit breakers, relays, sensors, attenuators, switches, cable assemblies and backplane interconnects, connectors, adapters, tooling and power modules, power systems, etc.

ELK Products Inc is a manufacturer and distributor of alarm and automation products.

ELK Products Inc    United States
ELK Products Inc specializes in manufacturing and distributing alarm and automation products. They offer products such as controls, speakers, sirens, power supplies, timers, relays, PLCs, recordable voice units, and battery tester.