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Maxon Precision Motors Inc is a distributor of high precision drives and systems for more than 40 years.

Maxon Precision Motors Inc   Fall River  United States
Maxon Precision Motors Inc specializes in distributing high precision drives and systems. Their products include maxon DC motor, maxon A max, maxon RE max, maxon EC motor, maxon flat motor, maxon gear, maxon motor control, etc.

MCG Inc manufactures and sells electric motors since 1961.

MCG Inc    United States
MCG Inc specializes in manufacturing and selling electric motors. Few of their products include brushless motors and drives, dc brushed motors, gear motors, universal motors, step motors, encoders, brakes, and cables.

Dynetic Systems manufactures and distributes DC servo motors, actuators, and motion control products since 1972.

Dynetic Systems    United States
Dynetic Systems specializes in manufacturing and distributing DC servo motors, actuators, and motion control products. Their products include dc brushed motors, dc brushless motors, ac motors, actuators, gear heads, etc.

The Hi-Gear Company Inc distributes products for all sweeper and scrubber needs.

The Hi-Gear Company Inc    United States
The Hi-Gear Company Inc specializes in distributing sweeper and scrubber products. Their products include engine parts, vacuum motors, side scrub brushes, main sweeping brushes, side sweep brushes, repair part, full wrap brushes, wafer brushes, etc.

Maxon Motor AG is a manufacturer of DC motors for more than 40 years.

Maxon Motor AG   Sachseln  Switzerland
Maxon Motor AG specializes in producing and distributing various micro motors, drive systems, and electronic control products. Few of their products are brushed DC motors with ironless rotor, brushed DC motors with AINiCo magnets, brushless DC motors, 4-pole brushless DC motors, planetary gears, spur gears and special gears, sensors, servo amplifiers, position controllers, etc.

Advanced DC Motors Inc designs, manufactures, and markets special purposed DC and AC motors since 1989.

Advanced DC Motors Inc    United States
Advanced DC Motors Inc specializes in designing, manufacturing, and marketing DC and AC motors. Their products include DC motors ranging from 114mm to 280mm with continuous power ranging between. 5 HP to 35 HP, after market parts which include armature assemblies, commutator end heads, drive end heads, frame and field assemblies, field coils, brushes, brush holders, etc. is an online portal, which supplies and provides information on robots for robot enthusiasts.    United States is an online supplier of robot parts and related accessories. The site provides products like motors, batteries and metals, to toys, t shirts and books, robot parts- motors, electronics, batteries, materials, kits, toys, tools, magmotors, npc gear motors, npc motors, dewalt motors, leeson motors, ame motors, the dustin motor, misc motors, ampflow motors, piranha motors, brushless weapon motors, brushed weapon motors, etc.

Homewood Sales Corporation specializes in manufacturing electrical power distribution equipments.

Homewood Sales Corporation    United States
Homewood Sales Corporation manufactures electrical power distribution equipments. Their products include westinghouse motor and gearing products, switchgear products, control products, power electronics, etc.

Lewis Banks and Sons Engineers Ltd manufactures and supplies AC and DC products for industrial electric motor industry since 1916.

Lewis Banks and Sons Engineers Ltd   New Barnet  United Kingdom
Lewis Banks and Sons Engineers Ltd specializes in manufacturing and supplying AC and DC products for industrial electric motor industry. Their products include brush holders, brush rockers, tachometers, carbon brushes, constant force springs, caps, tag connectors, centrifugal switches. provides air brush designs on clothing, vehicles, helmets, and internet banner advertising since 1986.   St-Zenon  Canada specializes in offering air brush designs on clothing, vehicles, helmets, and internet banner advertising. The designs are air brushed onto snowmobiles, motor bikes, motorcross helmets, motorcycle tanks, and other vehicle parts.