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Mosquito Control Inc furnishes the professional personnel, equipment, supplies, to solve mosquito problem.

Mosquito Control Inc    United States
Mosquito Control Inc specializes in furnishing the professional personnel, equipment, supplies, to solve mosquito problem. The service includes inspection and mapping, control of larval insects, control of adult insects, etc.

Mosquito Terminator manufactures, supplies, and installs mosquito control system.

Mosquito Terminator    United States
Mosquito Terminator specializes in manufacturing, distributing, and installing mosquito control system. Their models include MT2000 and MT3000. The company also facilitates online purchasing.

Mega-Catch Mosquito Traps is a manufacturer and distributor of mosquito traps, which provides mosquito control up to 1. 5 acres in all directions.

Mega-Catch Mosquito Traps    New Zealand
Mega-Catch Mosquito Traps specializes in producing mosquito traps, which provides mosquito control up to 1. 5 acres in all directions. The company product includes ultra trap, ultra trap and CO2 cylinder, ultra trap, CO2 cylinder and trolley, alpha trap are available through online.

Cognis Corporation is a manufacturer of mosquito larvicide and pupicide products.

Cognis Corporation    United States
Cognis Corporation specializes in producing mosquito larvicide and pupicide products. Their product includes AGNIQUE MMF, a biodegradable, alcohol ethoxylated surfactant, made from renewable plant oils to control mosquito.

Adapco specializes in supplying mosquito control products since 1985.

Adapco    United States
Adapco supplies mosquito control products. Their products include larvicides, adulticides, control equipments, diluents and flushing solutions, etc.

We are one of the largest families owned and operated termite and pest control companies in Alabama, since 1965.   Pelham  0
Vulcan Termite and Pest Control, Inc is one of the largest families owned and operated termite and pest control companies in Alabama, since 1965.\r\n\r\nCompany’s highly trained technician provides professional and courteous termite and pest control services for both residential and commercial customers.\r\n\r\nCompany is a member of the National Pest Management Association, Alabama Pest Control Association, The Greater Association of Homebuilders, Birmingham Area Realtors, Associated Builders and Contractors, Inc., North Shelby County Chamber of Commerce, Better Business Bureau, etc.\r\n\r\nPest Control services offered by the company includes one-time or special services, quarterly pest control, monthly or bi-monthly pest control services, etc.\r\n\r\nVarious services offered by the company include termite control, pre-construction termite treatment, soil treatment or remedial services, termite contracts, mosquito control services, etc.

Guardian Pest Control, Inc. provides complete protection against pests.

Guardian Pest Control, Inc.   Highland  United States
Guardian Pest Control, Inc. provides service for all pests like ants, bats, bees, birds, cockroaches, deer, flies, mice, moles, mosquitos, rats, rodents, etc. supplies insect and pest control products.    ,, specializes in supplying insect and pest control products. They supply products for various categories which include botanicals, cedar oil products, equipment, flying insects, insect control, misting concentrates, mole control, odor control, pestigator system, rodent control, termite, wildlife.

We specialize in service provider of pest control.   Mumbai  0
Pepcopp Pest Control Services Pvt.Ltd the pest control company started with sole aim of providing one stop solution against all types of house hold pests. The company are working in this field since 2005. Due to prompt and quality service provided by us The company have more than one lakh satisfied customers, provide Services to any kind of premises from residential to commercial premises like Society, Malls, Food processing units, Hotels, dairy projects, any type of company and any type of structure. We are providing service all over in Maharashtra, Goa & Gujarat. The Services provided by us are customer friendly and by using innovative chemicals are recommended by CIB. (Central Insecticide Board) \r\n\r\nAll pests are directly or indirectly related to human being and cause so much loss both in terms of health & wealth. Always the loss caused by the pest is more in terms of money than the cost of solution, therefore it is always advisable to take the action at right time. The company have the right solution for all these pests. The professional Technical team is well aware of the life cycle of House hold pest, cause of problem & it’s perfect remedy to solve the pest problem & provide the customer a satisfied Service. \r\n\r\nThe Services are Cockroach Control, Mosquito Control, Spider Control, Rodent Control, Wood Borer Control, Fly Control, Termite Control Pre-Construction, Termite Control Post-Construction and Bed Bug Control. The Products are Cockroach Trap, Insecticutor, Mouse Glue Trap, Fly Ribbon and Fly Catcher.

The Gobblin Mosquito Eater manufactures and distributes mosquito and biting insect death trap.

The Gobblin Mosquito Eater    United States
The Gobblin Mosquito Eater specializes in producing and supplying mosquito and biting insect death trap. Their product include gobblin mosquito eater mosquito trap.