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CT Concept Technology Ltd manufactures and distributes power electronics equipment for more than 14 years.

CT Concept Technology Ltd    Switzerland
CT Concept Technology Ltd specializes in manufacturing and distributing IGBTs and power MOSFETs electronics equipment. Their other products are scale drivers, standard drivers, evaluation boards, etc.

IXYS Corporation is a distributor of power management semiconductors for more than 20 years.

IXYS Corporation    United States
IXYS Corporation specializes in distributing power management semiconductors. They offer products such as power MOSFETs, IGBT discretes, fast recovery diodes, schottky diodes, low side gate drivers, HV bridge gate drivers, interface ICs, MOSFET modules, IGBT modules, FRED modules, rectifier diodes and bridges, thyristor and diode modules, DCB substrates, etc.

4QD specializes in manufacturing motor speed controllers for battery operated electric motors.

4QD    ,,
4QD manufactures of motor speed controllers for battery operated electric motors. Their applications include kiddie cars, locomotives, electric vehicles, robots, etc.

Advanced Power Technology Inc designs, manufactures, and markets semiconductors for electrical power conversion, control, and amplification.

Advanced Power Technology Inc   Bend  United States
Advanced Power Technology Inc specializes in designing, manufacturing, and marketing semiconductors for electrical power conversion, control, and amplification. Advanced Power Technology is now acquired by Microsemi. The company products include mosfets, igbts, and diodes, Rf power and bipolar transistors, power modules, ldmos and vdmos, l band, s band, avionics.

NEC Electronics GmbH manufactures and sells various sorts of semiconductors since 1973.

NEC Electronics Gmb    Germany
NEC Electronics GmbH specializes in manufacturing semiconductors and electronic components. Few of their products include ASIC, color TFT, LCDs display controller, IEEE 1394, microcontroller, microwave optoelectronics, power MOSFET, etc. The company provides a online store.

Semikron International GmbH manufactures variety of power electronics since 1951.

Semikron International GmbH    Germany
Semikron International GmbH specializes in manufacturing power electronics. Their products include IGBT modules, IPM modules, CIB modules, MOSFET modules, diode, thyristor, miniature bridge rectifies, chips, etc.

Advanced Linear Devices Inc    United States
Advanced Linear Devices Inc specializes in developing and manufacturing CMOS analog integrated circuits for OEMs of industrial controls, computers, medical instrumentation, automotive, and telecom. Their products include EPAD programmer and adapter modules, high accuracy dual slope integrating analog processors, ultra low charge injection low voltage analog switches, rail to rail CMOS operational amplifiers, etc. distributes wide range of audio equipments.    ,, specializes in distributing audio equipments. Their products include diy audio, headphone amplifiers, hifi, electronics, amplifiers, audiophile, precision preamp, power amplifier, etc.

Hearst Business Communications Inc is an online magazine, which provides information about electronic products.

Hearst Business Communications Inc   Uniondale  United States
Hearst Business Communications Inc is an online magazine, which specializes in providing information about electronic products. They offer editorial sections, guidelines for preparing material, online advertising rates, etc. Electronic Products is the engineers resource for electronic component and technology news.

QKits Ltd sells project kits, devices, and solar panels for more than 11 years.

QKits Ltd   Kingston  Canada
QKits Ltd specializes in selling project kits, devices, and solar panels. Few of their products include AC adaptors, batteries and chargers, electronic kits, LED products, test equipments, timers and controllers, etc.