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Cameron Great Lakes Inc manufactures and sells molecular filtration media, filters and filtration equipments.

Cameron Great Lakes Inc    United States
Cameron Great Lakes Inc specializes in manufacturing and selling molecular filtration media, filters and filtration equipments. Few of their products include vapor phase disposable filters, refillable vapor phase filters and equipments, activated carbon and specialty medias, liquid and vapor phase filtration vessels, etc.

Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc specializes in the manufacture of analytical instruments, equipment, reagents, etc., for research purpose.

Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc   Loughborough  United Kingdom
Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc manufactures analytical instruments, equipment, reagents, and services for research. They offer products like portable meters, microscope slides, micro plates, membrane filtration systems, etc.

Fabtech Technologies International Pvt Ltd designs and constructs partitions and cleanroom equipments.

Fabtech Technologies International Pvt Ltd    India
Fabtech Technologies International Pvt Ltd specializes in designing and constructing partitions. Their products include cleanroom equipment, panels, booth, injectable and oral lines.

Corning Inc designs and manufactures glass and ceramic components for various industries for more than 150 years.

Corning Inc   Corning  United States
Corning Inc specializes in designing and manufacturing glass and ceramic components for various industries. Their products include EAGLE XG glass, ClearCurve Fiber, SMF-28e Fibers, LEAF Fiber, InfiniCor Fibers, MetroCor Fiber, Vascade Fibers, etc.

Molecular Products Group plc supplies chemical based technologies for purification of air since 1923.

Molecular Products Group plc   Thaxted  United Kingdom
Molecular Products Group plc specializes in supplying chemical based technologies for purification of air. The technology forms platform for carbon dioxide removal, chemical oxygen generation and toxic gas filtration used in medical anaesthesia, military air filtration, and purity gas processing, etc.

Challenger Filtration Ltd supplies filtration equipments and rental filter packages.

Challenger Filtration Ltd    Canada
Challenger Filtration Ltd specializes in supplying filtration equipments and rental filter packages. Few of their products include bag filters, cartridge filters, filter housings, whole home water systems, etc.

Carlson Filtration manufactures and distributes filtration equipment and filtration media since 1923.

Carlson Filtration    United Kingdom
Carlson Filtration specializes in manufacturing and distributing filtration equipment and filtration media. Their products include depth filter sheet, lenticular filters, new filtration equipment, spare parts and servicing, reconditioned filtration equipment, process filter cartridges, mineral oil filters, etc. their application include marine and power, wines and spirits, beers and lagers, toiletries and cosmetics, chemicals, fast food, etc.

Kaydon Custom Filtration Corporation manufactures oil filtration and fuel filtration equipment since 1885.

Kaydon Custom Filtration Corporation    ,,
Kaydon Custom Filtration Corporation specializes in manufacturing oil filtration and fuel filtration equipments. The company product includes oil filter vessels, coolant filtration, EDM filters, diesel fuel separator, etc.

Kondoh Industries Limited distributes air filtration products since 1953.

Kondoh Industries Limited   Gilbert  United States
Kondoh Industries Limited specializes in distributing air filtration products. Their products are manuafactured by Cambridge Filter Japan, Ltd. Their products include ULPA and HEPA filters, ultra low outgassing giga filter series, chemarrest chemical filters, microbial inhibition Enzymic filters, radioactive substance removal filters, fan filter units, medium grade filters, prefilters and atmospheric contaminant filters, as well as a wide selection of metrology tools. The company is qualtiy certified to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.

Pall Corporation manufactures filtration, separation, and purification products.

Pall Corporation    United States
Pall Corporation specializes in manufacturing filtration, separation and purification products. Few of their products include diagnostic-monitoring equipments, disposable systems, filter assemblies, filter cartridges, filter equipments, filter plates, filter sheets and modules, filters, filtration systems, etc.