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Conoptics Inc manufactures laser accessories since 1981.

Conoptics Inc    United States
Conoptics Inc specizlizes in manufacturing laser accessories since 1981. The company products include laser modulators, beam deflectors, associated drive electronics, optical isolators and polarizers, EO phase modulators, laser noise reduction systems and optical isolators, etc.

Round Solutions Ltd is a supplier of gsm modem, gprs modem, rf modules, terminals and components for m2m applications.

Round Solutions Ltd    United Kingdom
Round Solutions Ltd supplies gsm modem, gprs modem, rf modules, terminals and components for m2m applications. They offer products and services like gsm modem and gprs modem, quad band gprs bga module, quad band gprs module, umts/hspda module, gsm gprs pyt quad band terminal, gps modules, batteries, microphones and loudspeakers, lcd and graphics display, etc. They offer services like remote monitoring, diagnosis and control, m2m gateways, pilot projects and consulting, embedded internet hosting.

Linda Enterprise Co Ltd is a manufacturer of laser and telecom products for more than 30 years.

Linda Enterprise Co Ltd    Taiwan, Republic of China
Linda Enterprise Co Ltd specializes in manufacturing laser and telecom products. Their products include red laser point module, red laser line module, green laser point module, laser diode, etc.

Abacom Technologies Inc is a designer and manufacturer of RF Modules and sub assembly products for 12 years.

Abacom Technologies Inc   Toronto  Canada
Abacom Technologies Inc specializes in designing and manufacturing RF Modules and sub assembly products. Their products include RF transmitter modules, RF receiver modules, RF transceiver modules, RF remote controls, radio telemetry devices, data encoders and data decoders, RF power amplifiers, wireless data acquisition modules, radio modems, antenna, etc.

Engineered Components Company supplies inductors, active and passive delay lines and specially designed modules since 1968.

Engineered Components Company    United States
Engineered Components Company specializes in distributing inductors, active and passive delay lines and specially designed modules for instrument, communication, radar, aerospace, computer, memory, computer peripheral and military markets. The company product includes power modules, memory backup modules, digital modules, transformers, etc.

IXYS Corporation is a distributor of power management semiconductors for more than 20 years.

IXYS Corporation    United States
IXYS Corporation specializes in distributing power management semiconductors. They offer products such as power MOSFETs, IGBT discretes, fast recovery diodes, schottky diodes, low side gate drivers, HV bridge gate drivers, interface ICs, MOSFET modules, IGBT modules, FRED modules, rectifier diodes and bridges, thyristor and diode modules, DCB substrates, etc.

Jetter AG is a manufacturer of variety of control products for automation industry since 1980.

Jetter AG   Ludwigsburg  Germany
Jetter AG specializes in manufacturing variety of control products for automation industry. Their products include servo amplifier 6XX, servo amplifier 2XX, servo motors, JX3 modules, JX6 modules, JX2 modules, compact, compact and ethernet, etc.

ADInstruments is a designer and manufacturer of powerlab data acquisition systems since 1988.

ADInstruments    United States
ADInstruments specializes in designing and manufacturing powerlab data acquisition systems, whcih is used in various life science applications such as academic research, higher education, pharmaceutical and contract research sectors. Their products include blood pressure module, ECG analysis module, metabolic module, heart rate variability module, etc.

AAEON Technology Inc develops and distributes wide range of single board computers since 1992.

AAEON Technology Inc   Taipei  Taiwan, Republic of China
AAEON Technology Inc specializes in developing various single board computers and other related accessories. Few of their products are compact board, subcompact Board, embedded motherboard, computer on module, PC/104 CPU module, RISC CPU module, media PC, mini PCI module, etc.

Semikron International GmbH manufactures variety of power electronics since 1951.

Semikron International GmbH    Germany
Semikron International GmbH specializes in manufacturing power electronics. Their products include IGBT modules, IPM modules, CIB modules, MOSFET modules, diode, thyristor, miniature bridge rectifies, chips, etc.