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We specialize in developing free bulk SMS software.   City  0
Free Bulk Sms Software is one of the competent Bulk SMS Software providers. The company delivers advanced and cost-effective SMS broadcasting software products to meet growing marketing needs. The company also provides customized text messaging solution to send group text messages from PC using GSM, Android, Blackberry, Pocket PC and other types of mobile phones.\r\n\r\nThe companies bulk sms softwares are Professional Edition, Multi Device Edition, Multi USB Modem, GSM mobile phone, Blackberry Mobile phone, and Android Mobile phone.Bulk SMS Software – Professional is designed specifically to send mass sms from any PC to user mobile number via connecting any USB modems, GSM, Android and Windows based mobile phones. Easy-to-use text messaging tool facilitates cost-effective way of communication with customer, business clients, office employees, friends and others located at any part of the world. \r\n\r\nPC to mobile bulk text messaging tool has ability to send thousands of text messages via GSM technology based cell phones device without internet connection. Bulk SMS Software for USB Modem allows you to compose and send bulk number of text messages from computer using USB modem. SMS messaging software provides facility to connect multiple numbers of USB modems with computer or laptop device to send unlimited text SMS from PC.

Expand Beyond Corporation provides mobile IT management softwares.

Expand Beyond Corporation   Los Gatos  United States
Expand Beyond Corporation is a service provider, which offers mobile IT management softwares. Their softwares include mobile IT ready kit, mobile software for database administration, mobile software enables network and systems administrators, etc.

MapQuest Inc established in 1967 offers Internet, Wireless and Business Solutions products worldwide, helping its customers in online mapping, routing and global location services.

MapQuest Inc    ,,
MapQuest Inc is a mapping site and directories site, which helps people find places, get there, and find places nearby. MapQuest Inc also provides mobile phone subscription services. The company`s wireless products and services include MapQuest Mobile, MapQuest Find Me offers advanced mapping software, information and services to organizations for deploying store locators and innovative location based services, by making use of websites and mobile devices.

Mobile Enterprise Systems Ltd specializes in distributing variety of mobility products.

Mobile Enterprise Systems Ltd    United Kingdom
Mobile Enterprise Systems Ltd is a distributor of various mobility products for commercial purpose.

Four Rivers Software Systems Inc is a service provider, which offers comprehensive maintenance management software solutions for the healthcare industry since 1984.

Four Rivers Software Systems Inc   Pittsburgh  United States
Four Rivers Software Systems Inc specializes in providing comprehensive maintenance management software solutions for the healthcare industry. Their products include TMS Family of Products, TMS Enterprise, TMS OnLine, TMS WorkGroup, TMS Mobile, TMS Locator, etc.

Penta Technologies Inc develops, supports, and provides industry specific enterprise software to engineering and construction and service organization since 1968.

Penta Technologies Inc   Brookfield  United States
Penta Technologies Inc specializes in developing, supporting, and providing industry specific enterprise software to engineering and construction and service organization. Their products include financial, accounting, project management software systems, labor management, service management, document management, and business analytics software.

We specialize in providing of bulk SMS mobile marketing software.   city  0
Bulk SMS Mobile Marketing products are Bulk SMS Mobile Marketing - Professional, Bulk SMS Mobile Marketing - GSM, Bulk SMS Mobile Marketing - Android, Bulk SMS Mobile Marketing - BlackBerry, Bulk SMS Mobile Marketing - Multi USB Modem, and Bulk SMS Mobile Marketing - Multi Mobile.\r\n\r\nBulk SMS Mobile Marketing Software – Professional empowers you to compose and send group text messages from PC using USB Modems, GSM, Android or Windows mobile phones. Bulk SMS Mobile Marketing Software for GSM Cell Phones creates and broadcasts group text messages to single contact number or list of contact numbers without requiring internet connection over worldwide location. \r\n\r\nBulk SMS Mobile Marketing Software for BlackBerry Cell Phones forwards unlimited text messages from BlackBerry mobile connected with PC to group of contact numbers over worldwide. Bulk SMS Mobile Marketing Software for Multi USB Modem allows you to send multiple numbers of text messages using USB modem connected with desktop or laptop.

MobileAware Ltd designs and develops wide range of software for mobile devices.

MobileAware Ltd   Dublin  Ireland
MobileAware Ltd specializes in designing and developing various software for mobile devices. Their products include Express Sync, Fulfilment Manager, Mobile Content Proxy, Mobile Interaction Server, Smart IP, and XPressViewer. The company mainly provides telecommunication services.

Tamtron Group Oy provides mobile location solutions to network operators, system integrators, corporations, state and municipal government agencies since 1994.

Tamtron Group Oy   Tampere  Finland
Tamtron Group Oy specializes in providing mobile location solutions to network operators, system integrators, corporations, state and municipal government agencies. The products include MSL nexus, sectrack, mobinex, textlocator, etc.

Mobile Programming is a US based consulting firm offering specialized consulting services in Custom Mobile Application Development. Headquartered in New York, Mobile Programming LLC has offices located Los Angeles, CA, San Francisco, CA, Irvine, CA, Fort

Mobile Programming LLC.   New York  United States
Mobile Programming LLC, a Certified Mobile Application Development Company, provides high end custom Mobility Solutions to clients for more than a decade. Successful Mobility Solutions devised for large enterprises with 100% success rate.\r\n\r\nWhy Mobile Programming?\r\nExperience. Expertise. Location.\r\n● Rich Experience in creating impeccable and unerring mobile apps for the iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Mobile, Blackberry, HTML5 and more.\r\n● Developed and deployed over 1100 applications successfully.\r\n● 24x7 operations with dedicated project managers.\r\n● Presence in over six locations across United States including New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Irvine, San Jose and Fort Lauderdale.\r\n● Certified Expert teams with Solid domain knowledge, proven expertise and strategic implementation of technology.\r\n● Expertise in integrating mobility solutions with existing CRMs including SharePoint Mobile integration, Salesforce integration, Mobile Cloud Computing etc\r\n- See more at: