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Micro-Ovens - The Microwave Specialists provides repair service for all brands of commercial microwave ovens.

Micro-Ovens - The Microwave Specialists    United States
Micro-Ovens - The Microwave Specialists specializes in offering repair service for all brands of commercial microwave ovens. They provide authorized warrenty repairs on Amana, Sharp, Panasonic, MenuMaster, and Samsung.

We specialize in providing Microwave communication components and optoelectronics components in China.   chengdu  0
Resources Photonics: The company cover the microwave communication components such as circulator, isolator, filters, duplexers & multiplexers, combiners & power splitters, directional couplers, bridge and RF passive components etc. and are widely used in radar, electronic warfare, aviation, navigation, radio and television equipment, mobile communication base station construction, and microwave communications such as indoor coverage of military and civilian communications market.\r\n \r\nThe optoelectronics components cover 650/808/940/980nm single laser diodes, 808/980nm laser diodes stacks, 405/650/808/830/980nm fiber coupling laser diodes, InGaAs PIN/APD TO, Si PIN TO photodiodes etc. and are widely used in industrial and medical fields.\r\n \r\nAdhering to the concept of Users being the core, Reliable quality being the base, Reasonable price being the advantage, Remarkable service being the unique, the company meets customer needs by reliable quality, reasonable price and remarkable service.

Core Link AB specializes in developing and supplying modern core and broke roll handling equipments.

Core Link AB    Sweden
Core Link AB supplies core cutting and core handling equipment, broke roll handling equipment, roll plugger, cooling rolls, core recycling systems, cooling rolls and hard chromium plating of cooling rolls. The company has been quality certified to ISO 9001. is a website, which offers information about the manufacturers and suppliers of electronic products.   Uniondale  United States is a service provider, which socializes in providing information about the manufacturers and supplier of electronic products including their products, location, contact information and links.

Microwave Radio Communications supplies microwave radio products since 1960.

Microwave Radio Communications    United States
Microwave Radio Communications specializes in supplying microwave radio products. The company product includes portable communications, mobile systems, fixed link systems, satellite systems, public safety systems, central receive systems, etc. The company is quality certified to ISO9001 standard.

April Instrument Inc is a manufacturer of programmable microwave signal generators since 1989.

April Instrument Inc    United States
April Instrument Inc specializes in manufacturing programmable microwave signal generators. Their products include model 8001, model 8002, model 8003, model 8004, model 8005, etc.

Harrison Machine Co LLC is a manufacturer of variety of shell and cold core, and automatic molding machines for the foundry industry since 1939.

Harrison Machine Co LLC   Erie  United States
Harrison Machine Co LLC specializes in manufacturing variety of shell and cold core and automatic molding machines for the foundry industry. Their machines include model N22 mold machines, model N26 mold machines, hot box core machines, isocure core machines, cold box core machines, etc.

Atlantic Microwave Ltd distributes electronic equipments and components for more than 25 years.

Atlantic Microwave Ltd    United Kingdom
Atlantic Microwave Ltd specializes in supplying wide range of electronic equipments and components for microwave and RF industry. The company products are RF modules, oscillators, amplifiers, frequency converters, satcoms equipment, connectors, etc.

We specialize in manufacturer and distributor of ferrite cores.\r\n   Pingxiang City  0
Winsooy Industrial, established in 2010, factory located in Pingxiang city of Jiangxi province, specialized in design, manufacturing, and sales various of ferrite cores. Through the years, Winsooy has imported advanced equipments from Taiwan and Japan, more than 3000 square meters workshop, developed a very broad range of ferrite cores, includes SMD/SMT series, Mn-zn series, Zi-zn series, bobbin cores, special products, etc. In 2015, Winsooy developed a new production line for working gloves, like synthetic gloves, PU gloves, machinery gloves, garden gloves, etc…\r\nThe company strongly focus on international high-quality products which they live-up to both our own and the market’s stringent standards, sales all around the world and shared highly appreciated. The products are Ferrite Cores, Safety Gloves, Others, RID core type EMI / EMC, DR core / Drum cores, 3D/6D core type SMD/SMT, R core type EMI / EMC use for transformer, T core type EMI / EMC, DR D-31 Ferrite cores, Soft ferrite cores, SP type ferrite core for laptop, DR Silver Plated type CDRI core SMD/SMT, Coated ferrite cores silver coated or other coatings, E-Planer cores Ferrite core, SDRI 74 type ferrite core, SDRI 127 FERRITE CORES, NR core type ferrite core SMD/SMT, U CORE ferrite cores, RH core type EMI / EMC, DR RSN type core for power chock, UI core type, E core / EI core Ferrite core, BOBBIN, and PC Core Mn-Zn Series Ferrite core.

Garrett Concrete Coring and Sawing Inc offers concrete coring, sawing and horizontal curb cutting equipments.

Garrett Concrete Coring and Sawing Inc    ,,
Garrett Concrete Coring and Sawing Inc specializes in distributing wide range of concrete breaking coring cutting and sawing equipments for commercial applications.