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We are one of the professional manufacturer and supplier of optical microscopes and medical instrument and lab equipments for over 8 years.   Ningbo  0
Good Brother Lighting Group.,LTD (MedPro-Microscope) is one of the professional manufacturer and supplier of optical microscopes and medical instrument and lab equipments for over 8 years.\r\n\r\nMain product category of the company includes biological microscope,zoom/stereo microscope, metallurgical microscope, digital microscope, industrial video microscope, polarizing microscope, gem microscope, microscope accessories, and microscope slides.\r\n\r\nCompany offers products such as student microscope, biological microscope, lab and research microscope, fluorescent microscope, inverted biological microscope, multi-viewing microscope, comparison biological microscope, stereo microscope, zoom stereo microscope, parallel stereo microscope, upright metallurgical microscope, inverted metallurgical microscope, industrial inspection microscope, portable measuring microscope, etc.\r\n\r\nProducts of the company are supplied to various factories, educational sectors, hospital and laboratories.\r\n\r\nGood Brother Lighting Group has been approved by ISO, and CE standards.

Radical Instruments manufactures and distributes microscopes, projectors, optical instruments, microtomes and educational laboratory equipments.

Radical Instruments    India
Radical Instruments specializes in manufacturing and supplying microscopes, projectors, optical instruments, microtomes and educational laboratory equipments. Their products include elementary microscopes, student microscopes, laboratory microscopes, research microscopes, microscope accessories, photo micrographic systems, multihead microscopes, inverted tissue culture, fluorescence microscopes, stereo microscopes, stereo zoom microscopes, projection microscopes, metallurgical microscopes, polarizing microscopes, ore microscopes, etc. The company is quality certified to ISO: 9001 certified.

Mel Sobel Microscopes Ltd sells microscopes and accessories since 1940.

Mel Sobel Microscopes Ltd    United States
Mel Sobel Microscopes Ltd specializes in selling microscopes and accessories for United States government, doctors, hospitals, clinical laboratories, primary and secondary educational institutions, colleges and universities, medical schools, private industry, students, and hobbyists. Few of their products include digital and video systems, digital microscopes, bundled digital systems, industrial video systems, microprojectors, video systems and cameras, video flex, bulbs, objectives, etc.

Goko Manufacturers specializes in manufacturing and distributing precision optical instruments.

Goko Manufacturers   AMBALA CANTT  India
Goko Manufacturers manufactures and distributes precision optical instruments. The company produces products like dissecting microscopes, metallurgical microscopes, stereo dissecting microscopes, phase contrast microscopes, stereo microscopes, inverted microscopes stereo zoom microscopes, traveling microscopes, school`s student microscopes, polarimeters, monocular, refractometers, medical microscopes, direct vision spectroscopes, binocular microscopes, spectrometers, projection microscopes spares and attachments, etc.

Meiji Techno America distributes optical microscopes manufactured by Meiji Techno Co Ltd since 1975.

Meiji Techno America    United States
Meiji Techno America specializes in distributing optical microscopes manufactured by Meiji Techno Co Ltd. Their product includes greenough design stereo microscopes, biological compound microscopes, polarized light microscopes, measurement microscopes, metallurgical microscopes, educationalmicroscopes, etc.

Max Erb Instrument Company manufactures and supplies microscopes and accessories since 1954.

Max Erb Instrument Company    United States
Max Erb Instrument Company specializes in manufacturing and supplying microscopes and accessories for educational, biological, industrial and metallurgical fields. Few of their products include monocular, binocular, trinocular, multi head, inverted and stereo microscopes, objectives, eyepieces, condensers, body tubes, photo tubes, stages, etc. They also offer repair services.

Micro Maintenance Inc specializes in providing accuscope products.

Micro Maintenance Inc    United States
Micro Maintenance Inc provides accuscope products. Their products include microscopes, inverted microscopes, FA microscopes, metalligraphs light bulbs, reticles, glass standards, stage micrometers, microscope parts, power supplies, lamp sockets, etc.

Ladd Research supplies electron microscopes and accessories since 1955.

Ladd Research   Williston  United States
Ladd Research specializes in supplying electron microscopes and accessories. Their products also include magnification, reticules, microholes, , insect traps, vacuum equipment, etc.

Cytonix Corporation specializes in producing coating and OEM products.

Cytonix Corporation    United States
Cytonix Corporation produces coating and OEM products. Their products include fluoropel, flurotac, fluorothane, fluorosyl, microtools, metacell, microcytometer, microplates, nano arrays, etc.

Hamilton Bell Co. , Inc. is a manufacturer and distributor of biological instruments, medical equipment, and related supplies since 1948.

Hamilton Bell Co. , Inc.   Montvale  United States
Hamilton Bell Co. , Inc. products include vanguard centrifuge, protective eyewear, student laboratory supplies which includes dissecting instruments and kits, microscope slides and cover glass, disposable gloves, etc.