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Crusteel Limited specializes in providing steels.

Crusteel Limited    United Kingdom
Crusteel Limited specializes in providing steels. Their products include CPM steels, cold work steels, high speed steels, hot work steels, plastic and mould steels, knife steels, alloy steels, etc. The company has been quality certified to ISO 9001:2000 and AS9100.

Morgan Molten Metal Systems specializes in manufacturing and supplying crucibles.

Morgan Molten Metal Systems    ,,
Morgan Molten Metal Systems manufactures and supplies crucibles. They also specialize in manufacturing and supplying furnaces, foundry equipments, and foundry products.

DFC Ceramics manufactures products for precious metals and mining industry since 1876.

DFC Ceramics   Canon City  United States
DFC Ceramics manufactures products like crucibles, cupels, crayons, bone ash, furnaces and roasting dishes. The company also manufacture and service the market with a variety of ceramic shapes to melt steel alloys, precious metals, and glass.

Crucible Specialty Metals specializes in providing stainless bar and automotive valve steels.

Crucible Specialty Metals    United States
Crucible Specialty Metals provides stainless bar and automotive valve steels. Their products include stainless steels, valves, CPM tool steels, CPM high speed steels, CPM stainless tool steels, hot work steels, cold work steels, etc. The company has been quality certified to ISO 9001:2000 and ISO/TS 16949 : 2002.

Crucible Materials Corporation manufactures commercial powder metal tool steel since 1985.

Crucible Materials Corporation.   Syracuse  United States
Crucible Materials Corporation manufactures tool steels, powder metallurgy, titanium alloys, and advanced alloy systems. They are specialized in manufacturing products like stainless tubing, super alloys, valve steel, corrosion resistant alloys, titanium aluminide powders, and high speed steels.

We specializes in producing and supplying of high quality, consistent and reliable crucibles with efficient lead times.   Newmarket  0
Almath Crucibles Ltd. has a formidable management team and a technically skilled workforce that are dedicated to producing and supplying high quality, consistent and reliable crucibles with efficient lead times. The Almath Group has been built up to be a leading British manufacturer, exporting throughout the world and providing unique bespoke crucibles and refractory products.\r\n\r\nThe company product material includes Alumina, Zirconia, Porcelain, Graphite, Quartz, Metal (Zirconium + more), Cordierite Honeycomb, Pyrolitic Boron Nitride and Vitreous Carbon. Shapes includes Classic, Cordierite Honeycomb, Cylindrical, Disks, Plates & Substrates, E-Beam, Effusion Tube, Fiber Blanket, Fiber Board, Lids, Nuts & Bolts, Point Bottom, Rectangular, Rods, Round Shallow, Saggar, Tapered Wall, Tubes and Boat.\r\n\r\nAlmath began in 1989 in a small garage in Cambridge when Alan Misson was asked to make a few crucibles for the University of Cambridge - Materials Science Department. Almath is a globally recognised producer of both Alumina and Zirconia crucibles. The products are used by both laboratories and industries across the world. With over 250 different products in stock, can immediately supply the majority of our customers\ requirements.

Monometer designs and manufactures metal melting and heat treatment furnaces since 1913.

Monometer    ,,
Monometer specializes in designing and manufacturing metal melting and heat treatment furnaces. The company product includes rotary furnaces, hydraulic tilting reverberatory furnaces, crucible, heat treatment furnaces, etc.

Hi Por Ceramics Ltd is a distributor of variety of porous and dense ceramic products for various industry since 1998.

Hi Por Ceramics Ltd    United Kingdom
Hi Por Ceramics Ltd specializes in distributing variety of porous and dense ceramic products for various industry. Their products include high purity alumina, high purity cordierite, stabilized zirconia, fused mullite, spinel, silicone carbide, alumina crucibles, dishes and trays, etc.

Dynamic Metal Treating performs research and development on heat treatments for crucible CPM and Uddeholm ASP particle metal steels since 1984.

Dynamic Metal Treating   Canton  United States
Dynamic Metal Treating developed the DYNA-BLUE ferritic nitrocarburizing process in 1984, developed MICRO-TEC combination PVD coating plus DYNA-BLUE process in 1992. The company`s products are used in various applications like: die cast dies, molds, core pins, hot and cold chambers, in plastic injection molds, in cutting tools like broaches, hobs, shaper cutters, machine bases, and stamping dies.

Inductotherm Corp manufactures induction melting systems for the metals industries since 1954.

Inductotherm Corp   Rancocas  United States
Inductotherm Corp specializes in developing induction melting systems for the metals industries. Their product includes coreless induction furnaces, crucible melting furnaces, metal holding systems, push out lining systems, etc., The company is quality certified to ISO 9001:2000 standard.