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C-Tech Sales is a distributor of variety of electronic components since 1983.

C-Tech Sales    United States
C-Tech Sales specializes in distributing variety of electronic components. Their products include LCD displays, switches, indigator lamps, fuse holders, battery holders, IC sockets, adapters, etc.

Mobile Commerce

Validate Limited   Auckland  New Zealand
Identity theft is a term used to refer to fraud that involves someone pretending to be someone else in order to steal money or get other benefits. Since it is not inherently possible to steal an identity, only to use it.\r\n\r\n \r\nThe person whose identity is used can suffer various consequences when he is held responsible for the perpetrator\s actions.\r\nStandard validation systems often use multiple inputs of samples for sufficient validation, such as particular characteristics of the sample. This intends to enhance security as multiple different samples are required such as security tags and codes and sample dimensions. These icards could be used for government agencies seeking high security access online or offline, or may act as a remote back-up in the event traditional access to offline or online resources have been compromised.\r\nI Am Looking For\r\n\r\nI am looking for investors to advance SMS Origin meet this market gap. A txt message based payment service that allows customers to pay, send, and receive money?\r\nFirst we\ll start with some definitions. In an iPOS transaction, there are three important participants and devices.\r\n\r\nThe \card holder\\r\n• the person who wants to buy some goods or transfer money\r\n\r\nThe \card acceptor\\r\n• the merchant who wants to take payment for goods\r\n\r\nThe \card issuer\\r\n• the company that issued the icard to the card holder (i.e. the cardholder\s bank)\r\n

CryptoHeaven Corp. is a secure email hosting service provider providing service for small and medium businesses since 2001.

CryptoHeaven Corp.   Roseau Valley  Dominica
CryptoHeaven provides secure and encrypted email hosting service for individual and business clients. Service is based on complete end-to-end encryption with no 3rd party key holder. The key benefit is data security via high end encryption and optional two factor authentication.

Professional Communications Messaging Service Inc provides communication messaging services.

Professional Communications Messaging Service Inc    United States
Professional Communications Messaging Service Inc specializes in providing communication messaging services. Few of their services include answering service, order entry, taking orders, on-line order taking, order processing, voice mails, fax mails, virtual offices, and messaging services.

J.A.W. Products Inc manufactures orthodontic products and devices.

J.A.W. Products Inc   Cinnaminson  United States
J.A.W. Products Inc products list include Adams clasp, flat labial bows, stainless steel wire, lingual bars, bonding pads, arrowhead clasps, wire mesh, retainer cases, patient stickers, bib clips, mouth guards, office supplies like pens, clips, sales order books, telephone message pads, rubber bands, highlighters, and much more. J. A. W. Products, Inc. also distributes orthodontic supplies such as retainer cases, retainer brite, latex and non-latex elastics, toothbrushes, and elastomerics retainer. J. A. W. Products, Inc. offers these products to doctors, orthodontic labs, patients, and even crafters and hobbyists.

Electronic Media Systems is a service company for electronic signs.

Electronic Media Systems    ,,
Electronic Media Systems is a specialized corporation on electronic signage in the Atlanta metro area.

Customer Care Messages On Hold Wholesale is a service provider, which broadcast digital on hold marketing messages from recording studio computers directly to phones music on hold port.

Customer Care Messages On Hold Wholesale    United States
Customer Care Messages On Hold Wholesale specializes in providing broadcast digital on hold marketing messages from recording studio computers directly to phones music on hold port. They also provide audio demos and script demos messages.

Circle Packaging manufactures thermoformed and die cut plastics since 1985.

Circle Packaging    United States
Circle Packaging specializes in manufacturing thermoformed and die cut plastics. Few of their products are kanban card holders, card holders, label holders, document holders, sign holders, etc.

Grandwell Industries Inc is a manufacturer of electronic messaging systems since 1989.

Grandwell Industries Inc    United States
Grandwell Industries Inc specializes in producing electronic messaging systems. Their product includes outdoor electronic LED signs, indoor LED displays, moving message boards, variable message sign, tickers, electronic message centers, and video boards.

ID Holders specializes in supplying identification holders.

ID Holders    
ID Holders supplies identification holders. Their products include identification tags, luggage tags, name tags, licence holders, security passes, etc. , for corporate, community, commercial, government, and individual purposes.