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Boedeker Plastics Inc specializes in manufacturing and supplying plastic sheet, rod, tub and machined parts for more than 100 years.

Boedeker Plastics Inc    United States
Boedeker Plastics Inc manufactures and supplies plastic sheet, rod, tub and machined parts. Their materials include glass phenolic laminate, epoxy glass laminate, glass fabric, lucite, nyloil, PEEK, PETG sheet, polyphenylsulfone, semitron, radel, tecaform, tecamid, etc.

BTLSR Toledo Inc manufactures spray dried powdered since 1979.

BTLSR Toledo Inc    United States
BTLSR Toledo Inc specializes in manufacturing spray dried powdered which are used as adhesives in a wide variety of applications. Their products include melamine powdered resins, urea powdered resins, melamine urea powdered resins, splicer glues. Their applications include compression molding resin for hard plastic school furniture and dishware, upgrading bond quality of plywood and chip board glue used in exterior applications, etc.

Capital Resin Corporation produces industrial resins and catalysts since 1976.

Capital Resin Corporation   Columbus  United States
Capital Resin Corporation specializes in producing industrial resins and catalysts as well as specialty intermediates and additives. They provide custom formulated products and customer specific solutions. Their products include sulfonic acids and solutions, phenol or formaldehyde, furan and alkyd resins, amino resins, triazine based plasticizers, formaldehyde and urea formaldehyde concentrate, etc.

Color-Board Ltd. serves painting kitchen doors, and drawers, bathroom panels, and vanity panels. They also perform resistant MDF from medite, large, flat surfaces.

Color-Board Ltd.   Waltham Abbey  United Kingdom
Color-Board Ltd. serves curtain coating, andspraying, cutting and machining, flat panel saw, hand routing, woodworking, opticoat on exterior plywood for advertising holdings. Color-Board Ltd. offers hardboard cut to size, any colour for back panels, drawer bottoms etc.

Composition Materials Co. Inc. manufactures plastic blasting media, walnut shell, plastigrit systems, speedmask since 1923

Composition Materials Co. Inc.   Milford  United States
Composition Materials Co. Inc. manufactures plastic blasting media, walnut shell, plastigrit systems. They distribute multitude fillers, and extenders, abrasives, fillers and extenders, deflashing media. Their have distributors covering North and South America, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, and the Pacific Rim. They are headquartered in Milford, CT, USA.

Custom Foams is a manufacturer of variety of polyurethane foam converter for more than 30 years.

Custom Foams    United Kingdom
Custom Foams specializes in manufacturing variety of polyurethane foam converter. Their products include conventional polyesters, conventional polyethers, reticulated polyurethane foams, reticulated polyesters, reticulated polyethers, reconstituted foams, impregnated foams, polyethylene foams, basotect melamine foams, explosion suppressant foams, etc.

Dynea is a manufacturer, and supplier of industrial resins, adhesives, and also serves the overlays markets.

Dynea adhesive resins range, covers formaldehyde-based urea, phenolic, melamine, and resorcinol resins, in liquid and powder form. The company also manufactures related additives such as hardeners. The company also manufactures panel board resins, wood adhesives, and industrial and decorative paper overlays.

E.J.Harris Sales Co sells wood products like wood mixing bowls, wood salad bowls, wood serving bowls, wood cutting boards, etc for more than 40 years.

E.J.Harris Sales Co    United States
E.J.Harris Sales Co specializes in selling wood products like wood mixing bowls, wood salad bowls, wood serving bowls, wood cutting boards, wood deli servers, wood buffet plates, wood snack trays and wood serving trays.

EGGER International specializes in manufacturing of wood based materials and floorings worktops since 1961.

EGGER International    Austria
EGGER International manufactures wood-based materials and floorings worktops. based on decorative, construction, and retail. The product range includes chipboards, MDF and OSB boards. They also design in different styles extending from classical through contemporary styles.

Kronotex U.S.A Inc is a manufacturer of decorative laminate flooring systems.

Kronotex U.S.A Inc   Barnwell  United States
Kronotex U. S. A Inc specializes in producing decorative laminate flooring systems. They offer products such as particleboard, MDF and OSB wood panels, decorative, wear resistant and balancing melamine impregnated overlays, and thermosetting resins. Kronotex U. S. A Inc is a wholly owned subsidiary of the KronoGroup Switzerland.

Oliner Fibre Company Inc specialize in the manufacture of rigid plastic sheets reinforced with paper, cotton cloth or glass cloth since 1910.

Oliner Fibre Company Inc    United States
Oliner Fibre Company Inc specialize in the manufacture of rigid plastic sheets reinforced with paper, cotton cloth or glass cloth. Their products are vulcanex, phenolex, fibrex, sealguard, sheetguard, biners board. They can be used for shims, washers, gaskets, shuttles, etc.

Pionite Decorative Surfaces specializes in manufacturing thermo fused melamine panels since 1999.

Pionite Decorative Surfaces    United States
Pionite Decorative Surfaces is acquired by Panolam Industries, manufactures thermo fused melamine panels or laminates. Their products include leatherlam, pionite marker board, custom laminates, standard laminate, post forming laminate, melcor, resobak, fire rated laminate, backing sheets, thick phenolic core laminate, chemguard, etc.

San Diego Plastics Inc is a distributor of plastic sheets, rods and tubes for various industries since 1986.

San Diego Plastics Inc    United States
San Diego Plastics Inc specializes in distributing plastic sheets, rods and tubes for various industries. They also provide online purchasing facilities. Some of their products are Polycast Acrylic Sheet, Makrolon GP Polycarbonate Sheet, Fabback Dimensions Acrylic Mirror, Komatex PVCX Sheet, Glasteel FRP, etc.



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