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Hermco Manufacturing, Inc.    ,,
Hermco Manufacturing, Inc. products include rotary drum gripper, custom monitor gripper, custom vacuum gripper, mechanical mandrel, bag gripper, roll tilt gripper, custom cheese block gripper, etc.

BTM Corporation manufactures and supplies clinching devices.

BTM Corporation    Germany
BTM Corporation specializes in manufacturing and supplying clinching devices. Their products include clamps, grippers, locators, end arm effectors, stand alone machines and fully automated assembly systems, tooling systems, presses and special systems, rotary actuators, etc.

Leland Industries Inc specializes in the manufacture of fasteners for commercial use since 1984.

Leland Industries Inc   Toronto  Canada
Leland Industries Inc is a manufacturer of fasteners for commercial use. They offer products like master grippers, master grippers mdp, master tappers, master drillers, master plymetal and water reamer, master nylon headed fasteners, master surface drive bits, master one steppers, sealing washers, master overhead garage door fasteners, etc.

Liberating Technologies Inc specializes in the manufacture and distributor of prosthetic devices technology.

Liberating Technologies Inc   Holliston  United States
Liberating Technologies Inc specializes in prosthetic devices technology. They offer products like prosthetic elbows, electric elbows, mechanical elbows, prosthetic hands, vasi electric hands and wrists for children, steeper electric hands and grippers, prosthetic wrists, electronic control circuits, etc.

We specialize in the manufacture of customized grabs, container spreaders and related spare parts for use in ports, railway stations, power plants, metallurgy, waste disposal, ship loading and unloading, waterway clean-up, construction machinery ,material   Shanghai  0
Shanghai Yo-Pi Port Machinery CO. LTD is an enterprise specialized in R&D and manufacturing customized grabs, container spreaders and related spare parts. Some of the products include all kinds of standard and non-standard handling machinery, the main products are mechanical grab, electric hydraulic grab, wireless remote control grab, underwater dredging (salvage) grab, engineering vehicles matching hydraulic grab, and other specialty type grab, large billets, steel, coil clamp, container spreader, straw bag gripper. \r\n\r\nThe company also has an agency in Chile: Aguirre CastaƱeda Felix Alvarez Ltd.

Holmes Dental Company specializes in providing dental products and supplies.

Holmes Dental Company    
Holmes Dental Company provides dental products and supplies. Their products include denture sore spots, qyk set for dentures, tight crowns and bridges, throw away the dip jar, perm gripper, temp gripper, etc.

GripTec Inc manufactures stud removal tools.

GripTec Inc   League City  United States
GripTec Inc specializes in producing stud removal tools. Their product includes triple gripper, and triple gripper LP for removing and inserting studs in a wide variety of applications such as boiler feed pumps, roll pins, flanges, pulp dryers, etc.

Textile Impex supplies spares for sulzer projectile weaving machinery products.

Textile Impex   Karachi  Pakistan
Textile Impex specializes in supplying spares for sulzer projectile weaving machineryproducts. Their products include break linning, gripper, picking shoe TX, guide teeth, projectile body, U/L gripper, feeder gripper and many other item as per requirement.

Gemotec GmbH manufactures wide range of pneumatic and electric products.

Gemotec GmbH    Germany
Gemotec GmbH specializes in manufacturing variety of pneumatic and electric products. Their products include linear actuators, portal actuators, rotary actuators, gripper actuators, gripper and indexing actuators.

Techno-Sommer Automatic is a distributor for Sommer-automatic grippers and automation components for more than 20 years.

Techno-Sommer Automatic   New Hyde Park  United States
Techno-Sommer Automatic specializes in distributing Sommer-automatic grippers and automation components. Their products include gripper, tool changers, swivel units, linear actuators, rotary actuators, vacuum cup devices, and lubrication products.