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Connector Manufacturing Company Inc. manufactures pole line hardware and aluminum and copper connectors with mechanical and compression designs.

Connector Manufacturing Company Inc.    United States
Connector Manufacturing Company Inc. supply the industry with a line of electrical connectors fabricated from aluminum alloy. The company is certified with ISO 9001:2000. Connector Manufacturing Company Inc Products are marketed to utility companies. Copper connectors are formed electrolytic copper.

AsiaLink International Technology Corporation manufactures mechanical and electronic components.

AsiaLink International Technology Corporation   Dong Guan  China
AsiaLink International Technology Corporation specializes in manufacturing wide range of mechanical and electronic components. Few of their products are RF connector, mini jumper, card connector, compact flash, adapter card, modular jack, mold, molding parts, stamping parts, etc., Their services include stamping die molding and stamping tooling.

AD Electronics manufactures technical and mechanical electronic components since 1984.

AD Electronics    United States
AD Electronics specializes in manufacturing technical and mechanical electronic components for the original equipment manufacturer. Their products include cables, connectors, magnetics, electromechanical and custom products. Their services include product and technology development, factory management, transportation and logistics, manufacturing, and import and export assistance.

Goldwyn provides engineering skills in electromechanical, and electronic assembly as well as repair work.

Goldwyn   Noida  India
Goldwyn manufacturing products for electromechanical and electronic assembly. Their products, and services includes automotive switches, custom built switches, connectors, plastic injection moulded parts, press parts, mechanical assemblies, electro mechanical assemblies, electrical assemblies, electronic assemblies, and electronic parts

Amphenol RF manufactures and supplies RF interconnect systems.

Amphenol RF   Danbury  United States
Amphenol RF specializes in manufacturing and supplying RF interconnect systems for automotive, broadband, instrumentation, internet, military and aerospace, and wireless infrastructure industries. Their products include connectors, adapters, cable assemblies, tools, and accessories.

Electro Mechanical Systems International Ltd supplies electrical products and represents manufacturers in the electrical, mechanical and communications industries since 1979.

Electro Mechanical Systems International Ltd    United States
Electro Mechanical Systems International Ltd specializes in distributing electrical products and representing manufacturers in the electrical, mechanical and communications industries. Their product includes signalling equipments, transformers, emergency lighting, fiberoptic cables, lightning protection systems, etc.

Medical Technologies Ltd    Czech Republic
Medical Technologies Ltd develops and provides customized electronic instruments and mechanical units. Their products include mechanical parts of devices, metal boxes, fine mechanics and optics, compression moulds, printed circuits, connectors, internal and external cables, etc. The company has been quality certified to ISO 13485:2003.

Connecta Corporation produces and supplies small precision parts since 1988. They are specialized in conventional CNC turning, CNC milling, and brazing.

Connecta Corporation   Indianapolis  United States
Connecta Corporation supplies and produces small precision parts. They are ISO 9001: 2000 certified, and approved site by the FDA. They produce connectors, medical, hydraulic, pneumatic, and electro mechanical components.

Data Technology Group manufactures and distributes PCB, cable and connector for blue chip companies.

Data Technology Group    United Kingdom
Data Technology Group specializes in producing and distributing PCB, cable and connector for blue chip companies. The company product includes laser plus systems, socket looms, laser sensir leads, etc.

RS Components Ltd specializes in distributing industrial maintenance and repair products.

RS Components Ltd    United Kingdom
RS Components Ltd supplies industrial maintenance and repair products. Their products include elcectrical automation and cables, electronic components and connectors, health and safety, mechanical products and tools, IT test and safety equipment.